Summer Lovin’ Lips

Your lips deserve a romantic affair with luxe products.

The color palette for your lips is out. This summer is all about unpredictability when it comes down to staining lips. Some of these colors require a good amount of confidence to carry, while the others just need you to be perky.

Here are the special colors for the hottest time of the year:

1. Rosy Nude

It’s time to upgrade to a superior level of nude: rosy nude, a.k.a., nude with a touch of blush. It’s perfect for a natural summer look.


2. Crimson Red

Do you dare to wear this sensuous color all day?2mac

3. Bashfully Pink

For feminine, coy and flirty lips.3mac

4. Bold Coral

This summer is all about peach (we aren’t talking about Kim Kardashian), for nothing compliments the gold skin tone like it.4mac

4. Fiery Fury

An orange color that represents the passion burning in your soul.dior-ornage-copy

Umm El MAC

Here’s a traditional Saudi method to tint and care for your lips. Use hibiscus powder, just like the locals do! Combine a little bit of hibiscus powder with vaseline jelly, mix and apply.

You can purchase hibiscus powder at Taiba. While you’re at Taiba, you can purchase the traditional Arabic pure kohl and go chemical free and it’s healthy for your eyes, too!

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