VOG Salons for Beauty

Bringing Parisian elegance to the Kingdom.

VOG salons are a franchise from Paris, and their goal is to introduce a different type of elegance to the Middle East.

They pride themselves on using only high quality products and well trained professional stylists, who do everything they possibly can to make sure every woman gets the new fresh look she’s looking for. The salon has a refined atmosphere to ensure each customer not only has a refreshing experience, but also a relaxing one that takes them far from their everyday concerns and worries.vog-01

Their hair services include styling, coloring, L’Oreal and Kerastase treatments, X-tenso straightening, and bridal packages. They also do touch ups with eyebrow shaping, eyelashes, nails and hair extensions, and even makeup. When it comes to makeup, VOG makeup artists go from trendy to natural looks, depending on what the customer wants. vog-11

While you shampoo and style your hair, you can enjoy a nice scalp massage that stimulates hair growth and keeps it healthy and vibrant. After you’re done, if you’re considering a haircut, VOG salon hair stylists are up to date with all the latest haircuts that will bring out your beauty and glamour! VOG stylists are known for always finding the perfect shade to “color your life.” They consult customers with the utmost personal care in order to  reach the perfect looks.hair-color-chart

Sign up for Hair Spa Day and treat yourself to one of their L’Oreal and Kerastase treatments that consist of the finest products for your haircare needs. They have a complete range of products formulated to selectively treat all types of hair: curly-dry, normal-dry, dry-sensitive, and very dry. Whatever your hair type, you will finish your treatment with bright, even and long lasting radiance!vog-07

Brides love the full haircare VOG salon to get all glammed up for their wedding. They have a selection of specialized packages brides can choose from, depending on their preferred looks. Make your day extra unforgettable and worry-free at VOG.


  • VOG Qurtoba
    Tel: +966-11-5114343
    Mob: +966-537222873
  • VOG Ghadeer
    Tel: +966-11-5108516
    Mob: +966-505511970


  • VOG Khobar
    Tel: +966-13-8010449
    Mob: +966-552661480

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