We’ve Lined-up 5 Powerful Arab Fashion & Beauty Bloggers!

They have inspired the world. (No kidding!)

Gone are the days when people were glued to their PC screens, watching the lush Europeans and Americans teach the world makeup techniques that’ll make them look like princesses. The tables have turned. The fashion and beauty industry is being defined by Middle Eastern standards these days: exotic, bold and beautiful.

We have picked out some of the most influential bloggers from YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat, who are slaying for a living!

Here are some of the Arabs fashion and beauty bloggers you just can’t miss in 2017:

Huda Beauty

huda beauty blogger

Huda Kattan popularly goes by, ‘Huda Beauty’. Having the roots in Iraq, being trained in Hollywood and continuing her career in Dubai, this lady has taken the world by storm! She breaks down the beauty tricks into simple DIY videos. Besides being a beauty queen, she is one of the highly loved entrepreneurs in the beauty industry. Ask any girl whose lashes she has on and you’ll hear two words: Huda Beauty. We are obsessed!

Catch her on,

  • realhudabeauty

Dalal AlDoub

dalal fashion blogger

She is a Kuwait based YouTuber. For her followers, she is popularly known as ‘Dalalid’. Her specialty: all things that fall under fashion, beauty and skin care. To ease life for her followers, she provides them with honest reviews and product hauls. No matter what the weather, this hijabi likes to keep it classy.

Check her out on,

  • Dalalid 

Saudi Trends

Fierce, fabulosity and fashion. These three words define the lives of three sisters who are running this amazing blog. Living a life in both, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and Al-Khobar, these sisters prove that no matter where you live and how modest you are, you can lead a stylish life. Their Instagram feed is no less than a high-end fashion magazine. They like to maintain their anonymity by hiding their face in their blogs, to emphasize of the fact that, it’s not the celebrity that matters when it comes to fashion, it’s the style!

Wander into their sophisticated world on

Fouz AlFahad

fouz blogger

This Kuwaiti based makeup artist knows how to skillfully play with various makeup palettes! She knows her way with lips, eyes, face and even hair. Her tips can make bad hair day go good. Her luscious hair has made everyone curious on how she maintained them despite living in such a dry place, which made her reveal her secret recipe for a shampoo that she makes at home! She has also worked with famous celebrities like Khloe Kardashian and Jen Atkin.

Don’t miss her;

  • ffoouuzz

Dina Tokio

Dina Tokio Blogger

Talking about Arab bloggers, Dina Torkia (originally from Egypt; now living in London) happens to be the most influential (and fun) lifestyle and beauty bloggers, not only in the Middle East, but all around the world. Besides being a blogger, she’s also happens to be a great fashion designer. Her fashion blog “Days of Dolls” is filled with amazing photographs of her in modest, chic and modern clothing, all of which is designed by her. She states that she dresses up in a way to represent herself and religion. She wants to show the world that one can look amazing and wear a hijab.

Watch this inspiring lady right away on

  • dinatokio

It’s time for you to check these wonderful ladies for yourself. They won’t disappoint you

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