8 Cat Toys That You Can Buy From Souq

Here’s how you keep your cats amused 101

If you’re a working person and you own a cat, you may already know how difficult it is to be around with them all the time and entertain them or play around with them. During this difficult time of yours, we have come up with some products from Souq.com that will keep your cat amused for hours and hours amidst your absence. Have a look at them; we are sure you’ll be tempted to buy one of these by the end of the article.

You’ll find them stuffed in the most unexpected corners doing the most surprising thing.

1. Cat Tunnel


If there’s one thing cats love more than sleeping, it’s sneaking and exploring the new corners of your house. This tunnel will keep them engrossed for hours. It’ll never tire them. With an additional peephole in the middle, they’ll never stop exploring the various possibilities of playing with this.

Cost: SAR 150

Buy it here

2. Catnip Chaser


If you’re worried about your cat being bored when you’re at work, here’s the perfect toy to keep them engaged while trying to get a glimpse of the hidden (and happy while they’re at it).

Buy it here

Cost: SAR. 55

3. Mouse On A Spring


Mouse and catnip are the best combinations your cat can ever get. With the catnip keeping your cat active and the mouse, which is located on top of a spring, attracting your cat, play time doesn’t get more entertaining than this! Also, you get to enjoy the amusing sight of your cat jumping up and down while trying to catch the mouse.

Cost: SAR. 25

Buy it here

4. Pounce Rotating Teaser


This automatic rotating and moving toy comes in four different speeds. Your cat will try to hunt it down, hit it and eventually sit on top of it accepting their fate of going wherever it goes (& trust me, nothing is more comical than your cat sitting on top of this teaser).

Cost: SAR. 150

Buy it here

5. A Bank For You Where Deposits Are Made By Your Cat


When you’re too tired to do your own work, make your cat do it, and since your cat is the most trust worthy living thing that you live with, why not let them handle your bank accounts, too? This mini bank is a place where you can get your cat to deposit all kinds of loose change that you’ve lying around, while you enjoy their hilarious reaction to the mini cat that takes all your money.

Cost: SAR 78.46

Buy it here

6. Catch The Mouse?


An active lifestyle is very important for your cat’s health. So, while you are not around 24×7 to play with your cat, here is an easier, affordable and suitable solution to your problem. This attractive mat consists of a wand that resembles the tail of a mouse, right below it and it keeps revolving under the mat. And you know that automatically translates into endless amusing hours for your cat!

Cost: SAR 100

Buy it here

7. Robotic Laser… for the times you are lazy


For the days you are busy to hold a laser and move your hand around just to keep your cat entertained, here is a robot to help you with it. This robot will throw around a laser (in a circulating motion) while you sit and stare at your very fascinated cat enjoying itself.

Cost: SAR 150

But it here

8. Turbo Racing?


No, your cat isn’t going to run on a track. Don’t worry. But, she’s definitely going to whirl around one. This track involves a ball that runs up and down it, while capturing the attention of your curious cat and making it run around the track in a desperate attempt to just touch the ball.

Cost: SAR 95

But it here

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