Hiking in Riyadh’s Personal Grand Canyon: Tuwaiq Mountains

An unforgettable experience with team Rawasi. 

Recently, Rawasi Team had invited us over for hiking. After a work-heavy week, it was the ultimate stress-buster. Here’s my experience with Rawasi:

I’ve never been hiking before and this was my first-time. Rawasi Team organized the hike at Tuwaiq Mountains, which according to me are, Riyadh’s very own Grand Canyon. It has two levels; the easy trail for newbies, and the hard one for those who are up for an adrenaline rush.


The thrill kicked in when we started off-roading to the camp spot. The song Dinosaur by Cairokee was playing and the beat drop synced perfectly with our car’s ups and downs.

We met Sahara Club at our location, who volunteered to help us hike. We had a lovely spread of snacks and were encouraged to grab a bite before we could start hiking. After giving us instructions and assigning us in groups to experienced hikers/guides, we were off on our adventure; I selected the hard trail.


The speakers blasted with electronic music to keep us active and on our feet. We went downhill, and to be honest, I had already started stumbling. Nevertheless, our hiking guides were very helpful and guided us to the easy path down our trail. There were plenty of other first-timers who were hiking with us. It was encouraging watching them push themselves and accomplish this adventure. We came across plenty of beautiful sights that I wouldn’t normally see in our metropolitan desert. The high mountains of varying shades of yellow, orange, and brown were mesmerizing.

Our trail was covered in thorny shrubs, sharp rocks that pierced our skin, and at places, animal carcass. The toughest bit of the trail: the steep, 2000m climb back up to our camp. It seemed impossible at first, but the constant boost of confidence and support from Shereen Abulhassan, the senior leader of Rawasi Team, made the climb seem easier, even for a newbie like me.


After the hike, the grills were set up and a delicious late-lunch spread of freshly prepared burgers and kebabs was laid out. The setting sun colored the sky and the Tuwaiq Mountains in hues of pink and orange; it looked unbelievable. We relaxed, ate till our stomachs couldn’t take anymore, and enjoyed playing games and singing through the remaining time.

I loved how homey the Rawasi Team was. Like a family away from family. It was an amazing experience to hike with Shereen and her team. 

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