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10 Dreadful Back-To-School Memes

10 Dreadful Back-To-School Memes

school memes ,Getting up early, finishing homework, studying for finals… all that isn’t the dreadful part of the first day of school. 

If you have already graduated from high school, consider yourself lucky, because you’ll never get the dreadful feeling of returning back to school and all its drama. After a long and comfortable vacation, the thought of school is like a stake through a vampire’s heart (you being the vampire). It’s like drowning in the swimming pool with no escape nearby. It’s similar to standing in a long queue at McDonald’s and finally after giving your order, you realize that you forgot your wallet. It’s insanely grim, awful, horrible… you know what I am trying to say.

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memes about school

Here are School Memes you can totally relate to if you hate returning back to school. But Vacations Just Started Yesterday

1. But Vacations Just Started Yesterday


When your parents start preparing you for school two weeks well in advance and you’re just like, ‘but, vacations started yesterday.’ You’re left thinking about how the time flew away. What makes it worse is the fact that you still have that ‘holiday reading’ left to do and more than half of your vacation bucket list hasn’t been accomplished. What a shame… How saddening.

2. Dreaming About School During the Break


The last one week of the vacations is filled with back-to-school nightmares, day dreaming about the monotonous homework and scaring yourself with the thought of impending exams. All those thoughts and nightmares end up getting you anxious. You turn nocturnal. The word ‘school’ sends your brain into ‘panic mode’ and stresses you up. You poor soul. 🙁

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3. First day clothes vs. last day


On the first day of school, your mom forces you towards being the well-dressed and studious looking student. She takes you shopping for new clothes so that you look new and sharp. Well, the days followed by the first day see the decrease in the amount of thought you have given to your outfit. By the last day of school, you resemble a retard who has just escaped from the mental hospital.

4. The Endless Procrastination, Pain and Tears


A night before the “Big Day,” is a rush of mixed emotions. You are happy about finally meeting your bestie, but those emotions are over powered by the sadness of meeting all the other unwanted kids that you always try to avoid, the endless amounts of homework and exams. This meme is all of us before returning back to school.

5. How Parents Feel About You Going Back To School


The happiest humans about school beginning are the parents. The absolutely seem to love the fact that you aren’t going to be sticking around 24×7 anymore. For them, they can sleep in late, enjoy the peace and quietness of the morning and watch you be miserably loaded with homework (which gives them added hours of peace around the house). They even get to claim the TV remote and assign you on a strict time table.

6. Someone Asks: How Do You Feel About Going Back To School

Photo Credits: BlazePress
Photo Credits: BlazePress

Merciless are those relatives and family friends who happily ask you about your feeling on returning back to school. How can they have no heart? How can they be so excited about something as hectic as school especially when you are trying your best not to let your thoughts linger there? The very thought about school commencing is depressing.

7. And The First Day At School Reminds You Of A Sale At Hush Puppies


Everyone is greeting each other, fist bumps, handshakes, and laughter echoing in the narrow corridor, all eyes on you… OMG. The first day of school after a long vacation is overwhelming. The school looks so crowded with all the new students, the excited students who’ve just vacationed overseas and the creepily perfect popular girls staring at you and your awkwardness. It’s like a sale on Burberry or Hush Puppies, everyone there busy in their own world while suffocating you with their mere presence. *Gag*

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8. The Moment You See Your Best Friend


Nothing makes you happier than the time you spot your best friend on the first day. You best friend is your light at the end of the tunnel. He/she is your cloud’s silver lining; they happen to be the hope you’re holding on to and the reason why you make an effort to wake up every morning and go to school. Without them, life and school would have no meaning, because, after all, if they weren’t around, with whom would you share your opinions on the worse outfit of the first day of school?

9. Forgot Everything Previously Learned

Photo Credits: Vitamin-Ha

When you return back to school, you realize that your brain has this unique superpower of picking up everything that you had studied, throwing it in the bin and setting it on flames. Not a bit is remembered or recognized. So, when the teacher asks something from the previous years, you try to make sense out of what you remember. F = MC^2 becomes K = FC^2 b… Because food is life!

10. And When You Get Homework On The First Day


Nothing beats the agony you feel when the teacher assigns homework on the first day. It’s just terribly unthoughtful. After the weeks spend doing nothing, at least the teachers should go easy on your poor souls on the very first day.

May the odds ever be in your favor, reader! *A salute to you my friend!*

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