Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Chillaxing Games

Chillaxing Games

By Al Bandary Khaled Al Johar

These games will put you in the right chill frame of mind.

With great power comes great responsibility; with great responsibility comes great stress. If you keep letting all that stress build up, your head may pop like popcorn kernels, and I’m sure you don’t want that do you? To reduce stress, some people workout, others meditate, and the cool folk play video games. We have created a list of games that you can play to help you de-stress.

1- The Sims 4 (PC)

12080162The Sims is the ultimate virtual reality game, which existed even before the VR headset was a thing. It allows you to live the life of your dream without any judgments. It contains social interactions, like friendships or relationships. It’s a better way to develop your imagination no matter how crazy you are.

2-The Last Guardian (PS4)

91syjhzlwel-_ac_sl1500_We all know that the Japanese excel in fantasy; so you know that you’re in for a treat. It consists of a beautiful plot with the combination of adventure, spectacular graphics, and musical score. Indulge in The Last Guardian’s mystical land and spend time with your gigantic feathered friend, when reality gets too stressful.

3- Pigment (iOS/Android/Pc)

pigment-phoneTake a break from stress and relax with this digital coloring book. Unlike other apps where you need to tap the required area to fill it with color, Pigment allows you to have the real experience. It’s the right game to discover your artistic side and to express yourself creatively. It’s a great art therapy for your mind.

4- Animal Crossing (3DS/Wii)

file_7893_animal_crossing_new_leaf1Animal Crossing is a game where you can relive your childhood memories. You can enjoy the virtual life, without being under stress of losing. Here, you can interact with cute animals who, by the way, are villagers. . You also get to own your own farm. It’s way better than Farmville.

5- Disney Fantasia: Music Evolved (Xbox360/Xbox1)

fantasia-key-artHere’s a game where there’s no such thing as losing. It’s a musical motion video game inspired by Disney’s classic animated movie, ‘Fantasia’. It’s created to let you express your dancing skills.

6- Silk 2 – Interactive Generative Art (iOS/PC)

prima-interactive-disney-gaming-disney-fantasia-music-evolved-xbox-one-24628103246_2048x2048Here’s another game for the artists. Using the illustration program, you can rediscover your artistic side. Their magic brush will help you relax, express yourself, and create mandalas and wallpapers, with just the swish of a finger.

Gamer Tips!

  1. You can buy these titles from Jarir, Extra, or Tokyo Games.
  2. There are rows of gaming stores on Suleimaniya Street where you can actually bargain. And it’s also a great place to trade in games and buy secondhand ones.


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