Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Winter Fashion Runway Looks You Can Totally Personalize & Own Being In Riyadh

Winter Fashion Runway Looks You Can Totally Personalize & Own Being In Riyadh

Searching for style inspiration? OOTD for the winters? Designers have sorted out your winter closet for you… Affordable outfits inspired by the runway!

“Winter is Coming.”

Thanks for the warning, Game of Thrones. *major eye roll*

Reality check: Winter is already here in Riyadh and by the looks of it, seems like it’s about to stay longer than usual! *Ugh*

Calling all Mango and Zara shopaholics! We have got the most amazing, spectacular and stunning winter fashion looks, hot from the Winter Fashion Show 2016-2017 runways. These runway looks are available online and in stores (how convenient, right?). Also, these outfits will not make a hole in your pocket, either.

Here’s winter spelled out for you, by the designers. Have a look:

1) Turtlenecks

turtle necks Collage

This winter fashion 2016-2017 approved look by Tory Burch is taking over like a wild fire and is keeping ladies warm, all around the world! Turtlenecks can be worn in a classic way, paired with your favorite jeans, très chic with leather biker leggings and jacket or under your summer dresses to double up your winter wardrobe. Besides, there are plenty new styles turtlenecks are available in, like cropped tops, dresses, tees and even as sweatshirts.

Where to buy?

Mango:  Satin Turtleneck Blouse 

Price: SR 299

Zara:  Turtleneck t-shirt 

Price: SR 35 (On Sale)

2) Statement Coat

coat Collage

Tommy Hilfiger showcased how important a striking coat is. Whether it’s a midi coat or a maxi, cashmere or wool, red or black; every lady requires a signature style statement coat to wear to look chic and amazing during the windows, without looking like they tried too hard. When paired with your favorite jeans and tee, the coat will make you look simple, sophisticated and elegant. Besides, it keeps you warm and toasty.

Where to buy the trending coats?

Zara:  Striped Over Shirt

Price: SR 169 (On Sale)

3) Blanket Wrap Scarf

scarf Collage

Chanel came up with a cure for the days when you don’t feel like letting go of your snuggly comforter / blanket. A blanket wrap scarf or a chunky scarf will satisfy your love of wrapping a huge snuggly blanket around you and provide you with a sense of comfort through the day. You wouldn’t want to let go of this one until bikini season. It’s an addictive accessory and it never gets old.

Where to get affordable pretty scarves?

Mango:  Check Scarf

Price: SR 99

Zara: Double-Faced Square Scarf

Price: SR 59 (On Sale)

4) Leggings

leggings1 Collage

During the Winter Fashion Show 2016-2017, Phoebe Philo Celine introduced leggings for a cozy and chic look this winters. She also showcased how elegant, easy and comfortable they looked when paired with dresses, skirts, tees and jackets. You don’t need to be Kim Kardashian or Karlie Kloss to rock a pair of these! (Oh, and in case you didn’t know, leggings are so totally affordable… even if you’re living on a budget) *wink*

Where to get the chicest pair of leggings?

Mango: Faux Suede Leggings

Price: SR 39

Zara: Body Shaping Biker Leggings

Price: SR 35 (On Sale)

5) Platform Boots

boots Collage

Spike up your winters with something more than the regular boots, something with an edge and the oomph factor. Platform boots are approved by fashion designers from around the world during the winter 2016-2017 fashion shows. Stick to the mantra, ‘high and dry’ ladies and put on your tiger print or leather platform boots to help you get through the winters… in style.

Where to buy flaunt-worth boots?

Mango: Platform Leather Ankle Boots

Price: SR 129

Zara: Embroidered Detail Ankle Boots

Price: SR 479

Let’s relish the winters this year. *wink*


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