Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Over-aged and Under-gamed

Over-aged and Under-gamed

By Yara Jan

Young or old, you’ll still buy these games.

Most of the board games and card games are usually thought of as “lame”, but you need to realize that the games industry is changing and emerging big time. If you’re not sure where to start and what games you should get, here are some of our personal recommendations.

Playing Cards

Your classic deck of cards have brought people together for ages, adding to their sleepovers, gatherings, or even long road trips and flights. What’s special about these cards is you can play SO many games with it. The famous Baloot, KonKan, Harb and Ghamza are all games we used to play as kids and still do as adults! And let’s not forget about Tarneeb, the crown jewel of non-gender card games.

T7t Lt7t

t7tlt7t-box-and-elementsA game of bluffing and disguise. Pretending to be a character you are not whilst trying to eliminate other players before they eliminate you. Are you good at bluffing? There’s only one way to find out. I guarantee you, it is a very fun game just try not get caught lying, or else… you’re out.


sheeshRemember our old-style kind of games? Ladder and snake, and so? Sheesh shares the same concept. What is special about it is that you play colored pins, qnd the board is a stuffed swatch of fabric. For you to win the game, your team has to eliminate all eight characters of the other team before they reach the goal. What also makes it special, personally speaking, is that the game’s materials are recycled. What’s better than taking care of our planet?

Tar Min Agli

game-cardsYou think you memorize all the daily brands of products you use? Well, you thought wrong. This game is made to challenge you as a group to immediately mention names of specific products when you get a matching card with someone else. It is a game full of laughs, confusions and tongue twists. What’s more pleasing are the colors and graphics of the game. I’m telling you, it’s the first thing you’ll notice.


5053a341930851-57bb9faf32288-copyOkay, let’s say you don’t have the time to go and buy a physical game and you spent all your money on food and ice-cream (cause, well, I do). It’s okay. just download the Jalsah app for free and enjoy a mixture of charades and truth or dare. But, here’s the twist: someone can create his or her own card to surprisingly challenge the rest!


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