Nando’s New Branch: Bang of Flavors!

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Nando’s had their dry-run night on July 9th, at Tahlia Street. The restaurant is as fancy, cozy and enrapturing as ever. The Afro-Portuguese themed yellow-red interiors (and music!) will grow on you and you’ll soon find yourself grooving to the music while waiting for your order to arrive.

Everything from their welcome drinks till their desserts captured our taste buds and senses. Let’s just say that the course started off with a whiff of mouth-watering flavors lingering in the air, which will leave you feeling more impatient than you’ve ever felt. Madeira Red: a sweet, fizzy, pomegranate lemonade was an exotic and really creative red drink. It was tropical in taste and the addition of pomegranate seeds made it visually pretty and enhanced the flavor up a notch.

If you find yourself confused on what to order, then start your meal with the famous Nando’s wings. The juicy, fall-of-the-bone meat will get you addicted to it. When it comes to main, you’ve got to try the Espetada Carnival, without further thought. This main is heaven in plate. It comes with two sides of your choice and the most tender boneless chicken on a skewer. The best part? Spice things up according to your tolerance meter!

To add a little more sweetness to up your personality, try out their delicious desserts. The Choc’late Lovin Spoon Cake is one of their best desserts.

Don’t miss out on Nandos. Try it soon!

DR Recommends:

  • Caesar Salad
  • Wing Roulette
  • Espetada Carnival
  • Chicken Breast Burger
  •  Raspberry and White Chocolate Cheesecake
  • Carrot Cake
  • PERinaise

[Photography credits: Zahra Anwer]

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