Healthy Eats

Whether you’re on a “see” food diet, or you’re on a fitness-friendly diet, these restaurants have something for everyone.


Black Angus Striploin
Price: SR 210

1-1_verdure_healthyeats_november_2017_riyadh_shThis elegant restaurant makes sure that you get a taste of the healthy side of fusion European cuisine. For healthy options, you can opt for:

  • Verdure Salad is a good pick because it’s mostly herby. It’s made using boston and endive leaves, chervil, tarragon, apple, and parmesan. If you want some protein there, order a Tuna Nicoise Salad.
  • Healthy mains: Roasted corn-fed chicken breast, whole sea bass with vegetables.

Location: Tahlia St.
Tel: +966-11-2932664
Mob: +966-596115222
Instagram: verdure_riyadh
Snapchat: verdure_riyadh

Indian Summer

Paneer Tikka
Price: SR 32

2-0_indian-summer_healthyeats_november_2017_riyadh_shIf you enjoy having Indian food, this is the place to be. Indian Summer isn’t all about the butter or ghee, they have healthy alternatives and vegetarian options too.

Paneer Tikka is basically cottage cheese, marinated with Tikka spice mix and barbecued.

  • Kali Mirch Kabab, which directly translates as black pepper, is a marinated chicken kabab with crushed black peppercorns and barbecued.
  • Please stick to roti (crisp flat bread) instead of naan for breads.

Location: Hamdan St., Sulaimania
Tel: +966-11-4545905
Facebook: IndianSummerKSA

Instagram: indiansummerksa
Twitter: IndianSummerKsa


Oven Roasted
Price: SR 120

azure-restaurantThis is a five-star signature, Aegean cuisine restaurant led by Greek Chef Konstantinos Arampatzis. For one thing, this cuisine already leans toward the healthy. Plus, their protein is mostly grilled, steamed or baked in a fire oven.

  • They have a special ‘Fish of the day’; opt for grilled or oven baked.
  • Oven-roasted dorado with fennel, peppers, olives and capers, is one of the healthiest seafood options.
  • They offer delicious baked organic lemon chicken with chickpeas and capsicum salad.

Location: Hyatt Regency, Olaya St.
Tel: +966-11-2881234
Instagram: azureriyadh
Twitter: AzureRiyadh

Pan Breeza Lounge

Fruit Explosion Salad
Price: SR 39

panbreeza-healthyoptions-riyadh-2017-jou-2Pan Breeza Lounge serves breakfast and brunch meals all day long.

Honest advice: if you’re trying to be healthy, don’t look at their crepe and desserts menu.

  • You can start your day with one of their healthy fruit smoothies and juices. The Berrysome Smoothie tastes berrylicious.
  • If you’re looking for a refreshing starter, try the watermelon-feta-mint-skewers.
  • All their salads lead to a fuzz-free and enjoyable diet.

Location: King Abdulaziz St.
Tel: +966-11-2298209
Facebook: Pan Breeza Lounge
Instagram: panbreezalounge
Twitter: PanBreeza


Grilled Salmon Fillet
Price: SR 68

fudds-2-zahra-anwer-riyadhLucky for health-addicts, this place offers meals to satisfy their dieting tummies. Their healthy menu is healthier compared to their regular meal options. Here’s what you can indulge into when you find yourself and your family dining at Fuddruckers:

The Caesar Salad with sautéed zesty shrimp or with grilled chicken breast is a great choice for those who aren’t willing to consume a lot of unhealthy calories.

Their grilled salmon fillet can help you achieve your daily dietary intake of Omega-3.

Location: King Abdullah Branch Rd.
Tel: +966-11-2459781
Facebook: fuddruckers
Instagram: fuddruckers
Twitter: fuddruckers

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