Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Take A Hike!

Take A Hike!

Your Winter just got cooler.

A roundup of hiking clubs and touring services to get you exploring like a true Riyadhi.

It’s the winter season, and those who love the sun can finally play under it without any apprehension. This is the season for all the outdoor adventures that a Riyadhi can dream of, and that means it’s officially the time for hiking, camping, and adventuring.

Horizon Tours

Abdulrahman AlShaya started Horizon Tours because of his love for the desert. It is one of the first touring services to be licensed by the Saudi Commission for Tourism and Heritage this year. They offer central region tours but also cater to other parts of Saudi Arabia, like Shuwaimis and the empty quarter. Horizon took us on a Rock Art tour where we saw awe-inspiring petroglyphs and went to a secret valley that felt like an open museum. The Horizon crew is amazing when it comes to giving you a full and authentic historical, cultural, and entertaining experience. Expect to learn about pre-Islamic folklore, listen to legends around the bonfire, feast on authentic Kabsa, and enjoy the desert like a true Bedouin.

Instagram: the_horizons_tours

Masarat Club

Masarat club was created with passion and fervor to explore. A group of friends who loved hiking came together to start the club in April 2017. Their hiking adventures are thrilling, exciting, soulful and educational. With them, we get to explore mountains that we never knew to have existed here. The tour guides of the club are always curious, so they try to discover as many hiking trails and historical sites as possible. If you’re lucky to hike on a mountain close to such a site, then you can have the pleasure to explore more. Masarat Club’s guides are fully equipped with all the hiking equipment and first-aid, so if you’re concerned about your safety, no worries, they’ve got your back. The club also takes people here on global trips; next up they’ve got Kilimanjaro and Mount Elbrus in their books, so get ready to register yourself if interested!

Instagram: Masaratclub

DR Fave for taking your hikes to the next level

Price for the hiking trip per head: SR 400

Ghazi Tours

Ghazi tours is majorly formed by the Ghazi family hailing from the Northern part of the country. Their trips highly focus on bringing people together from diverse cultures and entertaining them. Destination tried their trip to the Red Sands called Saad, where we got to sand-ski, ride quad bikes, drift (in a safe manner of course), sing and dance. They are a group of explorers who offer camping trips and one day trips filled with fun and adventure in which you get to explore places in and around Riyadh. When you’re on a trip with them, there’s more time for laughter, fun and socializing than exhausting yourself on a trail. Ghazi Tours is passionate about its culture and they aren’t hesitant to be loud, hence, their folklores and folk dances are authentic and amusing. Safe, fun, social and exciting- they are a classic in what they do.

Instagram: ghazitours

DR fave for most things to do

Price for the tour per head: SR 220 inclusive of meal

Riyadh Hiking Club


This group organizes trips on a weekly basis. The locations and type of hikes they do also vary between the sand dunes, sunset excursions, fossil gardens, valley hikes, and sometimes, in city cultural trips and activities. The one we were invited to join was at the Edge of the World, followed by a barbecue, where people got to socialize and enjoy a campfire with warm tea. The people are culturally diverse, friendly and welcoming, so you won’t feel left out even if it’s your first time hiking in Riyadh. Another cool thing about Riyadh Hiking Club is the most affordable option between all the tours we’ve tried.

DR Fave for newbies and social butterflies

Facebook: Riyadh.Hiking.Club

Price for the tour per head: SR 220 inclusive of food, refreshments, and transportation (if needed)


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