5 Memorable Things About 87th Saudi National Day In Riyadh

Photo Credits: AlBandary Khaled AlJohar

Saudi National Day was literally lit.

The 87th Saudi National Day was different. The festivities, lighting and fireworks made Riyadh gleam bright green. Undoubtedly, it was by far the best National Day celebrations ever. Here are the five most memorable things that made this day special in Riyadh: 

1. Raise the Flag Event


Kingdom Tower hosted the Raise the Flag event on the National Day. It was the highlight of the night. The Kingdom Tower was shining green. Using 3D illusions, they portrayed the history and culture of the country and the history of the Royal family, on the Kingdom Tower. They ended the event with an amazing show of fireworks lighting up Riyadh night sky. 

2. Entertainment Boulevard 


The Tahlia street was transformed into a whole new place. The event taking place at the area was a called Entertainment Boulevard and the celebrations occurring there appealed to the youngsters and expats in the city. It had a line-up of food trucks of various cuisines, ready to serve hot and cold to the crowds. The games were entertaining and the surprise element was: The DJ event; people of all ages enjoyed their first rave ‘scene’ in Riyadh. 

3. The Discounts & Offers


We aren’t new to this concept of stores and restaurants; yet, we’re still surprised by the unbelievable offers that reach new heights every year on National day. Souq and Jarir went crazy with their online discount offers. AmoHamza promised a free meal to every person named Salman. There were unbelievable offers and free meals at all fast food restaurants. Don’t get us started on the discounts and entertainment provided by malls all around the city. 


4. National Day Fireworks at Diriyah & Kingdom Tower


It was more lit than the other celebrations. Fireworks of all colors and in all sizes were synchronized perfectly. The sparks gracefully danced with one another until they faded. And our Instagram/Snapchat stories were spammed with the videos and photos of this. It was awe-striking.

5. Security

This has to be mentioned. Last, but not least, the security was high and made us feel safe. As a lady, I could walk the busy streets of Riyadh, like, Tahlia, Talateen and King Fahad main road and not experience cat-calling or teasing. There were police cars at almost every corner scrutinizing the crowds and controlling anything that gets out of hand. The traffic was much organized compared to the ones we faced on the past National Days. 


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