Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

The Riyadhi Guide to Packing Right – Dude Edition

The Riyadhi Guide to Packing Right – Dude Edition

Because no suitcase is large enough to deal with mess.

There’s a lot to consider when packing for a trip abroad, like, the reason, duration, weather and the luggage weight limitation. Honestly, it’s quite easy to pack extra or less than needed and end up with a messy situation.

To avoid inefficient packing, here are ways to utilize the available space in your suitcase:

1. Pack Strictly

Decide your outfits. Pair your tops with the bottoms and mix n’ match to save on space. If you don’t think you’ll wear it, don’t keep it.

DR Tip: Pack three tops for every bottom. 

2. Roll Them

Instead of folding your casual tees, roll them. They occupy less space this way and don’t crease much. After folding your jeans lengthwise, roll it tightly starting from the bottom. You can roll your undergarments, pair of socks, chinos and shorts. Stack your rolls in the bottom of the suitcase and create an even layer.2

3. Formal Wear Rule

Most of the formals should be folded minimally and laid flat on top of everything. It’s preferred to cover your formals in a dry cleaning bag before folding, as the plastic prevents creasing.

It’s suggested to roll your thobe as folding it will create edges that are creased into the fabric. Or you can stick to the above rule of laying it flat.

DR Tip: Fold your blazer inside out. Any creasing that could happen will occur on the inside fabric.

4. Stuff Your Shoes

If you’re low on space, stuff your shoes with small or delicate items. You can stuff your shoes with rolled pair of socks to maintain their shape. You can also pack leak-proof toiletries or pack your hair ties and clips in a small pouch and stuff it in the shoes.

DR TIP: If the soles of your shoes are dirty, wrap them in a plastic laundry bag, dryer sheets or an old shower cap.pack

5. Toiletries in Travel Friendly Cases

If it’s a matter of a few days, transfer some of your toiletries like lotion, shampoo, conditioner, face wash and toothpaste in travel sized cases or bottles. Before putting on the lid, secure the bottle opening with a plastic wrap to avoid leakage.

Remember, it’s almost impossible to not end up with a bit of creasing on your outfits while packing. Following these additional tips may help:




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