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10 Essential College Survival Hacks

10 Essential College Survival Hacks

This is a Survival for Dummies 101 for college students out there. (especially, the freshmen). 

For people, who are about to start their college life, please read this carefully; this article will give you more insight than your college prospectus. For those who are already university/college students, these hacks are going to help you live better. These survival hacks aren’t taught to you in class and only the ones who have been through college can advise you how to live smarter. So, take it all the tips that you can, appreciate every single hack, because it’s a jungle out there!

Eat, sleep, study… and repeat them smartly after reading this:

1. Ultimate GPA Hack


In the start of the semester, the tests held are easier to study for and easier to score on. So, before it all gets tougher (and you start getting *cough* distracted), start building your GPA score with the simple stuff. That way, your high scores can balance off the difficult classes/tests. Also, scoring straight A’s in the beginning will definitely impressed your professor.

2. Amplify Your Alarm


Do you have to keep a record breaking 7-10 alarms, with 2-5 minutes gap between each? This is the ultimate hack for you (especially if you have no one, besides your phone, to wake you up). Set your favorite song as your alarm tone (something that’ll make you shake it like Shakira?). Set three alarms instead of 10 and keep your phone in a mug or a glass (this will amplify the music). Wake up like you’ve had the best sleep of your life, every day!

3. Breakfast in a Mug


If you tend to wake up late and usually find yourself skipping breakfast because you’ve to rush to class, then breakfast in a mug is going to be your best friend! There are several recipes available online to help you prepare the perfect breakfast in your mug; breakfast muffin, fluffy scrambled eggs, oatmeal, cinnamon roll, quiche or pizza, name your breakfast dish and the microwave and mug can prepare it in 2-10 minutes!

Here are some yummy breakfast ideas for you to try and explore your palette further:   1 Minute Mug Cakes Made in the Microwave

4. Emphasize on Writing


Whenever possible, take a pen and start scribbling some of what the professor says in the class. Writing helps you understand and remember better. If you can’t write chunky information without making a mess, write on flashcards. If writing isn’t your piece of cake, then switch on your laptop and start typing (but, make sure that you’re using ‘Times New Roman’ font as it’ll help you read better). Also, you can use colors or highlighters to make it look attractive.

5. Treat Your Senses


When you lack the proper motivation to study, motivate yourself with candies. Keep a bar of chocolate at the end of every chapter that you have to study and a gummy bear in between every page. When you reach there, you can eat it. This will keep you going all night. Besides, chocolates are known to boost memory. Need I say more?

6. Make It a Rainbow


When you’re studying from your pre-written notes or from the textbook or even from the laptop, use colored pencils to circle around important words and different colored highlighters for important phrases. A different colored highlighter / pencil / sketch pen for every paragraph will make the paper look colorful. Your eyes will directly look at the details that are highlighted in a catchy color rather than looking at a plain black and white text. It also happens to boost visual memory.

7. Record the Classes/Yourself


While the professor is teaching, record the lecture. Or while going through the notes read it out loud and record them. Later, when you don’t have much time to read or if you are sitting idly in the car, play these recordings. You can listen to them at a faster speed while revising.

8. Pretend to be a Well-Prepared-Nerd


When it’s your turn to give a presentation in class, ask a close friend of yours to ask you a specific question (of your choice) related to the topic. That way, during the questioning session of the presentation, when your friend asks you a doubt, you’ll be well prepared to answer it. Also, you’ll score extra points from the professor for that confidence.

9. Toilet-Roll-Desk Management

Photo Credits: Kids Wow Collector
Photo Credits: Kids Wow Collector

Here is a cheap and easy way to live off a budget. You can use the toilet tissue rolls to manage and organize the mess on your desk. You can store your pencils, stationeries or makeup brushes in it and wrap your wire cords and stuff them into the rolls.

Here’s a tutorial to help you get in touch with your creative gene:  How to Make a Pencil Holder Recycling Toilet Paper Rolls

10. Break Before You Break


Don’t study at a stretch! This is a major mistake made by students who study a day or two before the exam; they sit for long hours and plan on completing the entire semester’s notes in one sitting. Instead, give yourself a break of 10 minutes after studying for 25-30 minutes at a stretch. Set a timer to help you out with this. Try to set a goal and finish studying that much in the allotted time, before you let your smart phone engulf you.

With these helpful tips, make your college/university just that little bit easier.


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