The Birth of MDL Beast

mdl beast

mdl beast owner, An origin story.

It’s been a couple of weeks post-MDL Beast, but its effect throughout the city of Riyadh and the Kingdom continues to reverberate. MDL Beast ushered in changes that propelled us to new dimensions—shifting lives, perceptions, and popular culture in one unforgettable weekend. As the dust settles in Banban, we decided to get closer to the eye of the ‘soundstorm’ and find out what it took to bring MDL Beast to life.

mdl beast owner

Destination had a chat with Baloo, also known as Ahmad Al Ammary, a partner and brand strategist at 9SS Creative, the Saudi agency that developed the MDL Beast brand. Baloo, Anmar, and Ibz also happen to be DJs. Baloo found himself in the middle of a dream project he never saw coming.

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“It came to us just 5 months ago, we couldn’t believe it but at the same time, being DJs and designers/creatives for years, we knew exactly what we needed to do. My partners and I, we’ve had the brand name parked in the back of our heads for years. But it needed to be a big brand with big attitude. When this festival came up— we all looked at each other and said, this is it. This is MDL BEAST,” said Baloo.

Organizing an event, regardless of where you are in the world is no easy feat. Add to that challenge only having two months to build an unprecedented three-day festival in the middle of the desert. It took multiple talents and professionals, both Saudi and foreign all coming together, sharing many sleepless nights to bring the Beast to life.

Sourced photos

Sourced photos

A day before opening, Baloo found himself standing in the middle of an empty audience space, staring up at the towering stage, engulfed by the sound of the speakers. “Before MDL Beast, I didn’t expect anything like this to happen, then it came and We were engulfed in every detail, even beyond its brand identity, like no project before. Seeing it all come together, being a part of MDL Beast opened my eyes to so much, so many possibilities, so much potential.”

At that moment the universe aligned, Baloo’s passions entwined, and in those few seconds that would last him a lifetime— he was home. He knew he belonged.

“The experience was both exhausting and exhilarating, but on those three days, we were running all over the place, fueled by the positive energy people radiated. They had so much fun. It was infectious and very humbling.” Baloo, who also performed on the Saudi Beast and UG Beast stages shared, “I’ve been doing this (DJing) for 23 years, but to do it in my hometown, on an unprecedented regional platform that we helped create, in front of all our people, was overwhelming, and you try to hang on to that moment because you know nothing’s ever going to be the same after it.”

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What we found monumental during the festival is the bond among artists and a sense of community the local talents exhibited. Urban legends playing the underground scene surfacing, breakthrough DJs sharing the spotlight, with musicians who up until that day, only had their closest friends and family as audiences.

“I was giving a tour to some of our guests before the event and came across a dear friend and fellow dj. We looked at each other, and there was a clear acknowledgment combined with shock of what was happening right then and there. He walked up to me and held my hand tightly and said nothing, but also everything the way he looked at me, that really got to me— and I saw why we needed to make all this happen.”

There is no doubt that MDL Beast is now part of our modern history. MDL Beast’s army of passionate, hardworking, and driven people all contributed to building a new legacy, armed with a rhythm that brought a nation together.


Enjoy the the globe high tea

Nestled atop Riyadh’s iconic AlFaisaliah Tower, the Globe provides a stunning 360-degree view of the city. Pair that with their High Tea and you have yourself a truly elevated weekend experience.

The moment the elevator opens to the main restaurant, you’ll be greeted by a breathtaking panoramic view of the city. Likewise, the atmosphere within the Globe itself does not disappoint—spacious, elegant, and inviting on a fine Friday afternoon.

The High Tea itself consists of sweet and savory buffet offerings to pair with their unlimited hot beverages. There is also a fun kid station, making it a nice family affair should you wish to bring your children along.


We appreciated the variety of savory treats, from sandwiches, canapés, salad cups, croissants, down to the sushi corner; no palate will leave dissatisfied. The dessert table is not to be overlooked either, providing a selection of crafted chocolates, macarons, cakes, and more.


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To tie it all neatly in a bow, they offer one of the finest tea labels in the world, TWG. Coming in a variety of flavors, favorites like the Moroccan Mint and authentic Jasmine can be had here. Coffee lovers, worry not, you will enjoy a fresh brew here, too.

the globe high tea

the globe high tea is perfect for friends, families, and couples wanting to enjoy a sophisticated yet relaxing weekend. We recommend going around 3 or 4 in the afternoon, and stay to watch the sunset on the city. Make sure you also pass by The Experience, an exclusive viewing deck that will leave you awe-inspired.

Location: AlFaisaliah Tower (See map)

Timings: Fridays and Saturdays, 3-6 PM

Price per person: SR 195 inclusive of hot beverages (tea/coffee)

For Reservations:

Tel: +966-11-2732222


Riyadh’s Favorite Sports Cafes

sports cafes

By Jou Pabalate

We’ve put together a recommended list of sports cafes for guys to go watch the games and do their battle cries in peace.

1. Address Café

King Abdulaziz Rd.

This is the sports café for fans who want a laid back and relaxed ambience away from the usual upbeat ambience. It’s quite a charming place complete with white interiors, tea and desserts for well, the refined sports enthusiast. They also have a special VIP area you can rent and use as a private game-viewing cinema.


2. Al Masaa Café

King Abdullah Rd.

Cozy seats that make you feel like it’s an extension of your living room. Their traditional coffee and tea offering just adds to the whole watching the game with the fellow chaps and makes it a tad homier.

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3. Fans Up Café

Othman Bin Affan St.

Watching a hat trick pulled off on a cinema size screen, a fan’s dream comes true. This multiplex boast having the best match experience and apparently, the best mocha drink on their side of town.

4. East Stadium

Prince Bandar Rd.

If you want hardcore, this is it. We’ve come to the conclusion that this place is being kept somewhat of a secret so that Riyadhis can go mad on football uninterrupted. It has sports cinema that can accommodate 300 spectators, fitted with football chairs if we may add. There’s also private rooms, billiard tables and a gaming section.

sports cafes

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5. One Way Caffe

Abdullah Al Anqari St.

It’s a bro-cave all the way, so sorry ladies! Enjoy your games on the huge screens in both their indoor and outdoor sitting areas, preferably while munching on their mini burgers.

Photo Credit: panoramio.comsports cafes

Photo Credit:


The Best Spas In Riyadh

Best Spas In Riyadh

By Jou Pabalate

I’m sharing my spa adventures with all of you, men (yes, I recognize you’re stressed too) and women in dire need of some pampering.

Hot Stone Spa (Women Only)

Takhassussi St.

Reservations: 920009698

A personal favorite, Hot Stone is one of the first spas in Riyadh that that didn’t look like a clinic. A health and beauty center, it’s a one stop shop for women.

DR Recommends: The hot stone massage (there’s something oddly relaxing with all the clickity-clacking) or the Swedish massage. Look for Rosa or Sally. Full body massage price starts at SR 350 per hour.

Al Multaka Ladies Center | Spas in Riyadh

Malaz Dist.

Tel: +966-11-4783388

In addition to their spa, Al Multaka has a library, outdoor cafe, restaurant, indoor pool and a gym that offers a variety of fitness classes. The place is known for providing a holistic relaxation experience.

DR Recommends: Top your rejuvenating experience with some carrot cake and Arabic coffee at the café area.

Luthan Hotel and Spa (Women Only)

Being the first boutique hotel and spa for women in Riyadh, Luthan has made a name for itself in terms of providing a safe sanctuary for those who don’t mind splurging a little on themselves. Its quiet location makes it conducive for anyone who wants stay overnight just to have a change of scenery.

DR Recommends: Their spa will whisk you out of Riyadh and with that, we give our thumbs up to their Asian-inspired treatment. The Ayurvedic massage is amazing and one should try their Nepalese body scrub at least once (you’ll want it over and over again). Their oriental massage, which I do hope you get to have in their Japanese inspired treatment room, makes me go ohm (and snore shortly after).

Al Manahil Center (Women Only) | Spas in Riyadh

Tucked at the heart of the Diplomatic Quarter is one of the first women centers in Riyadh. Their spa and beauty salon has been around for years and despite not being the most accessible place in our list, it does have a long list of loyal followers.

DR Recommends: If you live outside the DQ, you can still easily access Al Manahil by telling the guards at the gate. While I hesitate to give you my favorite masseuse’s name (it’s already difficult as is to get an appointment with her), I do so as a public service—look for Siva when you make your reservation. I would personally recommend the Aromatherapy massage (SR 350 per hour) for people who want things light and relaxing. If you think your body needs deep strokes and some stretching, try the Thai Massage.

SPA by ESPA | Spas in Riyadh

Faisaliah Hotel and Suites


With franchises in key tourist destinations around the world, ESPA promises and delivers a luxury spa experience. The multi-awarded spa is all about providing five-star treatments at premium prices. Nevertheless, it has managed to woo the affluent city dwellers that are all praises for their VIP treatments, relaxation rooms and facilities.

Blackstone Spa (Men Only)

King Fahd Rd.


A true gentleman knows how to listen to his body and takes the time to take care of himself. And so, R&R destinations for men are a hit among Riyadhis lately. One such place is Blackstone Spa, which offers everything from Moroccan baths, body care and massages. They also have a Jacuzzi, sauna and TV room so you don’t miss the football game.

The Ritz Carlton Riyadh Spa (Men Only)

Everything is grand at the Ritz, so they say, and their spa lives up to these words. With one of the most iconic picturesque indoor swimming pools and renowned spa treatments, The Ritz-Carlton, Riyadh assures its Exclusive Spa Members a unique and memorable experience to relax and rejuvenate with professional spa therapists who provide the finest service in the most ambient of settings.


10 Endemic Flowers Of Saudi Arabia

The vast Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that resembles a quadrilateral covers two-thirds of the Arabian Peninsula.

While majority of the country is a desert, surprisingly there is a large amount of plant diversities that exists within it. Most of the plant life is concentrated in Asir, Al Baha, Jazan, Hejaz and the northern regions. But is not only in the plants in which diversity is found, it is the flowers of Saudi Arabia that bloom in the country that are significant as well. Many of these flowers are indigenous to Saudi Arabia and are not found anywhere outside Arabia in the wild.

Blood Lily

Also known as the Scadoxus multiflorus, the bulbous plant is widely grown ornamentally for its brightly colored flowers of Saudi Arabia. It is native to the Arabian Peninsula and pockets of Sub-Saharan Africa. The purple spotted stem adds to the overall beauty of the plant.

optimized-flowers-Blood-Lilyflowers of Saudi Arabia

Photo Credit:

Red acacia

It is a rare sight to see this tree bloom in the country, but when it does the bright red clusters of flowers create a fascinating contrast to its luxuriant feathery leaves. The tree of this plant is also an important source for Arabic gum.

Salvia tingitana

It was speculated that the plant is native to Northern Africa. However in 1989, a remarkable finding was made when a wild population of the species was discovered in Saudi Arabia. The flowers of the plant are bi-colored and grow in whorls. The lower lip of the flower has a dull yellow color and the upper lip has a striking hue of lavender. of Saudi Arabia

Photo Credit:

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Tamarix Gallica

Indigenous to Saudi Arabia and areas in the Mediterranean, this plant is grown for ornamental purposes due to its vibrant display of tiny pink flower spikes. It is even used by some in Northern Africa as a medicine for curing rheumatism and diarrhea.


Photo Credit:

Jasminum grandiflorum

The Jasmine flowers is considered flowers of Saudi Arabia that renowned for their fragrance, grow in many pockets across Saudi Arabia. They require a warm temperate or subtropical atmosphere to grow, which is found in the mountainous regions of the country. These flowers are used in many modern day perfumes as well.


Photo Credit:

Cemetery Iris

Scientifically known as Iris albicans is a species of iris that grows thought the Middle East and a few regions in North Africa. The fan shaped inflorescence contains 2 or 3 flowers that are white in color and have a silvery bud. It is believed that this is the oldest iris in cultivation and its origin is believed to be either in Yemen or Saudi Arabia.

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White Saxaul

To see flowers of this small sized tree, which is normally found in the deserts of the Middle East and Central Asia is a rare sight. They normally bloom for a very short span of time during the months of May and June.


Photo Credit:


This is a fig species that has been in cultivation for thousands of years. This plant grows in the southern part of the country and produces edible figs. The fruiting and flowering of the plant occurs year round. The flowers are of white color and have a multicolored bud. The flowers and fruits are born in dense clusters.


Photo Credit:

Achillea Biebersteinii

The plant has flat heads containing of tiny yellow flowers, which usually grows in colonies. It is also believed that the plant has medicinal properties.


Photo Credit:

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Kudu/Desert Rose

Referred to as Adenium obesum amongst the scientific community, the plant has strikingly beautiful red or pink colored flowers. When it blooms many variants of this species can be seen having more flowers than leaves on them. Found in the Sahel Region of Africa and the Arabian Peninsula, the toxic sap of its roots and stems is used as arrow poison in Africa.

optimized-flowers-desert-roseflowers of Saudi Arabia

Photo Credit:

There are many more flowers of Saudi Arabia that bloom in the country and this list is in no way a compilation of them all. The purpose here is to just depict a few of them to the masses to show that this ‘desert’ country has a lot left to be explored.


Discover the Hidden Walk Trail at the Diplomatic Quarter

Diplomatic Quarter

Tucked within the confines of the diplomatic quarters riyadh is a walking trail that is perfect for hiking newbies (like us) and advance trail blazers who want a change of running scenery.

Walk Trail at the Diplomatic Quarter

There are different starting points to begin your morning adventure and in our case, we started with the nearest one from the Kindi Plaza and behind the German embassy. There’s a sign that says WALKING TRACK, so it’s quite hard to miss.

The track begins with a dirt road and eventually you’ll find yourself on a mixed terrain of boulders and rock formation. We won’t spoil the trip for you but be on the look out for the small ledge waterfalls hidden within the nook passages along the trail.

There’s some fauna to enjoy and the overlooking view of the cliffs give allow you to take in some nature in the middle of the city. You’ll get the chance to explore the grounds freely but at the same time, there’s a set trail so you wouldn’t feel lost if it’s your first time visiting the area.

All of the plants in the Diplomatic Quarter was selected to suit the terrain, which explains why they continue to thrive. We loved seeing random flowers popping up the side of the roads and in the crannies of the boulders. You’ll also find a couple of birds joining you on your walk, which adds to the experience.

It took us 45 minutes to complete the track, keep in mind that we were walking slowly and at the same time, stopping to take photos throughout. We exited the trail by the Tuwaiq Palace. The curious folks that we are, we stumbled upon a silent fountain roofed by a glass painted tent. We highly recommend it as a resting point— the sunbeams piercing through the colorful art was both serene and breathtaking.

We would definitely be going again and explore the parts of the trail that we may have missed. The perfect time to go is early in the morning. There’s no crowd except for fellow joggers. There are no stores nearby so we highly suggest bringing your own water bottles. And please, if you do go, be mindful of the bins that have been conveniently placed throughout the trail— so please help maintain the beauty of it, don’t litter.


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Life (Styled)

Local Design finds, Culture, and Curated Living.

This year is predicted to be all about lifestyle changes. There’s a call for nostalgia with a blend of futurama, a newfound appreciation for the quirky, the curvy, unapologetic and cheeky. And now more than ever, a turn to nature is in order. Our eyes are set on the local design scene as we witness culture syncing with contemporary desires. It’s an appreciation for homegrown creations finding the balance between a good story and well-executed techniques.


rejostudio_hugThe Bold Whims of REJO STUDIO

“It could be a random picture or a line of a poem, that would bring an inspiration for the next piece,” according to architect duo Reem Olyan and Jumana Qasem of Rejo Studio. Based in Saudi Arabia and Turkey, their furniture pieces intersect art, design, and identity to create striking pieces with bold shapes and vibrant colors inspired by middle eastern culture.

Instagram: rejo_designstudio


Our pick of local brands and objects that marry culture and contemporary desires:



Crafted Design Culture

A multidisciplinary design and production company, TEEB has been perfecting the formula for culturally inspired designed objects with a modern twist. Their take on heritage and collaborations with artisans and the use of fine woodwork make them a studio to watch. Teeb was one of the first AlUla Design Award winners, represented by their designers, AlJoharah AlRasheed and Mohammad Baalbaki.

Instagram: teeb_saudi



The Voice of AYA Collection

Saudi furniture and product designer Ayah AlBitar has once again proven her mastery of design narratives rooted in heritage, culture, and deep love of refined craftsmanship. Her latest collection is an ode to her identity— inspired by the Saudi Al Qatt women and their colorful and meaningful patterns, alongside inspiration drawn from Palestinian women who embroider intricate patterns and hues on their traditional dresses. The result is a powerful story told through their designs.

Instagram: ayatheartofliving



Abaq Coffee Cups

Abaq was awarded best design by the Ministry of Tourism’s Souvenir competition. The collection by Saudi designers Farah Aldossari and Aseel Alhusseini is inspired by iconic landmarks, such as the Masmak Fort in Riyadh and the stunning Hegra in AlUla.

Instagram: abaq.ksa



On the Radar:
Érth Studio

Riyadh-based with global sensibilities, recently launched Érth Studio has made us take pause mid-scroll and pique our curiosity with their tablescapes and promise of curated cutlery (to name a few). Their roster is quite impressive, with top artisanal tabletop and home accessory brands on the list.

Instagram: erthstudio


Editor’s pick: Postcard from Home

We love it when our scent-sibilities are awakened. Postcard from Home (PCH) is more than a local artisan candle brand; it inadvertently asks people to reconnect with their sense of home.

The goal of PCH is to create a scent for each region in Saudi, and the journey of Nouf AlMuhaidib, its founder, is a travelogue on its own. She shares, “I start by researching what each region is famous for and create a list. Afterward, I would reach out to locals and ask them what smell reminds them of home.” The brand was born out of a mini-series with the same name, started by Nouf on her art Instagram account. It consisted of personal drawings of different places she’s visited around Saudi Arabia.

She eventually wanted to create a way that allows people to encapsulate their experiences and be able to take themselves back anytime they wished. And that’s when the eureka moment happened. As Nouf notes, “As humans, our sense of smell plays a huge role in our memories, so capturing specific places through their unique scents in the form of a candle would give people a way to remember them wherever they may be.”


Available at:
Homegrown Market, Jeddah
AlMashtal Space, Riyadh


Have you seen this logo?

The Saudi Export Development Authority is leading the Made in Saudi program, an initiative that supports Saudi businesses by encouraging consumers to buy local. Enterprises can apply to have the Made in Saudi logo and as a member of the online platform, gain access to different opportunities, practical support, and various government assistance and incentives.


Roka: A Well-Balanced Act and Gastronomic Delight

When it was announced that the London famed Roka was creating its largest outpost in Riyadh, people were abuzz.

The restaurant easily became one of the most popular restaurants in Dubai a year ago, and the anticipation of its arrival in Saudi Arabia was palpable. So the moment we set foot on its industrial-chic address and took our first bite of their culinary oeuvre, we knew that we were in for a dining experience that would hit all the right notes. And it did.

Focusing on the harmony of flavors and elements was a consistent feature we saw at play in Roka Riyadh.  We recommend starting your gastronomic adventure with the crowd-favorite Kampachi salad – yellowtail sashimi with yuzu truffle dressing. The tartar collection is not to be missed with its rice cracker pairing, our editor favoring the yellowtail, and salmon varieties, especially when made part of their fresh sashimi platter (their fatty tuna is divine).

For those craving a good crunch on the side, the in-house creation, iceberg salad with pickled onions is excellent to have on the table (throughout the meal, we’d say).


Anything from their Robata grill is bound to titillate your tastebuds, to be honest, but what truly had us craving (to the point of scheduling a return soon after) is the grilled Octopus bathe in wagyu drippings. The succulence of their meats is not to be missed, whether you’re opting for a seafood treat (the cod and sea bream here are the freshest, tastiest mouthful we’ve had in a while) or indulging your inner carnivore with their Korean lamb chops or chicken wings. And before we forget… you can’t go wrong with the Roka baked potato as a trusted main companion.

The plates that will hit your table show grace and confidence, well balanced and prepared with meticulous attention to detail. At the helm of this culinary brigade is Chef Libor, whose passion runs through the veins of the kitchen alongside his commitment to quality ingredients, and clever use of them is translated on the menu.

What completes the Roka experience and sets it apart is its wonderful energy and ambiance. The recommendations of their gents and ladies are always spot on, their service consistently enthusiastic yet warm and simply impeccable.

As a fan of daytime dining, lunch at Roka has become a mainstay on my calendar, and when reservations at times become elusive, I welcome opting to walk in and take my place at the counter. It honestly is one of the best spots to watch the kitchen in action while you sip one of their signature mocktails (yes to the green Yoda and yes to that spiced citrusy concoction you’d have to ask about).

Overall, Roka is a formidable addition to Riyadh’s ever-growing contemporary dining scene and one which we see will be turning strangers to patrons one well-balanced plate at a time.

Instagram: rokariyadhofficial



Awesome Twosome: Oasis Magazine & Saudi Design Week

Find out how these family units rock the business world A strong family relationship provides a building block for a home. Imagine what that can do in a business?

Relation: Sisters
Names: Basma & Noura Bouzo
Business: Oasis Magazine & Saudi Design Week

In 2007, the sisters’ mother Munira Al Ajlani came up with the idea of creating Oasis magazine, a publication that highlights the accomplishments of Saudi locals. “Her idea was not only to connect like-minded individuals, and celebrate their successes through this printed and online medium, but also to bridge the gap between the East and the West by distributing the magazine internationally,” the sisters indicated.

After Noura and Basma were drawn to the idea and finally launched their magazine, the sisters wanted to expand on the notion and turn the project into a full-on publishing house geared towards creatives and entrepreneurs. They also wanted to create a platform for events that highlight the work of creatives.

Noura explained the evolution of the business, where she shared, “Through Oasis Company, we started creating different events that supported artists and designers in all fields, and this led us to create and launch Saudi Design Week in 2014. Today, our business includes Oasis Publishing House, Saudi Design Week, and Bouqu, which is an events, branding, and corporate gifts company, as well as House of Misque, where we launch cultural products in partnership with artists and designers.”

Despite the unity of their work together, Noura and Basma come from a completely different educational background. Basma comes from a purely scientific background, whereas Noura comes from a Fine Arts and Art History education. So what might seem like a challenge is actually a plus-side, because working together, they process things differently and teach each other more than they know.

Basma elaborated further on their work, “Other than our company, we also create art installations in collaboration with one another. Our work The Water Machine represented Saudi Arabia at the inaugural London Design Biennale. When collaborating on artworks, Noura forms the sketch then I build on that by thinking of the technical aspect, then we bounce ideas off of each other until we have a strong art piece.” The key pillar to their success goes back to their constant appreciation for each other’s opinions and perspectives.

“Our goal is always to support local creatives and create a strong company that is about giving back to the community and creating a maker culture,” the sisters said.

Instagram: oasismagazine
Instagram: saudidesignweek


Diriyah Riyadh’s Cultural and Entertainment Oasis

Land of kings, heroes and modern-day champions.

Nestled in the northwestern part of Riyadh, Diriyah has stood as a testament to the Kingdom’s rich history and independence. Its significance lies in being the first capital and settlement of the Saudi State.

Its place in history, which is also manifested in the mud brick architecture and burrows, makes it a true UNESCO world heritage site— with its At Turaif district being the focus of renovations and preservation activities. While its authenticity being held intact, it is in the process of being transformed into an open museum and a heritage destination.

Sourced Photo

Sourced Photo

However, in recent years and with the creation of the Diriyah Gate Development Authority, Diriyah as we know it is getting pegged to be one of the biggest cultural and entertainment hubs of the Kingdom. Beyond its historic value, we’ve seen the 7km giga project play host to the most spectacular events in the city.

Last months of 2019 saw the inauguration of Diriyah Gate, and in the whole of December, we witnessed major sporting events and tournaments play out in the area. The ancient arabian streets once again turned into the track for the Diriyah E-Prix Championship.

Sourced Photo

Sourced Photo

As part of Diriyah Season, the Clash of Dunes also brought thousands to flock at the historical site for the first ever international boxing championship in Saudi Arabia. It saw history made again with Anthony Joshua claiming the heavyweight title from Andy Ruiz Junior.

Perhaps one of our favorite events this year, the Diriyah Equestrian Festival, laid witness to the first mixed Saudi athletic team in the Kingdom. It also served as a qualifier for individuals wanting to be part of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.

Sourced Photo

Sourced Photo

The first Diriyah Tennis Cup was also held last December, with 8 of the best players in the world competing for $3M. Victory was clinched by Daniil Medvedev.

Less we forget, Diriyah also played host to a number of concerts that kept our winters on fire. From Usher, Chris Brown, Imagine Dragons, and more. The larger than life events showed the versatility of Diriyah to capture the past, present, and future of the Kingdom.

Sourced Photo

Sourced Photo

The Bujairy district, will remain open this first quarter of the year, giving guests an amazing food, dining, and retail experience. While the entire project is set to fully meet its goals for 2020— one can rest assured that there’s something to be had from now.

Things to Do in Diriyah:
Missed out on the season? Worry not, you can still catch the cool breeze and have fun at this historical district:

1. Visit the Historical area of Turaif and discover local merchants, craftsmen, old mud houses and museums.
2. Go cycling or running around Diriyah and all the way to Wadi Hanifah.
3. Check out Najdi Cuisine at Bujairy District.
4. Have a Picnic in the select spots and parks.
5. Go on an Artventure! Diriyah is a perfect area for photo walks and propping up your easel for some inspiration.