10 Super Awkward Moments Every Arab Has Been Through. GUARANTEED!

If you belong to an Arab family, it’s safe to say you have had a streak of awkward and embarrassing moments.arab memes ,Let’s just hope our parents read this to know what we’ve gone through… 

Being raised in a Saudi family is not easy! I get it pals, we have the toughest childhood, weird teen years and as soon as we step into our 20s, we are talked into getting married… for the sake of our family’s respect. *MAJOR EYE ROLL*

Though, such melodrama isn’t only limited to Arabs; if your family lives in Saudi Arabia (or any Arab country) and your parents’ besties are Arabs, your mom tends to get free ‘child raising’ tips from them Arab moms. What happens next is what you 80s-90s-2000s kids have faced.

Awkward Moments Every Arab

At some point, you all have been through these super awkward phases:

1. Greeting Someone New? Might As Well Kiss Them


Well, in the Arab world, they shake hands, hug and kiss on cheeks. Usually, it’s two kisses on alternating cheeks. But, some people like to go that extra mile, show extra affection and make it three or four! That’s when things get messy. You try to push back, your friend tries to pull you closer for another kiss, while you both awkwardly stare into each other’s eyes and at each other’s lips (to literally avoid a lip lock)!

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2. Arriving Back Home Later Than The Deadline


When teens don’t return back home on the aforementioned deadline that was negotiated in a serious conversation with our parents, it’s our mum who gets worried the most. Often, in Hollywood movies or our non – Arab friends’ families, mothers are really “happy” and “relieved” to see their kid back home safe and sound, no matter what the time is. In an Arab family (or an Arab influenced family), if you get back home a little later than mentioned, you get chased around the house by your mum, while she simultaneously throws her shabashib and cusses you.

3. Oversized Clothes Because… ‘Habibi, You’ll Grow Into It’


Regular moms (when they go shopping): *Calls up daughter* Sweet heart, can you tell me your size, I’m buying you some clothes.

Arab moms: *gets back home with oversized clothes* Habibi, you can wear this for the next 5 years. When it grows small to you, you can give it to your brother. Understand, Habibi, please!

And then you roam around in an oversized coat that looks as though it belonged to Big Bird.

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4. Stressed? No Broblem, Lets Have Pumpkin Seeds.


“Sadeeq, if you are stressed, you eat!”

Though, you don’t just eat anything, you specifically eat “pumpkin seeds”! You can have them roasted, salted, plain, whatever your taste buds desire. That’s the way people handle stress in Arab families. We don’t have no fancy stress balls or putty and goo.

Legend says that once you start eating these, you can’t stop. You. Just. Can’t.

*munches on the seeds while typing*

5. “Inshallah” = “No”


Firstly, no matter how old you grow, you need to ask your parents for permission to spend time with your friends, even if you’re hanging out with your cousins, or you’ll face the wrath of your mum’s shabashib. *cringe at the thought*

Secondly, after seeking for permission, a response that says “yes” means “yes”, “no” means “no”, “will think about it” means “no” and “Inshallah” means “no”, too. Though, in its true context, “inshallah” means, if God wills… Sadly, we all know that’s not the case here.

6. Never Reaching the Party on Time


If, God forbid, you reach to the party on time, you’ll find yourself standing in an empty hall with no caterers or event planners, either. Dead silence and empty.

There is like an unsaid rule in the Arab Kingdom about arrival time at a party: Always arrive two hours later that the mentioned time. This rule is not applicable anywhere outside Middle East (except with Arab families scattered around the world) and during Iftaar time in Ramadan.

(And if you’re returning back from the Americas or Europe, you’ll be a victim of this super awkward and utterly embarrassing moment).

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7. “Get Married Soon Or No One Will Marry You.”


Are you in your early 20s? Do you have a lot of relatives, too? Have you answered ‘yes’ to the past two questions? Welcome to the ’20, Arab and Unmarried’ club! Every person you meet, your grandma, mum, aunt, mum’s friends, your mum’s sister’s third cousin’s grandma’s niece, all of them want you to get married. And if you were me, you’ve tried your best to run away from all the drama by avoiding all kinds of family gatherings, because: if you grow any older, you’ll lose your youthful skin, get wrinkles, and no man will marry you.

Oh, and they don’t care if your friends are listening or if you’re in the washroom, this topic can and will take place anytime, anywhere.

8. “Why Do You Have A Plastic Bag Filled With Plastic Bags?”


Oh, don’t even get me started on this one. Every time your friends visit your house or your dorm, the sight of the plastic bag hanging behind the door or in the cabinet fascinates their mind!

What goes through your friend’s mind: Is collecting plastic bags like a thing now? Just like collecting coins?

What goes through your mind: Of course, like it’s simple to say that it’s a family tradition passed down the generations.

But, really guys, this is very useful, like whenever you need an extra bag to wrap something in, or carry something, or use it in the trash-bin in your room, or whatever.

9. The Mighty Shabashib


Who hasn’t ever faced the wrath of the shabashib? The time you misbehaved in front of the guests, or maybe the time when you back-answered your mum in a mall, your mum/dad must’ve whispered to you, “wait till you get back home”… and once back home, there’s no telling what you might have to go through.

What about the time your teacher complained about your undone homework and your bad performance in her class? *cringes at old memories*

Let’s just move on to the next awkward moment.

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10. “But Baba, I want to be an actor.” – “You mean a doctor.”


Nope, you can’t choose a career all by yourself, if you are an Arab. Either you become a doctor, engineer, lawyer or join the family business, or you hear your parents, their parents and all your relatives rant about how uncontrollable you’ve become. If you’ve chosen to become anything besides these, you must’ve been labeled to be a rebel, a ‘bad-example’ or even called a ‘fool’.

Though in the end, parents can’t always be upset with you. So, they try to understand your point of view and accept you for what you’ve become… after making you go through that super awkward and intense phase.

Well, no matter what your parents have made you go through, you can’t deny the fact that growing up in an Arab environment is the best thing ever… especially because of all that food!

Have you had any such experiences? Comment below and let us know.


10 Dreadful Back-To-School Memes

School Memes

school memes ,Getting up early, finishing homework, studying for finals… all that isn’t the dreadful part of the first day of school. 

If you have already graduated from high school, consider yourself lucky, because you’ll never get the dreadful feeling of returning back to school and all its drama. After a long and comfortable vacation, the thought of school is like a stake through a vampire’s heart (you being the vampire). It’s like drowning in the swimming pool with no escape nearby. It’s similar to standing in a long queue at McDonald’s and finally after giving your order, you realize that you forgot your wallet. It’s insanely grim, awful, horrible… you know what I am trying to say.

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memes about school

Here are School Memes you can totally relate to if you hate returning back to school. But Vacations Just Started Yesterday

1. But Vacations Just Started Yesterday


When your parents start preparing you for school two weeks well in advance and you’re just like, ‘but, vacations started yesterday.’ You’re left thinking about how the time flew away. What makes it worse is the fact that you still have that ‘holiday reading’ left to do and more than half of your vacation bucket list hasn’t been accomplished. What a shame… How saddening.

2. Dreaming About School During the Break


The last one week of the vacations is filled with back-to-school nightmares, day dreaming about the monotonous homework and scaring yourself with the thought of impending exams. All those thoughts and nightmares end up getting you anxious. You turn nocturnal. The word ‘school’ sends your brain into ‘panic mode’ and stresses you up. You poor soul. 🙁

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3. First day clothes vs. last day


On the first day of school, your mom forces you towards being the well-dressed and studious looking student. She takes you shopping for new clothes so that you look new and sharp. Well, the days followed by the first day see the decrease in the amount of thought you have given to your outfit. By the last day of school, you resemble a retard who has just escaped from the mental hospital.

4. The Endless Procrastination, Pain and Tears


A night before the “Big Day,” is a rush of mixed emotions. You are happy about finally meeting your bestie, but those emotions are over powered by the sadness of meeting all the other unwanted kids that you always try to avoid, the endless amounts of homework and exams. This meme is all of us before returning back to school.

5. How Parents Feel About You Going Back To School


The happiest humans about school beginning are the parents. The absolutely seem to love the fact that you aren’t going to be sticking around 24×7 anymore. For them, they can sleep in late, enjoy the peace and quietness of the morning and watch you be miserably loaded with homework (which gives them added hours of peace around the house). They even get to claim the TV remote and assign you on a strict time table.

6. Someone Asks: How Do You Feel About Going Back To School

Photo Credits: BlazePress

Photo Credits: BlazePress

Merciless are those relatives and family friends who happily ask you about your feeling on returning back to school. How can they have no heart? How can they be so excited about something as hectic as school especially when you are trying your best not to let your thoughts linger there? The very thought about school commencing is depressing.

7. And The First Day At School Reminds You Of A Sale At Hush Puppies


Everyone is greeting each other, fist bumps, handshakes, and laughter echoing in the narrow corridor, all eyes on you… OMG. The first day of school after a long vacation is overwhelming. The school looks so crowded with all the new students, the excited students who’ve just vacationed overseas and the creepily perfect popular girls staring at you and your awkwardness. It’s like a sale on Burberry or Hush Puppies, everyone there busy in their own world while suffocating you with their mere presence. *Gag*

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8. The Moment You See Your Best Friend


Nothing makes you happier than the time you spot your best friend on the first day. You best friend is your light at the end of the tunnel. He/she is your cloud’s silver lining; they happen to be the hope you’re holding on to and the reason why you make an effort to wake up every morning and go to school. Without them, life and school would have no meaning, because, after all, if they weren’t around, with whom would you share your opinions on the worse outfit of the first day of school?

9. Forgot Everything Previously Learned


Photo Credits: Vitamin-Ha

When you return back to school, you realize that your brain has this unique superpower of picking up everything that you had studied, throwing it in the bin and setting it on flames. Not a bit is remembered or recognized. So, when the teacher asks something from the previous years, you try to make sense out of what you remember. F = MC^2 becomes K = FC^2 b… Because food is life!

10. And When You Get Homework On The First Day


Nothing beats the agony you feel when the teacher assigns homework on the first day. It’s just terribly unthoughtful. After the weeks spend doing nothing, at least the teachers should go easy on your poor souls on the very first day.

May the odds ever be in your favor, reader! *A salute to you my friend!*

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Hiking in Riyadh’s Personal Grand Canyon: Tuwaiq Mountains

An unforgettable experience with team Rawasi. 

Recently, Rawasi Team had invited us over for hiking. After a work-heavy week, it was the ultimate stress-buster. Here’s my experience with Rawasi:

I’ve never been hiking before and this was my first-time. Rawasi Team organized the hike at Tuwaiq Mountains, which according to me are, Riyadh’s very own Grand Canyon. It has two levels; the easy trail for newbies, and the hard one for those who are up for an adrenaline rush.


The thrill kicked in when we started off-roading to the camp spot. The song Dinosaur by Cairokee was playing and the beat drop synced perfectly with our car’s ups and downs.

We met Sahara Club at our location, who volunteered to help us hike. We had a lovely spread of snacks and were encouraged to grab a bite before we could start hiking. After giving us instructions and assigning us in groups to experienced hikers/guides, we were off on our adventure; I selected the hard trail.


The speakers blasted with electronic music to keep us active and on our feet. We went downhill, and to be honest, I had already started stumbling. Nevertheless, our hiking guides were very helpful and guided us to the easy path down our trail. There were plenty of other first-timers who were hiking with us. It was encouraging watching them push themselves and accomplish this adventure. We came across plenty of beautiful sights that I wouldn’t normally see in our metropolitan desert. The high mountains of varying shades of yellow, orange, and brown were mesmerizing.

Our trail was covered in thorny shrubs, sharp rocks that pierced our skin, and at places, animal carcass. The toughest bit of the trail: the steep, 2000m climb back up to our camp. It seemed impossible at first, but the constant boost of confidence and support from Shereen Abulhassan, the senior leader of Rawasi Team, made the climb seem easier, even for a newbie like me.


After the hike, the grills were set up and a delicious late-lunch spread of freshly prepared burgers and kebabs was laid out. The setting sun colored the sky and the Tuwaiq Mountains in hues of pink and orange; it looked unbelievable. We relaxed, ate till our stomachs couldn’t take anymore, and enjoyed playing games and singing through the remaining time.

I loved how homey the Rawasi Team was. Like a family away from family. It was an amazing experience to hike with Shereen and her team. 

Instagram: rawasi_team1


Taibah: Thrift and Trinket Central

Souq Taibah, where bohemians, housewives, hipsters, and grandmas collide.

Located just along King Fahad Rd, and interestingly, right before one of Riyadh’s go-to malls, is a souk where traditions meet novelty. This maze of stalls and stores is a gold mine for urban discovery and shopping adventures.

The imaginative would delight in the trinkets a dozen they can find while the pragmatists would feel victorious after haggling for their loot. From Najdi housewares, shalky fabrics, jalabiyas, spices, henna, to fireworks, lip kits, jewelry, leather goods, and lest we forget, street food, local and fusion cuisines; can all be had along its corridors.

You’ll find Saudi women setting up stalls here and a healthy community of makers have also taken their space to sell everything from flower crowns, spice boxes, carpets, and more. Local cooks set up shop on the pavements, where you can have a sampling of authentic Saudi cooking, as well as snacks, balila, and corn in a cup carts. There is at least one local ice cream truck parked here every day.

Have a journey to the place through our photos:

The souk comes alive a little after 4 pm, although mornings make for a nice quiet shopping experience. Not all shops would be open though.


Novelty figurines

Trinkets everywhere, admittedly so are brand knockoffs.


Animal lovers can find something for themselves, too.


Traditional and local clothing sold here cheap- bargain, and you can give it modern upgrade by taking your find to the tailors also stationed in the souq.


You can buy henna here for SR 15/kg.

Dear millennials, see why you don’t have to spend $20 on fake henna plus shipping from the US?


Give your home a Najdi touch.


Every container you may need.


Healthy Eats

Whether you’re on a “see” food diet, or you’re on a fitness-friendly diet, these restaurants have something for everyone.


Black Angus Striploin
Price: SR 210

1-1_verdure_healthyeats_november_2017_riyadh_shThis elegant restaurant makes sure that you get a taste of the healthy side of fusion European cuisine. For healthy options, you can opt for:

  • Verdure Salad is a good pick because it’s mostly herby. It’s made using boston and endive leaves, chervil, tarragon, apple, and parmesan. If you want some protein there, order a Tuna Nicoise Salad.
  • Healthy mains: Roasted corn-fed chicken breast, whole sea bass with vegetables.

Location: Tahlia St.
Tel: +966-11-2932664
Mob: +966-596115222
Web: verdure-ksa.com
Instagram: verdure_riyadh
Snapchat: verdure_riyadh

Indian Summer

Paneer Tikka
Price: SR 32

2-0_indian-summer_healthyeats_november_2017_riyadh_shIf you enjoy having Indian food, this is the place to be. Indian Summer isn’t all about the butter or ghee, they have healthy alternatives and vegetarian options too.

Paneer Tikka is basically cottage cheese, marinated with Tikka spice mix and barbecued.

  • Kali Mirch Kabab, which directly translates as black pepper, is a marinated chicken kabab with crushed black peppercorns and barbecued.
  • Please stick to roti (crisp flat bread) instead of naan for breads.

Location: Hamdan St., Sulaimania
Tel: +966-11-4545905
Web: indiansummerksa.com
Facebook: IndianSummerKSA

Instagram: indiansummerksa
Twitter: IndianSummerKsa


Oven Roasted
Price: SR 120

azure-restaurantThis is a five-star signature, Aegean cuisine restaurant led by Greek Chef Konstantinos Arampatzis. For one thing, this cuisine already leans toward the healthy. Plus, their protein is mostly grilled, steamed or baked in a fire oven.

  • They have a special ‘Fish of the day’; opt for grilled or oven baked.
  • Oven-roasted dorado with fennel, peppers, olives and capers, is one of the healthiest seafood options.
  • They offer delicious baked organic lemon chicken with chickpeas and capsicum salad.

Location: Hyatt Regency, Olaya St.
Tel: +966-11-2881234
Instagram: azureriyadh
Twitter: AzureRiyadh

Pan Breeza Lounge

Fruit Explosion Salad
Price: SR 39

panbreeza-healthyoptions-riyadh-2017-jou-2Pan Breeza Lounge serves breakfast and brunch meals all day long.

Honest advice: if you’re trying to be healthy, don’t look at their crepe and desserts menu.

  • You can start your day with one of their healthy fruit smoothies and juices. The Berrysome Smoothie tastes berrylicious.
  • If you’re looking for a refreshing starter, try the watermelon-feta-mint-skewers.
  • All their salads lead to a fuzz-free and enjoyable diet.

Location: King Abdulaziz St.
Tel: +966-11-2298209
Facebook: Pan Breeza Lounge
Instagram: panbreezalounge
Twitter: PanBreeza


Grilled Salmon Fillet
Price: SR 68

fudds-2-zahra-anwer-riyadhLucky for health-addicts, this place offers meals to satisfy their dieting tummies. Their healthy menu is healthier compared to their regular meal options. Here’s what you can indulge into when you find yourself and your family dining at Fuddruckers:

The Caesar Salad with sautéed zesty shrimp or with grilled chicken breast is a great choice for those who aren’t willing to consume a lot of unhealthy calories.

Their grilled salmon fillet can help you achieve your daily dietary intake of Omega-3.

Location: King Abdullah Branch Rd.
Tel: +966-11-2459781
Web: fuddruckers.com
Facebook: fuddruckers
Instagram: fuddruckers
Twitter: fuddruckers


DR’s Brilliant Breakfast At Bagel Brothers

This breakfast is BAE-Goals.

Team DR tasted the menu of Bagel Brothers today, and we are here to tell you all about our bagel-icious breakfast journey that turned into an unexpected brunch.

Here’s what you need to know when you visit Bagel Brothers:

All their bagels are soft and delicious.


The two halves of the bagels were filled generously with whatever we liked. These weren’t just bagels, they were BAE-gals.

If you don’t have their cream cheese dip, you won’t know what you’re missing in life.


This is a must-try. It’s a bliss.

The halloumi bagel is one of the healthiest items on the menu.


The halloumi was grilled which made us like it more.

Bagel brothers have something called ‘bagel chips’.


They are added to salads or you can order them separately. You’d definitely do the latter after tasting one of these.

Hole-y moly, you can customize your own bagels and decide what to stuff it with, too.
The restaurant provides vegan options for food and drinks, which was definitely a plus point.
Their desserts are equally good; the chocolate muffin and cinnamon roll were delicious and worth tasting.
Warning: banana muffin will win your heart.


As we were about to leave, the staff insisted us to stay to try one of their special chocolate bagels. We decided to check out what’s so good about it and it was the best decision we made. The chocolate bagel is stuffed with Nutella spread and it’ll make a chocoholic’s taste buds dance in joy.

Overall, we had an unforgettable gastronomical experience, and we hope you go on this hole-y journey, too.


Location: As Sulimaniyah (See map)

Photography by Zahra Anwer


Day Well Spent at Ennessi Farms

Last week, Destination Riyadh visited their nature-lovin’, organic-farming friends at the Ennessi Organic Farm.

Ennessi Farm is an organic farm where the vegetables and fruits are grown without the use of harsh chemicals or processed and hybrid seeds.

We were given a tour of the 5 acres farm located in Dir’yiah. The moment we got out of the car, we could hear the happy chirping of birds, and the clucks of hens. It didn’t feel as though we were living in a desert.

Karla, the field trip tutor (a.k.a. lead caretaker, a.k.a. farmer), enlightened us by teaching us about the history of the farm and the historic importance of the location of the farm. From the farm, you could spot the remains of UNESCO World Heritage Site, At Turaif. She gave us a detailed background of At-Turaif; about the Saudi Dynasty that found it in the 15th century, the importance of its architecture, and the significance of its location.

Karla mentioned that the vegetables taste delicious when they are grown naturally, without the use of chemicals. She imparted upon us the details of the kind of irrigation systems used to water the plants.

We were amazed to see healthy growing vegetables, like, lettuce, pumpkin, corn, different kinds of basil, and squash. The fruits growing there amazed us; there were lots of fig trees growing in the area as well.

At the end of the trip, our lovely friend, Karla, treated us with fresh farm produced vegetable from Ennessi Farm. We had a buffet spread of spring onions, arugula, romaine and iceberg lettuce, baby tomatoes, and lots more. They were fresh, vibrant in color and tasted great. (Great enough to make you love your veggies.)

Ennessi has been successfully running hands-on educational enrichment programs for a number of years, for children, adults and family groups.  For 2017-2018, they have introduced Field Trips which introduce young children (grades 1-6, ages 6-11) to ideas of organic growing, recycling, sustainability and healthy eating.

The programs are run by Karla Ptacek, who can be reached for bookings at broccoli@ennessifarm.com.

Instagram: ennessifarm

Facebook: ennessi.farm

Photography by Zahra Anwer



Sing with us, for these are a few of our favorite things…

When it comes to Riyadh, the first thing that pops into our mind is: food! Riyadhis love to eat and are constantly on the lookout for the best restaurants around to try. Is there a better way to spend life? I don’t think so. After thorough research and help from YOU, we at Destination have found the spots to hit for your cherished favorites:



In Riyadh, we go cukoo for coco when it comes to our gahwa-time snack. Nothing can top chocolates when it comes to our favorite gahwa-sweet combo, because chocolates taste good and make life worth living; simple as that. Our favorite picks include, Twix, Patchi Chocolates, Aani & Dani, and Bateel. The gahwa from Camel Step is becoming a local favorite, too.

Camel Step Coffee RoastersPatchi ChocolatesAani & DaniBateel

Location: Abi Bakr As Siddiq Branch Rd., At Taawun, Riyadh (Click  )

Tel: +966-534007676

Instagram: camelstep

Facebook: camelstep

Twitter: camelstep 

Website: camelstep.com

Location: Takhassousi Boutique, Patchi Building, Takhassousi St. (See Map)

Tel: +966-11-4834464

Website: patchi.com

E-mail: takasosi@patchi-sa.com

Instagram: patchichocolate 

Location: Takhassusi St., Ar Rahmaniyah (See Map)

Tel: +966-11-4186006

E-mail: info@aani-dani.com

Website: aani-dani.com

Instagram: aanidani 

Location: Kingdom Centre (See Map)

Tel: +966-11-2112042

Website: bateelonline.com

E-mail: info@bateel.com

Instagram: bateelgourmet 



Mama Noura

You’re not a Riyadhi if you have never tried this restaurant. The combination of their mouthwatering shawarma with their rich mixed fruit juice does wonders on our taste buds.

Location: King Abdullah Rd., King Faisal St. (Click )

Tel: +966-11-2787555

Website: mamanoura.com.sa 



Classic Cheap PickQueen of Soft Serve- Godiva

I scream for cheap ice cream! If you, like me, love having ice cream regularly, irrespective of the weather, there’s no way you’d go for something expensive. Ice cream trucks win at this. Delicious soft serve that comes in 3 different flavors: chocolate, vanilla, and chocolate and vanilla.

Godiva wins at creating the most delicious ice cream ever. It’s not your average, everyday soft serve; they’re extra. Godiva serves their real chocolate in form of ice cream, which makes this ice cream the most decadent one out there.

Location: Takhassusi St., Ar Rahmaniyah district (Click )

Tel: +966-11-2812000

Instagram: godivaarabia



French fries happen to be Riyadh’s favorite way to feel unhealthy, and by unhealthy, I mean really satisfied and happy!

Shake ItNew York FriesRobert’s Boutique

It is the first restaurant in Riyadh to serve flavored fries, which makes it one of our favorites. They season their fries with various flavored powders like cheese, lime, chili lemon, lime, and serve it with a good variety of sauces.

Location: Umar Ibn Abdul Aziz Branch Rd., Ar Rabwah (Click )

Tel: +966-11-4790069

Twitter: Shakeit_KSA 

If you love going heavy on the toppings, New York Fries is a must-try. They’ve personified poutine and may have improved on the classic fries by creating their famous butter chicken poutine and chili poutine.

Location: Uthman Ibn Affan Rd. (Click )
Website: newyorkfries.com 

Eye the new fry in town.

Location: King Abdullah Rd., Ar Rahmaniyah (Click )

Tel: +966-11-4824040

Twitter: RobertsB_RSB



Coffee makes our Sundays feel like a weekend; it makes us feel alive; it’s the elixir of youth and life. Well, you get the point. The coffee lovers have spoken and the two best places to grab a coffee are Camel Step and White Foam. Camel Step is great for good quality beans. White foam offers great coffee and vegan options, which is why it’s popular.

White Foam

Location: 2956 Ash Shaikh Abdullah Al Anqari (Click )

Tel: +966-11-4708567

Web: whitefoam.me

Instagram: whitefoam 



The Villa RestaurantSa'ad AlHas

Modest venue, amazing food; The Villa Restaurant has been around since almost forever. Their authentic Thai, Chinese and Pinoy menu can win over the pickiest of taste-buds. If you haven’t tried it yet, what are you waiting for? The flavorful larb and authentic pad thai are must’ves.

Location: Al-Uroubah St.(Click )

Tel: +966-11-4822749

More popularly known as Sa’ad Kebdah, this all time favorite shack came into business around 40 years ago and started gaining fame for its rich, savory, beef liver slapped inside a samuli. As the story goes: the name change occurred when the two friends, who started this restaurant together, had an argument a couple of years back. Due to that one of them left and the guy who stayed back renamed it to Sa’ad AlHas. Of course, liver is an acquired taste, and Saeed AlHas will make the process easier and make you fall in love with it.

Location: Boofiya Sa’ad, King Fahad Branch Rd, Al Wisham (Click )



Samuli or Pita Bread with Cheese and Chips

As a kid growing up in Riyadh, Samuli/pita bread with cheese was a part of our staple diet. We had it for breakfast, lunch, dinner, as a snack during school or while watching our favorite Disney movies. Now as adults *cough* our favorite childhood food has been improvised by our genius minds and we’ve come up with lots of new ways to eat your classic samuli-cheese: cheese-honey, cheese-jam, and cheese-chili Tasali.

Location: Head to your nearest baqala.


Food trails around the world

No need to pack instant ramen for these destinations. Get ready to travel around the world.

From tripe to curries to food trucks, get ready to go on a ride of culinary delight. DR picked some of the best cities from around the world to get a taste of local flavor and culture.

Austin, Texas, USA


This city is popular for its food trucks. It doesn’t have as many food trucks as the other cities in USA, but, the ones present provide the best American food ever. Enjoy southern comfort food, like a slow smoked brisket, the weirdest fried food and pecan desserts like a pecan pie or pecan pralines. Or you can opt for their wide range of cuisines like Thai or Mexican, provided by food trucks. Austin food trucks live up to their motto: ‘Keep Austin Weird’.


To satisfy your hearty appetite, try the fried sandwiches at Hey!… You Gonna Eat Or What? – Midway Food Park

Barcelona, Spain


Besides football and sightseeing, Barcelona has an amazing local cuisine. Seafood paella, made with rice, seafood broth, mussel, lobster, shrimp and cuttlefish, is a must try. Cannelloni (pasta with stewed meat), la bomba (potato croquette), Calçots (native catalan green onions) with romesco sauce and Pa amb tomaquet (bread smeared with tomato, olive oil and garlic) are some of the local savory dishes that you must try. Barcelona is also popular for its desserts: churros, crema catalana, mato and xuixos.


Visit Bego & Ivan, warm home-chefs who live in Carrer de Sostres, to try their catalan menu. Especially their paella.

London, England, UK


If you find yourself in London, we suggest you to check out the Sunday marts. It’ll give you a peak of the local life, culture and food. Most of these Sunday marts are really large. It’ll take you hours to cover just one. They consist of organic fruits and vegetables, local and international savory and sweet food markets, and seafood markets. For your convenience, some of the food stalls are marked as ‘halal’.

Must Try:

  • Cheese
  • Fish and chips
  • Sunday roast with Yorkshire pudding
  • Cockles
  • Beef wellington
  • Pie and mash, or Bangers (sausage) and mash
  • Sticky toffee pudding
  • All the tea of London


Borough Market, 8 Southwark St.

Try the blue cheese duck sandwich, desserts and check out the oyster market.

Lyon, France


This city is the gastronomical capital of France and the world. It’s famous for its offal specialties, cheese, wine, bread, chocolates and desserts. You can try these at the local bouchons, which are restaurants that serve traditional Lyonnaise cuisine, like tripe, chicken liver salad and quenelles (flour and cream dumplings).

Must Try:

  • Cervelle de Canut
  • Dayglo pink pralines in tart
  • Breaded and fried tripe
  • Brioche
  • Croissants
  • Saint Marcellin
  • Tomme du Beaujolais


  • For a feast of senses, visit Les Halles de Lyon Paul Bocuse at 102 Cours Lafayette, the central market for fresh produce and delicious local meals.
  • Chabert & Fils, a bouchon, at 11 Rue des Marronniers, for local taste.
  • Bernachon, a 42 Cours Franklin Roosevelt, for delightful chocolates and pastries.

Copenhagen, Denmark


Copenhagen has a lot in store for you. Genuine, honest and aesthetic is the food motto of the city. It has a street filled with food trucks, music and art which aims to give you a taste of the amazing local food and international cuisines and the city also has a truly really super market to provide you with the freshest produce and exotic products. It is home to the Denmark’s biggest food court. Let’s just say that the country assures that you won’t go home hungry. Besides, the city gives you a chance to party like a Dutch.

Must Try: 

  • Smørrebrød (Open-Faced Sandwiches)
  • Grød (Porridge)
  • Rugbrød (Rye bread)
  • Hindbærsnitter (Raspberry Bars)
  • Wienerbrød (Danish pastry)
  • Tarteletter (Savory Danish pastry)
  • Coffee


  • Visit the Copenhagen Street Food – Hal 7 & 8 Papirøen, Trangravsvej 14, 7/8, 1436 København K – for local flavors, music and art.
  • For a quick meal or some freshly baked bread, visit denmark’s biggest food court, WestMarket – Vesterbrogade 97 1620 København V.
  • Check out Torvehallerne – Frederiksborggade 21, 1360 København K – for the freshest of the produce, gourmet chocolates, local cheese and exotic spices. This supermarket has everything Danish. You can also get your things specifically packed for travel.

(In Box) Other Notable Food Capitals:

  • Santorini, Greece (or Crete island)
  • Georgia
  • Amritsar, Punjab, India
  • Hong Kong, China
  • Manila, Philippines


Watch Out For These Riyadhi Chefs

Meet Riyadh’s talented culinary artists.

Riyadh’s culinary landscape is changing. These chefs have worked hard to break the mold and live out their dreams, satiating your tastebuds and your belly with their deliciously prepared meals.

Riyadh’s Fusion Chef, RAKAN ALORIFI 


“Don’t do it for the money. Become a chef if you’re passionate, that’s how you’ll grow and remain dedicated.”

With a degree in marketing, Rakan Aloraifi set out to start his own restaurant. But, due to mismanagement, his restaurant ended up beinglacked onwas short on chefs. Aloraifi took matters into his own hands and helped out in the kitchen, inadvertently discovering his passion for cooking. He eventually shut down the restaurant and moved to California to learn from the masters, working under Japanese celebrity chef Nobu Matsuhisa to learn Japanese techniques. Back in Riyadh, he found an opportunity to start working for Yokari, where he was one of the first few Saudi sushi chefs. Having found keen interest in hot kitchen and Asian cuisine and wanting to learn new techniques, Rakan shifted to Hualan Chinese Restaurant. He plans on starting his own fine dining Levantine restaurant.

Follow Rakan and his amusing life on

Snapchat: rakansss 

Instagram: @raloraifi

Or get a taste of his passion at: Hualan Chinese Restaurant (See map)

Web: hualan.sa


Chef Rakan will be appearing in a highly anticipated reality show for top chefs.

Breaking Barriers, WED REDA

“Love cooking from your heart; this love will help you leave a mark no matter where you go.”

Inspired by her mom and driven by her passionate craze for international cuisine since childhood, Wed Saleh Reda has chased her dreams by breaking barriers of all kinds. Wed started learning Arabic cuisine from her mother as it was her favorite. Once she aced it, she then trained herself in international cuisine. Over the past 10 years, she has been focusing on Italian and Japanese cuisines. She now works as a chef at Hyatt Regency, and also caters for the weddings taking place within the hotel. One year back

A year ago, when she started looking for a job, it was hard to get employed due to the conservative nature of the city. But, now the scene in Riyadh has changed drastically and caught up to her. “I hope to see plenty of girls getting employed as chefs and leaving their mark all across the city and the world,” Reda says.

Chef Wed is looking forward to starting her restaurant that serves fusion Saudi food, and she plans on competing in Top Chef Middle East – Season 3.


Chef Wed has a bachelor’s degree in management and had no experience in cooking. She taught herself what she knows from cookbooks written by famous chefs, Master Chef and Top Chef.

Enjoy a glimpse of her passion by following her on:

Snapchat: wedre

Instagram: @wedr

Indulge in her delicious meals here: Hyatt Regency (See map)

Web: riyadholaya.regency.hyatt

Ouzi with a Side of Funny, ALI ALYOUSEF


“Don’t forget to laugh, enjoy what you are doing and have fun, it makes your cooking better. It makes you good company too. And that’s all you really need— good food, good company.”

Chef Ali Al Yousef chuckles as he tells us that the main reason he became a chef is to win a bet. A Chef friend of his told him that Saudis can’t do anything. He decided to prove him wrong.

And so, despite having a degree in Mechanical Engineering, Chef Ali decided to turn his career upside down and pursue his passion for cooking. While the “dare” made for a trigger, as a five-year-old boy, Chef Ali had already started making up his own concoctions and recipes in the kitchen.

Today, Chef Ali is the executive chef for traditional Saudi Dishes at Four Seasons Riyadh. People come to Elements restaurant for its Saudi-themed evening, and to have a generous helping of his renowned Ouzi.

Check out his tempting meals at his Instagram: @Chef_ali_alyousef

You can treat yourselves at: Elements, Four Seasons (See map)

Web: fourseasons.com/riyadh