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10 GIFs That’ll Make You LOL If You’re In University (Or Ever Been To One)

10 GIFs That’ll Make You LOL If You’re In University (Or Ever Been To One)

If stress burned calories, we’d all be Kendall Jenner and Cara Delevingne through the four years of university.

University (or college) tends to build you up and tear you down. It takes a toll on your life… (I guess I am over exaggerating.) But, honestly, no matter how much stress the professors make you go through, you experience some of the most hilarious, embarrassing and awkward moments in university. Here are top 10 GIFs that will make you LOL and ROLF (and if you’re done with uni, then these GIFs will take you right back there):

1. Late? Might As Well Look Fabulous While Walking In!


The class starts at two, but, now its half past two, and you’re way past being late. So, instead of looking embarrassed (like you were when it happened for the very first time), you own that mistake and trot in like the mystical and majestic unicorn that you are. After all, it takes talent to be this late. Walk that walk, gurl! 😉

2. Making Friends for Dummies 101


Leaving all those amazing friends after high school was hard. What is even harder is making new, trustable friends in university, who you can send your most cringe-worthy snapshots to and someone who is comfortable with your weird side. And if you fail to make any by the end of the week, you start doubting your socializing skills and Google: “top 5 ways to make friends STAT!” or “I’ve no friends, will I survive?”

3. Pesky Minimum Word Count


Writing an essay is the most monotonous thing to do, especially if it is on a topic you don’t like. The first page is filled with extravagant information that will impress your professor, the second page will get dull, and by the time you reach the fifth page, all kinds of practicality is lost, so you just try to end it. But, then you realize that you haven’t touched the 2,000 words count, so you re-read your masterpiece and add an additional word (or phrases) where ever possible. Finally, you end up sounding like a retard, whose paper reads something like this (the 3rd page onwards): The long, flowy, wet and much bright and blue-sky-like river is now polluted.

4. Procrastinating All Day, Then Realizing That The Assignment  Has To Be Submitted In 5 Hours


University helps you experience the best (or maybe the most stressful) rush of adrenaline of your life! The moment you realize that you’ve to turn in your assignment or essay by midnight (which is a couple of hours away) is also the moment you become dedicated to experimenting with energy drinks, figuring out which one pumps your energy and which one crashes your systems down. You are willing to mix Red Bull with espresso to help you stay up all night and come up with some over-the-top intellectual thoughts to fill in your assignments with, while typing like a crazy maniac who’s keyboard might break any moment.

5. Due Date Confusion


After a 7 hours of Red Bull, espresso and typing (a lot of it), when you’re ready to submit a perfect assignment that’s capable of keeping your head held high respectably, your friend approaches and reminds you about the same assignment being due tomorrow. You’re standing there while staring at them, like, ‘wasn’t it due today?’, ‘did I waste a good Sunday eve doing this?’, ‘why didn’t I listen more carefully?’… also ‘AVADA KEDAVRA’!!!

6. Majoring in: Gibberish


Right after high school, you expected you would’ve already had the basic introduction to what you’ll be studying in university. But, then, unexpectedly, the first few classes of your major make you question the presence of your brain. The professor seems to be talking in a foreign language and you can already feel the stupid clockwork monkey banging on his drum in your head. MAKE IT ENDDDD.

7. Confidently Saying the Wrong Answer


The professor asks the class an easy question and after giving it a thought, you excited raise your hand to answer the question. When she picks you, you smile and confidently answer the question. But, then, she stares at you as though you’re an illiterate ape and says, “That’s wrong. You should pay more attention.” And the entire hall turns around to get a good look at the dunce.

8. Walking into the Library


If you’re not a nerd, you are definitely well aware of the horror of walking into the library, for the first time. It might be just for a pre exam group study or you might just be picking up a couple of books for yourself and your roomie/friend. The moment you step into that sacred bookworm world, every person (including the librarian) stares in your direction, making you want to turn around and run away!

9. Mid-Term Crises


Mid-terms is that time of life when your grades are insecure, your life is heading in no direction, you’ve gained 15 pounds and you have dark circles partying around your eyes. Technically, you have no life. At that point, when someone asks you ‘how are you holding up’ or ‘how’s college going’, you lose it. These people are sadists who enjoy watching you painfully answer such questions, despite knowing how bad your life is going.

10. Multiple Thoughts Disorder After Looking At The Question Paper


You know you’re in trouble when you don’t understand the first question of the exam. All the hard work of studying all night seems to not help you at all. You must’ve been a victim to the professor’s mean joke, which was: teaching how to make a salad in class and asking how to bake a cake in the exam. You stare at everyone around you pleading (with your eyes) someone to help; you stare at the ceiling asking God to help.

Despite all the ridiculousness of these moments, they are the most cherished moments of your life and you’d not exchange them for anything better. After all, what’s a university life without a bit of embarrassment? 😉



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