Koshari.Ko Brings You The Best of Arabian Cuisine

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When every koshari is foolproof.

Koshari.Ko has upgraded their kosharis to a whole new level. Their customized kosharis cover the popular cultures from around the world to suit everyone’s taste.

With the perfect blend of spices, they have created innovative platters, while still maintaining and respecting the original recipe. Their original koshari was simple, great and would take you back to the first time you tasted it. It’s made the same way locals would make it and like it. The additional condiments like vinegar and chili increased its delicious factor.

If you have unconditional love for shawarma, you should definitely try the shawarma koshari. This koshari combines the two favorite dishes of the majority and makes one dish that has a bang of shawarma spices. And when the mint sauce was added to this koshari, the tastes elevated and made it even better!

DR Recommends: You’ve got to taste it to believe it!

The butter chicken koshari is for those who love south east asian food. The aroma of this dish will get your mouth watering. If you’re new to koshari, we recommend that you start with something that your taste buds recognize and love.

Besides koshari, there were plenty other items on the menu like the cheesy macaroni béchamel and desserts like the Arabic creamy bread pudding, Om Ali.

Koshari.Ko helps you discover and try the wonderful Arabian dishes. Try it for yourself

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