Taibah: Thrift and Trinket Central

Souq Taibah, where bohemians, housewives, hipsters, and grandmas collide.

Located just along King Fahad Rd, and interestingly, right before one of Riyadh’s go-to malls, is a souk where traditions meet novelty. This maze of stalls and stores is a gold mine for urban discovery and shopping adventures.

The imaginative would delight in the trinkets a dozen they can find while the pragmatists would feel victorious after haggling for their loot. From Najdi housewares, shalky fabrics, jalabiyas, spices, henna, to fireworks, lip kits, jewelry, leather goods, and lest we forget, street food, local and fusion cuisines; can all be had along its corridors.

You’ll find Saudi women setting up stalls here and a healthy community of makers have also taken their space to sell everything from flower crowns, spice boxes, carpets, and more. Local cooks set up shop on the pavements, where you can have a sampling of authentic Saudi cooking, as well as snacks, balila, and corn in a cup carts. There is at least one local ice cream truck parked here every day.

Have a journey to the place through our photos:

The souk comes alive a little after 4 pm, although mornings make for a nice quiet shopping experience. Not all shops would be open though.


Novelty figurines

Trinkets everywhere, admittedly so are brand knockoffs.


Animal lovers can find something for themselves, too.


Traditional and local clothing sold here cheap- bargain, and you can give it modern upgrade by taking your find to the tailors also stationed in the souq.


You can buy henna here for SR 15/kg.

Dear millennials, see why you don’t have to spend $20 on fake henna plus shipping from the US?


Give your home a Najdi touch.


Every container you may need.

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