Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Discover the Hidden Walk Trail at the Diplomatic Quarter

Discover the Hidden Walk Trail at the Diplomatic Quarter

Tucked within the confines of the diplomatic quarters riyadh is a walking trail that is perfect for hiking newbies (like us) and advance trail blazers who want a change of running scenery.

Walk Trail at the Diplomatic Quarter

There are different starting points to begin your morning adventure and in our case, we started with the nearest one from the Kindi Plaza and behind the German embassy. There’s a sign that says WALKING TRACK, so it’s quite hard to miss.

The track begins with a dirt road and eventually you’ll find yourself on a mixed terrain of boulders and rock formation. We won’t spoil the trip for you but be on the look out for the small ledge waterfalls hidden within the nook passages along the trail.

There’s some fauna to enjoy and the overlooking view of the cliffs give allow you to take in some nature in the middle of the city. You’ll get the chance to explore the grounds freely but at the same time, there’s a set trail so you wouldn’t feel lost if it’s your first time visiting the area.

All of the plants in the Diplomatic Quarter was selected to suit the terrain, which explains why they continue to thrive. We loved seeing random flowers popping up the side of the roads and in the crannies of the boulders. You’ll also find a couple of birds joining you on your walk, which adds to the experience.

It took us 45 minutes to complete the track, keep in mind that we were walking slowly and at the same time, stopping to take photos throughout. We exited the trail by the Tuwaiq Palace. The curious folks that we are, we stumbled upon a silent fountain roofed by a glass painted tent. We highly recommend it as a resting point— the sunbeams piercing through the colorful art was both serene and breathtaking.

We would definitely be going again and explore the parts of the trail that we may have missed. The perfect time to go is early in the morning. There’s no crowd except for fellow joggers. There are no stores nearby so we highly suggest bringing your own water bottles. And please, if you do go, be mindful of the bins that have been conveniently placed throughout the trail— so please help maintain the beauty of it, don’t litter.


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