Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Economy Seat Pleasures

Economy Seat Pleasures

To make your economy seat feel first class

Being a last-minute planner, I know how chaotic travelling at the nick of time can be. The worst part: confined aircraft seats for the foreseeable future, where stretching is prohibited. My last experience in a cramped seat involved me using my brother’s laps as a leg rest and leaving him numb for the next five hours. Here are a few ways to combat the imprisonment if you’re a victim of last-minute booking:

Travel pillows/inflatable pillows


You can’t rely on aircraft pillows as they’re lesser than the number of passengers. Also, they are thin, uncomfortable and slip off. Good travel pillows are the ones that provide proper comfort and fit into your backpack without occupying too much space.



Investing in a leg rest can be quite a pain to the wallet and the storage space in your backpack. So, I tried using a well-structured cabin-baggage as my leg rest. Trust me, it’s the same. You can swap your cabin-baggage for your backpack for a lower rest. Use what’s available to your advantage.

Loose and Warm Clothing


I cannot stress on how important this is. Flight-attendants can’t attend everyone at once. Chances are, by the time they get to you, there might be no blankets available and you’ll be left freezing. Wearing loose and warm clothes ensure comfort during the long travel hours.

Pack/Buy Your Meal

Little to zero effort goes in aircraft meal which is why it tastes like rubber with condiments. You can pack an easy-to-eat meal from home or buy snacks from Duty Free to keep you full through the flight.

Anti-Baby Headset


Babies aboard are like wolves; one baby’s cry leads to all babies crying. It’ll keep you awake and turn you lunatic. To avoid the torture, invest in noise-cancelling over-the-ear headphones. It’ll mute the world, while you sleep or listen to your favorite tunes.


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