Harry’s Gives Us Some Serious Italian Vibes

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Harry’s Pizza is more than just a pizza… it’s a sensation of flavors.

Harry’s Pizzas are an amazing way to upgrade Netflix and Chill nights. The restaurant is inspired by the historical original pizza founded in Venice during the early 1930s and they offer delicious, hearty and classic Italian pizzas and calzones.

Their pizzas are made using the freshest ingredients and they prepare them in one hearty size. The use of different cheeses like Italian burrata cheese, buffalo mozzarella and ricotta cheese elevates the flavors of their pizzas. For a lazy evening, you can have the spinaci pizza, which consists of spinach, mushrooms and ricotta cheese. Or for a slightly healthy take, go for the burrata pizza, which has burrata cheese, cherry tomatoes and basil. They also have their own special drink, Bellini, a sparkling peach drink.

Harry’s pizzas and calzones are affordable as they are priced at SAR 29. Currently, they offer only pickup, as they don’t offer dine-in. You can get it delivered to your place via an app called ‘Jahez App’, and in the near future, they plan to start delivering. At the moment, there are four branches of Harry’s Pizza in Riyadh.

We can’t wait to try the other mouth-watering pizzas on their menu, like Quattro Formaggi, Pollo and Buffolo Mozzarella. You can select and order your favorite pizza through their website and pick it.

You can select and order your favorite pizza through their website and pick it!

Stay tuned for their new special pizzas coming soon to the menu.

Harry’s Pizza

Contact Number: 920004682

Instagram: harrys_pizzasa
Twitter: harrys_pizzasa

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