Abayas for the Active You

Jou Pabalate

Regional Editorial Manager at Destination Riyadh


By Safa Hassan and Duha Al Hosainy

Don’t let them get in the way of your activities!


M-Line Abaya Instagram: madawialissa Price: SR 800

Your typical abayas can be quite a hassle when you’re trying to get a movin’, let alone working out or getting active. We’re firm believers though that you shouldn’t let it get in the way of staying healthy and going out and about. We have come up with ways you can stay on track with fitness without being interrupted by your abaya.

  • Length & Cut

Silver Star, Royal Mall Price: SR 300

If you want to use an abaya for dynamic wear, have it shortened from the bottom. Or opt for a cut that won’t get in the way. Go for a deep ‘U’ cut from the front rather than the regular trailing bottoms.

  • Hoodie

Hoodies are great because you don’t have to keep managing them. Neither do you have to deal with the tarha. If you like having a slight breeze on your neck, hoodies are perfect. When paired with the hijab under-scarf, they give you the coverage you need, added with a bit of rocky swag.

Check out the Nike Hijab Pro for a snug, athletic fit.1-1-of-33

  • Sleeves

Find an abaya with foldable sleeves that won’t keep rolling down. Or opt for an abaya with sleeves that end right above your wrists. Also, make sure that the sleeves are not tight, so you can lift weights without feeling restricted.

  • “Flash-proof” Abaya

A.K.A. the abaya with a zipper. It’s loose enough to let you move around with ease. It’s an ideal abaya for brisk walking, jogging or running without having to hold it in place every now and then. Bonus points for being able to wear breathable clothes underneath!1-2-of-33

  • Black is the new… Black.

(This works only if your abaya is black.) A simple hack for those who don’t like it when the abaya restricts proper leg movement during a brisk walk or run, or don’t own a zipper/thobe abaya: wear a full-black outfit (nothing that defies the purpose of the abaya), and let your abaya hang on your shoulders. And Abracadabra! Watch your body camouflage with the abaya.1-17-of-33

Pro Tips:

  1. Bluetooth headphones pair well with a hoodied abaya.
  2. Make sure your abaya comes with pockets. It results in less baggage in your hands.
  3. You don’t want to wear an abaya made of thick fabric. Make sure that the abaya is made of a light, breathable material. Chiffon is a good choice.

Where to get your abayas in Riyadh:

  • Royal Mall
    Location: Olaya St.
  • Taiba Souk
    Location: Olaya St. and King Fahad Rd.
  • Saudi Sports Abayas:
    Running abaya by Eman Joharjy
    Instagram: emanjoharjy
  • Cycling Abaya by Baraa Alluhaidan