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By Khadija Kareem

Get off your sugar high and start living right.

Sugar is addictive, which is why getting it out of your system requires conscious effort. Once you stay constant though, your body will automatically develop a new habit and it will get easier for you to have a healthier lifestyle.

Ease yourself off it slowly:

Slower changes, tend to last. It’s better for you to take it a step by step. This will help your brain accept the change and your body has time to adjust. By diminishing the amount gradually, it will be less noticeable and your cravings will lessen too. If you’re used to adding two spoons of sugar in your tea or coffee, try cutting it to one spoon for a week, then keep reducing the amount to zero or use sweetening alternatives such as, honey, cinnamon, vanilla extract or a slice of orange for a refreshing sweetness.

Drink more water:

Hydrating properly with water gives you energy, quell your appetite, help with your sugar cravings and boost your metabolism. Sometimes, we mistake dehydration as hunger or food craving. Have a big bottle of water next to you. For flavor lovers, squeeze half a lemon or add slices of ginger and mint leaves.

Eating a good breakfast:

The best way to start your day is to have a breakfast full of lean protein (eggs, turkey, tuna) and healthy fats (nuts, dairy, olives), instead of a typical meal of carbs and sugary food. You will feel more satisfied and energetic, it will also help with your blood sugar levels and prevent cravings throughout the day.

Give yourself rules:

It is essential that you set clear rules about desserts in order to stick to them. Give yourself cheat days to have desserts, like weekends or special occasions. Or you can choose the have one candy a day or a small portion of a dessert trick, just to stave of the craving.

Move your body:

Exercise, do some yoga or even dance. Whatever movement your little heart desires will help boost your energy, reducing tension and decreases the need for a sugar lift.shutterstock_404779225

Dont keep treats in the house:

  • It’s difficult to snack on things that aren’t there! If you have a bucket of Baskin Robbins in your freezer, it makes total sense to devour it. Don’t keep unhealthy snacks in your home or office and trade it with the good stuff. Make your own or if you don’t have time get it from these places (disclaimer: clean treats come with a not so cheap price tag)
  • Biotic SA
    : Prince Nasser Bin Farhan St.
  • Tamimi Health Section
    : All around the city.
  • Oats and Oats
  • Health Couture
    : In major gyms and Biotic SA

Bargain and Barter

Trade natural sweeteners with sugar. Dates are loaded with potassium, copper, iron, magnesium and vitamin B6 and we have a ton of it at home. I encourage you to make your own dessert or sweeteners.

  • Date & coffee muffins
  • Date paste
  • Skinny oat cookies

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