Sushi X Burrito, We Love How You Roll

Sushi and Burrito? Why not.

Sushi x Burrito is revolutionizing the sushi culture by combining Japanese cuisine with aspects of Mexican cuisine to create a giant sushi, a.k.a, a sushi burrito.

Visually, it won our hearts. A burrito sized sushi accompanied our GoT viewing night. It was big enough for us to not look for a second serving. If you, like us, don’t like missing a single scene, you’ve got to have this.

When it comes to taste, just like you, our schizophrenic taste buds wondered if this baby would satisfy our Mexican and Japanese cravings all at once.

Here is what we thought:

We’re actually glad that flavor wise, it stuck with good ol’ fashion sushi flavors. The Crispy Crazy Burrito was stuffed with fresh crab mix, tobiko, avocado, carrots and a lot more and was topped with their special “crispy and crazy” sauce. It is highly filling, too, and will definitely satisfy your taste buds and your stomach. Happy stomach, happy you.

Additionally, they have Crispy Salmon Burrito and Crispy Mix Burrito. Other than their sumo treat, they also serve some satisfying maki rolls.

Sushi x Burrito only deliver at the moment as they don’t have a sit-in yet.

Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat: sushixburrito

Telephone: 0599843356

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