Learning Wisdom and Morals, Lessons From Surah Hujurat

lessons from surah hujurat

Self-help books have been great, yet the wisdom and teachings of the Qur’an remain the greatest lessons to have been revealed to the mankind. The Holy Book is a timeless Gift to the humanity given by God Himself, which is why it is perfect in all the ways.

Surah Al-Hujurat is a gold mine of morals, and though the entire chapter consists merely eighteen verses, it is hefty in lessons. Valuable lessons from surah hujurat needed for this humanity at the current state are embedded in the chapter.

Here are the reflections from the chapter that is worth thinking about deeply:

Respect for Allah and His Messenger (Peace be upon him)

One of the most important lesson from surah hujurat: Recite and apply the word of Revelation in everyday life, because nitpicking certain things in our favor isn’t the wisest thing to do. Moreover, pay attention to your voice when in the presence of a gathering where Allah and the Prophet (peace be upon him) are mentioned.

Stop Bluffing the Fluff

We see someone acting immorally out in the open, and someone who is known for their disobedient ways. This person might be the one who starts the fire for most of the gossip crackers out there. When such a person comes to you with a news about person ‘A’ doing something blatantly wrong, do NOT believe it blindly. Rather, whenever you’re given a news about someone, before being the cracker, be a thinker and investigate.

If not, you may regret later for all the burden you had caused to the person ‘A’ and their family.

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Avoid People Pleasing

The society called the Prophet (peace be upon him) a lot of things such as a madman, sorcerer, and even asked him to change the Word of God. Allah Reveals in this chapter that if the Prophet were to follow the whims of the society, then indeed the entire community would be in difficulty. Verily, God strengthens and Guides whom He Wills and Protects their heart from wavering. The Word and Guidance of God is above all, the ever-changing opinions of people only come way after.

4. Islam is all about Peace

When two brothers in Islam fight, it is the duty of one another to find a peaceful settlement. Islam abhors opressing the innocent, Muslim or not. Hence, in this world, only oppression needs to be fought against, otherwise, waving the white flag, loads of hugging and praying for one another are the only resolutions. When we see someone oppressed, it is our duty to be just and stand against it.

5. I am not better than everyone else.

Just because someone doesn’t seem privileged as us doesn’t give us any right to ridicule them. Islam is against racism, sexism, body shaming and so many other insults that are considered ‘normal’ by the bullies in this society. Perhaps, all those whom you shame may be better than you. The verse no.11 stresses us to not call each other offensive nicknames because let’s face it, feelings matter. And if anyone has been found guilty of doing this, they must repent for it immediately. The best of us are the most pious ones, and nothing else matters. read other lessons from surah hujurat

6. Do not Assume or Backbite

So you think you know that your opinion about another is correct, and that friend of yours who told something so grave about another in the party is right? Well, perhaps not. Mostly, no. In this verse, God asks us to avoid negative assumptions, for some may be a sin. When you find a fault, conceal it, and advise in private. Sniper, no sniping and snitching!

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7. Believe with all your hearts.

Other lesson from surah hujurat: Merely calling ourselves believers isn’t enough. The Bedouins had said so back then too, but they never believed from their heart. God states that those who believe from the heart without any doubt and strive for the sake of God, by giving charity, taming desires, fighting against oppression even if the property is at stake are the true believers.

8. Islam is to submit and is the way.

Islam is the religion sent down by God, and He is all Knowing of everything on this Earth and the heavens. Accepting the way of Islam is a sign of Guidance and a Favor conferred upon us for which we should be grateful, rather than assuming that Islam has been made proud due to our submission to it. God Knows the Unseen, and He is indeed Watching you. He is Near, and all you need to do is call upon Him to find comfort in this cold and hard world.

Finally they lessons are the most important lessons from surah hujurat you need to learn


Where to Find Your Chill

Our top picks of places to go to, regardless if you’re a social butterfly, anti-social club member or a little bit of both.

We are a bustling big city with all kinds of people. Where millions reside, tastes differ just as people do. So we’ve rounded up a few spots you can turn into your happy place regardless if you’re an introvert, extrovert, or ambivert.

For the Extroverts

Dying to hear laughter and children babbling? Want to be pampered with amiable services and clingy company? Hey there extrovert, here are the restaurants that’ll feed your bubbly soul and let you put on your charm.



This classic has found a new home down the street. It’s open dining space setup paired with good music and great food makes it a group favorite. Their Ebi Furai Maki, Shrimp Blast, and Green Tea ice cream are some of the heartthrobs that shan’t be missed at any cost. Even if you’re caught waiting for your friends or dining alone, the wait staff will strike a conversation with you. Great service along with the warm and friendly ambience makes it the perfect place for chilling with friends and making great memories.

Tel: 920009662

Location: 3165 Al Urubah Rd, As Sulimaniyah (See map)

Instagram: tokyo_arabia

Urth Caffe 


If you’re looking for a place that serves good food and is bustling with energy, then Urth Café should be your next destination. The restaurant lives up to its name with its earthy and welcoming ambience and great hospitality. The restaurant’s staff are super friendly and you can strike a fun conversation with them. Let’s not forget that this is the IT café of 2017, so if you want the crowd, trust that they be here. Gather your clique for a cheesy gossip over a delicious slice over their ‘Urthly’ vegan pizza.

DR Tip:
 If you want the chill minus the long waiting line, opt for brunch or afternoons.

Location: 5092 Prince Muhammad Bin Abdulaziz Rd, As Sulimaniyah (See map)

Instagram: urthcaffesaudi

 56th Avenue Diner, Piatto

For the Introverts

We know that all you need is a quiet corner, where you can be left to think and flirt with your food. While the only way to guarantee that you won’t encounter other humans is to stay at home, here are some places you can chill in solitary peace.

 These places are best visited before 10:00 AM

Eggs & Flour 


Tucked in the Diplomatic Quarters, Eggs & Flour can serve you coffee with a side of quiet. It opens at 7:00 AM, which for us is the best time to take in some sunshine while reading a book or planning your day. For an even tranquil morning, the DQ trail will give you solitude, which is perfect for sunrise before hitting Eggs & Flour for one of their breakfast options and that oh so good brew they have going.

Location: Kindi Plaza, Diplomatic Quarters (See map)

Instagram: eggsandflour.ksa

Appetit Kitchen & Co.


This Parisian-inspired restaurant is best described as lux and dainty. The contemporary architecture adopted in Appetit dovetails the aroma of freshly baked bread and pastries and pacifies your mood. If there’s one thing that you might regret, that’ll be missing out on their Egg Benedict; so you better not do that. As an introvert, this place’s tranquility will leave you glowing.

Location: Al Tahliah Street, next to Localizer Mall (See map)

Tel: +966-11-4656491

Email: info@appetitkitchen.com

Twitter: AppetitKitchen

DR Bonus Tries:
White Foam, Kanakah (women only, look for that nook under the stairs for heightened solitude)

The Ambiverts

We know you either belong nowhere or blend everywhere. Here are a few places where you’d perfectly fit in:

Chimney Cake Bistro 


This bistro entered as a breath of fresh air into the city. The ambience is lit with sunlight in the mornings and glowing pendant lights in the evenings. Regardless of it being day or night, Chimney Cake is the ultimate cheerful spot of Riyadh that evokes the senses with Fairuz music and other classics. Their Budapest salad, tempura prawns, and the famous chimney cake scintillate tastebuds. I’d definitely recommend this place for those looking for a Riyadhi restaurant revolution.

Location: Jarir Plaza, 6906 Uthman Ibn Affan Rd (See map)

Tel: +966-551649416

Instagram: chimneycakegulf

Nabt Fenjan


Ladies, this is a place to pamper yourself after all that the week pushes into your head. Nabt fenjan is a place reserved exclusively for women and is known to be thinking hub of all the creative women who love coffee. Dim lights, aromatic coffee, great cakes, tranquil environment; what more does an introvert crave? It’s best to visit this place during the morning hours to make full use of its serene ambience.

Location: Uthman Ibn Affan Rd (See map)

Tel: +966-555405882

Instagram: nabt.fenjan

DR’s Bonus Tries:


Our Favorite 6 Winter Activities in Riyadh!

Winter has arrived after all the cliched GoT  ‘Winter is Coming’ memes flooded the internet. It did get quite annoying, no lies!

But guess what never becomes a cliché for a Riyadhi skin? It’s winters! I don’t know about many others, but this happens to be my favorite time of the year, and the things we get to do during the freezing cold days, and the hoodie life with a cup of hot coffee crawls up into my thrilled veins.

If you’re a Riyadhi or a new one, here is a pro tip: Go out often during the winters, because it is so much fun! Wondering where to go?

Well, why worry when DR is here to help you out? Recline on your seat, keep your memo open, and jot down these places; your Riyadhi winter is about to get lit!

1st Paintball


This is for the adventurous, sprinting, wild yet fun souls of Riyadh. Paintball is that place where you have all the liberty to get shot (don’t panic!) with paintballs. It’s not really the most painless thing to do, but it’s worth all the fun! You’ll be sent to a professionally designed arena, and ramped with all that you need for the game including the right outfit for the fight. With your loaded paintball marker (low energy air weapon), you can proceed shooting your opponents with the colorful paintballs.

Unmatched fun, and quite unforgettable.

Website: 1stpaintball.com

Location: Al- Rimal,  Al- Najah Street (See map)

Thumama Desert


Ah, the things you can do in these beautiful sands during the cold weather. Thumama Desert is a beautiful destination that has evolved to be a Riyadhi favorite over the years. Summers may not be the most pleasing season to get the desert game going, which is why you need to make the most of it currently. Whether you want to go quad biking, horse riding, camel riding or just chill as a family, Thumama is winter goals. Get to know more about it by clicking here.

Location: (See map)

Universal Bowling Center


Youth or middle-aged, this place is pretty cool for all. UBC is the Kingdom’s largest bowling alley. They have got separate sections for women and families and for the men, giving you lots of room for fun and freedom. Apart from a bowling space, the center also has table tennis, billiards and numerous electronic games. As a bonus, you’ve got WiFi connection and Dunkin Donuts to make your tummy content. Heads up: This is for a day when you’re looking for an escape from the cold wind, but still want to have fun.

Website: ubc-riyadh.com

Location: Prince Faisal Bin Fahd Bin, Abdulaziz Rd, Ar Rafiah (See map)

National Museum


If you assume museums to be bland, boring and plain, then you’ll have to reconsider your vocabulary associated with it after visiting the National Museum. This museum is said to be one of the finest and the most refined one in the entire Middle East. Riyadh is certainly proud to be the city having it. It showcases beauty at the finest, right from the galleries that speak for the rich Arabian culture, to the antiques and manuscripts that showcase the richness of the country, everything is lit here! Don’t miss out on it.


Location: Al-Muraba,  King Abdul Aziz Historical Center (See map)

King Abdullah Park


There is something about going on long walks with someone we love or alone during the winters. I’d like to blame the cold breeze for this love affair, and maybe you would too after taking a long stroll around the King Abdullah Park. It is one of the best and the most beautiful parks in the city. You can get your kids along with you, hang out with your mates or spend some time alone here, no one is going to bother you. The place is great to hang around in the evenings or the afternoons during the winters as the cold wind blends with the sunlight to create a perfectly balanced weather. Also, at night you’d be lucky to witness the lovely fountain dance.

Location: Malaz District, near Prince Faisal bin Fahd Stadium (See map)

Old Diriyah


It’s always nice to catch a glimpse of the past, and that’s why you need to visit this place and take a look at the ruins of a city that once thrived. Historic Diriyah is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and is well preserved. Apart from catching a glimpse of this beautiful historic site in the Northwest of Riyadh, you can have a great time shopping and eating. Whether you plan to grab a good cup of coffee or fill your stomach with the Najd delicacies, you have it all in here. Get the true taste of Al-Najd, and perhaps you’d feel a strange nostalgia.

Location: 20 kms North West of Riyadh, On the banks of Wadi Hanifah.



Riyadhi Adventurer’s Guide to an Organic Lifestyle

We all need the greens to be green and reds to be red. 

Organic farming is all about embracing nature, and weeding out chemicals and pesticides from the farming arena. There’s more to food that we buy than eating. It is a family affair y’all, so getting your kids involved in both buying and eating organic is actually a big deal.

Here are veggie spots you can turn into a weekend morning trip for the fam and cultivate green habits for your kids.

Al Muruj Vegetable Market

This organic market is not just a vegetable market, but also a place to find everything organic, from poultry, red meat, fruits, cooking oil, seafood to nutritious vegetables and herbs. Moreover, Saturday mornings are dedicated to selling the produce of the local farmers, like olive oil, grains, spices, honey and eggs, for killer prices. Your kids deserve to see the chicken that’s in his burger, so ensure that you show them around.

Location: North of Riyadh, Al Rumman, Al Muruj Area
Best time to visit: 9-11am or 4-9pm

Rabwa Market (Date Souq)

muruj-market-organic-lifestyle-health-november-nf1Have you been dating dates for quite long? Then this place is for you! Whether you love Ajwa, Sukkary, Mabroom, or Rutab, Rabwa Market is the go-to destination. Tag your kids along, grab a cup of Qahwa, and munch on the sugary dates as you haggle. Rabwah also sells fresh farm produce!

Location: Exit 14, Ar-Rabwa
Best time to visit: 9am-11:30 or after 4.

Ennessi Farms

2_ennessi_organic-lifestyle_november_2017_riyadh_shIf you’re looking for a kid-friendly place, visit Ennessi Farms, aka our dream field. Andreu and Montse, an agricultural engineer couple are the heroes behind this farm. Their passion for farming has led them to conduct organic farming classes for children and adults. If you want to visit their farm to help the carrots grow, get in touch with them at once!

Location: Diriyah Dist.
Email: broccoli@ennessifarm.com

Exhausted after exploring and walking around the farms and the huge souqs, or just too busy to go to any of them? Here’s your cheat code.

Watania Organic

12_watania_organiclifestyle_november_2017_riyadh_shThese guys are legitimately awesome and quite big here. They have ten showrooms in Riyadh alone. Watania is known for selling local organic food for great prices.

Web: watania-agri.com
Facebook: Watania Organic

Tamimi Markets

To those who are big on diets, Tamimi is the best bet. They have organic foods sourced from numerous brands imported from Canada, USA, Argentina and other European countries. To get a taste of exotic nutrition and follow up with classical diet charts, rush to Tamimi. They have numerous branches all around Riyadh, so it’s never too far.

Facebook: Tamimi Markets


Riyadhi Adventurer’s Guide to an Organic Lifestyle

We all need the greens to be green and the reds to be red.

Vegetables: Food that usually makes children run the opposite direction of the dining room. What better way to encourage children to start accepting them, than by recruiting their help for the task of buying said fiendish foods.

Here are some organic veggie spots that can prove to children that they might not be too terrible:

Rabwa Market (Date Souq)


Nothing says Arab quite like dates. This market is best visited during summer when the dates will have ripened. Whether you prefer Ajwa, Sukkary, Mabroom, or Rutab, make sure to set a date to visit Rabwa. Rabwa also sells fresh farm produce.

Location: Exit 14, Ar Rabwa (See map)

Best time to visit: 9-11:30 am/ after 4 pm

Tamimi Markets


Diet food imported from Canada, USA, Argentina, and other European countries are sure to make your nutrition much more interesting. With branches spread out all over Riyadh, Tamimi Market is always an Uber ride away.

Web: tamimimarkets.com

Instagram: tamimimarkets

Al Muruj Vegetable Market


If you’re looking for organic meat, poultry, seafood or cooking oil. Muruj market is your go-to. Make sure to visit on Saturday mornings as well, farmers go all out for killer prices.

Location: North Riyadh, Al Rumman, Al Muruj Area

Best time to visit: 9-11 am or 4-9 pm

Watania Organic


With more than 30 years of experience and 10 showrooms in Riyadh alone, you can expect the utmost quality from Watania. They’re producers of some of Saudi’s favorite brands like Lub, Al Waha, Rozana, and Abba.

Location: Al Jouf, Riyadh (See map)

Web: watania-agri.com

Facebook: Watania Organic

Ennessi Farms

Andreu and Montse, agricultural engineer couple behind this farm, have made sure that it is kid-friendly. A visit will be sure to leave you with a lesson or two.

Location: Diriyah Dist.

@: broccoli@ennessifarm.com


How to Revive Your Dimmed Faith

The phase of having a low spirit after we have flunked in some element of our faith is never a pretty picture.

The phase is sad, regretful, and the heart begins to cry because it seems to have become faithless.

There are a couple of things you can do to revive your dimmed spirit. ‘’What the spirit wants, it attains’’, said Khalil Gibran, and I believe in that firmly especially when it comes to the spirit wanting to attain better faith.

Here are a few things you can do to remove the feeling of guilt from your heart, and revive your Imaan (faith in God):

1. Talk to Him

Allah says that He is closer to us than our jugular veins. Whenever we sin, we must remember that we are talking to the Most Merciful, who Loves His servants seventy times more than the mother. So what makes you think he wouldn’t listen to your pleas?

I’d recommend you to pray and talk your heart out, let your emotions be unraveled in the purest form in a secluded area. The best time to do this is at midnight, 3/4th of the night is the best time. Worry about none as you bow down, imagine all the sins slipping from your shoulders and falling down. That would help you!

Also, if you do this when everyone is wide awake, and you have got siblings or kids at home, chances are for them to barge in and nag you asking if you’re feeling bad for stealing their chocolate or if you had bunked work or school, and clearly that’s not what you want. So get some lone time!


2. Defy the Whispers.
Your soul needs its food and you’re aware. There is this voice that keeps pushing you to pray, read the Qur’an, but your limbs feel lazy. This is one of the signs of weak Imaan. I recommend to use the five second rule here.
Whenever you have negative whispers, let your heart choose the sensible side of you. You have five seconds to decide if you are going to be a better or a worse human. Count back- 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1, and in that one moment you can choose to rise and pray or sleep.
It might sound crazy, but it works. As Mel Robbins says, imagine you’re the rocket, and you’re counting back to launch yourself. Believe that you will launch yourself!


3. Journal Writing

It is never a pleasure to talk about something you are ashamed of or about your aspirations to another person. During these times, journal writing helps loads.

Start by writing what you want to change. Break all your goals into practicable everyday activities. Give yourself time schedule and stay strict about it. When you’re done with the activity, strike it off. Write for relief, write for goals and write for life, it all helps. You can either type on your personal device or write in your diary. Just keep writing!

But if you’re not much of a writer, record a video or audio of yourself talking. Say it aloud, say what you want to change. Now go and live your great life.


4. Adhkar (Remembrance)

Remembering God all day and in everything you do is the best way to stay conscious. Keep repeating Asthaghfirallah (I seek Allah’s Forgiveness), or Alhamdullilah (All Praise is to God), or anything as simple as that and mean it from your heart. These words can give life to your heart.

So when you see that kid tripping on the road, instead of screaming OUCH, say Bismillah! These little changes make a big difference.


5. Rewind Mode

Your goal when you wake up every day should be to go to bed with a smile on your face feeling content. Envision this while you look at your face in the mirror after waking up. This will enable you to stay good and do good throughout the day. Before going to sleep, take 5-10 minutes to recall all that you did throughout the day. Or write these if you’d like.

How does it feel? Are you proud of yourself today? The practice of rewinding your day will take you to great places, God Willing!



Give these a try and we are sure it’d help you out! I pray that all our dimmed spirits are revived by His Grace and Might.


5 Things About Saudi that You Should Know

They said curiosity kills a cat, so I wanted to know if it held any truth at all.

My curiosity led me to search up for a few ‘interesting facts’ about Saudi, but turns out, sadly, the world sees the world as half glass empty, and never full. And yes, my curiosity killed a few of my brain cells- thanks to stereotypes!

This post is evidently constructed from my sentiments, and being a resident of this country, I can attest that the following information you read is the absolute fact. Why this disclaimer you ask- because the internet out there is feeding the population with too much of fluff that seems beyond atrocious, so I thought why not make the internet great again?

1. Saudi is Generous

Even if the world craves to prove otherwise, only when you live in this essence will you know the beauty of the people’s generosity here. Look up for the top philanthropists, inspirational stories of givers, and you’re bound to find numerous Saudis on the list.

The charitable works of the massive investors and even the commoners who aren’t in the big picture are stunning. Spot a hungry woman, and you wouldn’t see many turning away, rather helping them out is their nature. No we all aren’t angry birds here, we are pretty chill.



2. We have Fun.

Yes, we don’t have Cinemas (coming soon though!) and everything else that many presume to be ‘fun,’ but that doesn’t mean we don’t chill. We have some of the finest chains of restaurants here and we are incredible foodies- so what’s better? We love to play footy, squad bike, scuba dive, hang out, and even Netflix ‘n’ chill. Big deal? Even with all the fanciness, we still have tranquility. Now that’s something we don’t find everywhere.


3. We love Hugging people!

I haven’t seen the entire world because I’m not much of a voyager. But I can hands down claim that some of the best huggers of the world live in Saudi. Their hugs and cheek to cheek kisses are the epitomes of good hugs and kindness. A surge of fondness seeps through this beautiful move and I just wish that the entire world knew to hug each other that way- even strangers like they’ve known them for years! So yes, people here are kind and loving. If this is a shocker to you, deal with it!


4. We are pretty creative.

Just because we aren’t a booming name in the Hollywood doesn’t mean that all we know is to munch in our backyards while overlooking our personal oil wells (because why not, we all are just that rich *sarcasm*). Saudi is a creative hub, and some of the finest creators who live here are making it to the top. From cinema, literature, to entrepreneurship- we are faring excellently in all the fields. So next time when they say that there aren’t many creators here, scream ‘Saraha’ on their faces!



5. We Trust People.

This is a no-brainer for those who live here and it comes under the fact that people here are pretty generous. But honestly, if you visit mini grocery stores or get a plate of mandi from the local restaurants and you don’t have the change to pay them, no need to panic. When you tell them the truth, they know it. And sometimes, you can even find a wise man stepping in to pay for you and finishing it up with a hug. If you find any fault in the merchandise you got, after apologizing for a few moments, they offer better services/products.

south park


8 Life-Changing Non-Fiction Books That You Should Read

Whether you’re a bookworm or not, to read these books is to be human- a better, stronger and a more successful one. 

The love for books usually starts at a very young age, it may even be one of those genetically coded traits for some absolute book nerds. While bookworms may read anything they could get their hands on just to get that feel, there are some books they swear by.

The books that mean the most to the nerds are the ones that the world too would fall in love with. Whether you love reading or not, the following books will change your life forever. Never miss out on reading any of these!

I Know Why the Caged Birds Sing by Maya Angelou

book-cover-1Call this controversial, inappropriate or whatever you like, but this by far is one of the most realistic, raw and inspirational books that the population of this Earth must have read. From racism to harassment to rising from the ashes, and finding self-love after it all, this book is just the perfect read for anyone looking for something huge and strikingly poetical. Indeed Maya Angelou was a gift of time.

The Road Less Traveled by M.Scott Peck

book-cover-2Life is difficult, and that is the greatest truth. This is the opening message and the one which runs throughout the book. Once you read this book, and delve deep into the extraordinary wisdom imparted by Peck, you’ll look at  your life in a different light. This is a must-read for every man who wants to understand life, love, spirituality and mind power in a better manner.


Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff by Richard Carlson

book-cover-3To many this book had been life-changing, to others it has been a book of assistance that they pick once in a while when the world teams up against them. Whether you would like to read it or hear it (by getting an audio clip of the book) while driving around, this book is quite unforgettable. If you sweat the small stuff and find it hard to chill, get straight into reading Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff by Mr. Carlson.

The Autobiography of Malcolm X

book-cover-4Anyone who has heard this man speak will find it hard to not fall in love with his charisma and courage. This book is considered to be a precious gift that many treasure as the voice of a remarkable human lingers with life. Moving, inspiring, clever, and an extraordinary read- yes, you guessed it, this is my personal love too.

Purification of the Heart: Signs, Symptoms and Cures of the Spiritual Diseases of the Heart by Imam-Al-Mawlud, Hamza Yusuf (Translation and Commentary).

book-c-5If you are looking for a greater purpose and a spiritual cure to bring tranquility to your heart, then pick this book and give it a smashing read. There is cure to everything in the Words of our Lord, and this extraordinary piece of literature makes it all comprehensive enough for the heart and gut to grasp immediately. This will be an unforgettable read, and also would be a book that you would keep coming back to, especially when your Imaan (faith) seems to dim due to the diseases of the heart.

Don’t be Sad by Aaidh-ibn-Abdullah Al-Qarni

book-6When you feel the world taking a step back from you, and you feel loneliest to the core, this book can honestly be your friend. The void of not having Allah in our hearts cannot be filled by none, and keeping this in mind the author has put up an extraordinary book. This book isn’t fierce, forceful or impractical. ‘Don’t be Sad’ is a conversational book that reminds the reader of talking to a blessed friend. Regardless of how you feel- happy or sad, this is a must-read for all!

A Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking

book-7Indeed this book is a gift of time. I know not everyone is a fan of Physics- well even I am not, but this book isn’t just about the complicated theories. Stephen Hawking has a witty way of explaining things, and after reading baffling things about the universe, you would come off either way smarter or feeling dumber for not having known so much earlier. If you haven’t read this, you need to, even if you dozed off in all your Physics classes.

The 80/20 Principle: The Secret to Achieving More with Less by Richard Kochbook-8

Whether you are into business or trying to make your social relationships work, following the 80/20 principle can be truly life-changing- and no, that was not hyperbolic or dramatic. The 80/20 principle is thrown around often- about how 20% of your good efforts on the right areas can bring 80% of the effective results. But too often, we just know the surface, and that’s where we go wrong. Koch follows an impressive style of writing and has truly constructed a masterpiece by following a constructive pattern and imparting timeless wisdom with a simple cliched law.





7 Kid-Friendly YouTube Channels that Moms and Dads Should Know!

You probably have got one of those typical households in which your kids love drawing on walls, and playing drums with the wooden spoons and stainless saucepans. 

Or so you wish.  

Well, this would have been the actual scene if this article was written a few years ago. But now, we all know where to find your kid if he goes missing. Probably, he is stuck with your mobile phone or is tapping on those keys to watch the next trending video.

As cute and ‘smart’ the fact that your child can browse the internet is, it isn’t exactly the healthiest thing to do- at least not all alone. Experienced parents would know the trouble, and I know you are craving to find a way to feed some good information into their heads. We all know how hard it can be to do so in a world like the one live in at the moment.

The best way to fix any issue with your child is to go into their world, rather than inviting them into yours. The fix has always been in the problem. And while digging into this whole techy-hassle, we found the solution in the problem itself- YouTube had indeed proved to be the savior again!

YouTube has a wide-range of channels dedicated solely for kids. No, this isn’t just about those weird mad scientists doing nonsensical things there, rather there are channels that are fun, educative and funny too! We are sure that at least a few of these channels will grab your child’s interest.

Disclaimer: always remember to supervise your child’s activities on digital devices until they reach a certain age. Inappropriate videos do not know the person, it can pop out of nowhere!

List time it is!

Number one: Houston Zoo

Got an animal lover at your place? Then Houston Zoo YouTube Channel is just the place of party for your kid. The channel can teach, excite, entertain and hook your kid to exploring a whole new world that you may not have known to have existed! What more could you ask than adorable educational animal videos?

Number two: Coma Niddy

Ah! I love this guy! For those kids who love the universe and love to explore beyond this polluted Earth, this is just the channel. Also got a kid who is into rapping and singing? We know how rap songs have gone into ruins by now, but this guy raps about stars, planets, dinosaurs and whatnot! What’s cooler than that? I have got one of Coma Niddy’s hooks etched permanently in my mind, and I don’t think I’m ever going to forget about exoplanets.

Number three: Geek Gurl Diaries

Gone are the days when girls being into computers seemed weird. Geek Gurl Diaries defies the stereotypical principles and makes software engineering and computer programming sound easier, cooler and much better! Got a geek girl at home, I for sure know that this YouTube channel is going to be her soulmate!

Number Four: SoulPancake

SoulPancake is one of my all-time favorites! This channel provides the right amount of soul food for your child, and will make her a good thinker, questioner and ethically powered global citizen. From ‘Kid President’ to ‘Metaphysical Milkshake’’, all the shows that are dedicated for kids in the channel are bound to leave your child thinking a bit deeper about everything, and most of all, would leave the both of you inspired! However, there are other shows in this channel that are meant for adults, so be sure to supervise!

Number Five: Arthur

Arthur had become quite a hero to many children and a few adults out there. Definitely, it can be ranked as one of the finest and the most popular shows to inspire, move, entertain and make you laugh! Go stalk the Arthur YouTube Channel to watch a wide-range of their episodes, songs and more!

Number Six: Simple Kids Crafts

Simple Kids Crafts YouTube Channel is the perfect place to go to get artistic with your kid. If you have got a child who adores crafts, or even if she doesn’t but just likes to play along, then go for it! You don’t have to be all artsy, the main point is to be spending quality time with your child.

Number Seven: Islamic Kids Videos

This channel is perfect for educating your child with the finest knowledge. They have got a wide-range of videos narrating the stories of all the known Prophets (May Peace be upon all of them) who have ever walked on this Earth. While being educative, Islamic Kids Videos is highly entertaining and edifying.


Fun and Spiritual Activities for Dhul-Hijjah!

The best days are here, so let’s dive into the ocean of blessings!

The month of Dhul-Hijjah is quite a vibrant one for the residents of K.S.A. We’ve been blessed to witness the beauty of this massive congregation right in front of us while for many, it is merely a dream. Apart from the blessed Hajis having to perform the rituals of Hajj, this month is a blessing dawning upon all of us.

Now that the month has waved at us, it is our duty to make the most out of the blessed first ten days of Dhul-Hijjah- the best days of the year! The blessings during these days are so massive that one can barely hold their excitement!

Here are a few deeds that you can do to have the finest 10 days of Dhul-Hijjah!

1. Fast


Fasting is the most recommended act that you can do during these ten days. While as adults, you may manage to fast somehow, it is quite crucial for your kids to know about this rewarding act too.

So, why not give these days a bit of Ramadan vibe?

Get those lanterns out, decorate and encourage your children to join you too. Let them know how rewarding this can be. Fasting on the day of Arafah erases the sins of the past and the coming year.

One way to get them into the act is by using positive reinforcement- get them gifts for these nine days, and if they complete their fast or recite Quran or do any good deed for the day, shower them with those gifts. This way, they know that rewards are not just massive up there, but it can come in tiny forms here too!

2. Dhikr

Remembering Allah, sticking to good deeds and forbidding evil are the most crucial acts we must hold onto during these days. Hence, along with your family, make a list of all the adhkar that you can do. Let your kids be creative, make a scrap book along with them. Write out simple adhkar with colors and glitters, and ensure that they keep repeating it when idle thoughts and devices keep calling them. Let Takbeer (Allahu Akbar), Tahmeed (Alhamdulilah) and Tahleel (La ilaaha ill-Allah) be the priorities!

When you blend colors, fun and our faith, nothing could go wrong! Be it flash cards, colored papers, drawings or recording, let their creativity play!

3. Have a Story Night

Photo Credits: Getty

Photo Credits: Getty

Even if some of us know about Prophet Abraham’s (Peace be upon him) great sacrifice and story, not many remember it in the long-term. Especially, if you’ve got little munchkins running around the house, the story behind it would be great for a story night!

So rise to the occasion and start reading the story of Abraham (p.b.u.h) and get to know about his massive sacrifice. If you’d like to be the funny maniac, then go ahead and make the story lovable for your kids. If you’re hesitant about being the storyteller, then rely upon authentic animated videos made for children to do the job. While they’re at it, watch along with them and make it a blessed and fun night!

4. Charity

Photo Credits: musliminc

Photo Credits: musliminc

It can never be stressed enough- but teaching children to give is the best thing you can do as a parent. In these ten days, you’ll be rewarded massively for everything you do, so why not give? Even if you don’t have much, it’s alright, every little thing counts.

Let your children know about charity, ask them to make a charity box or get them a cute piggy, lionie, foxy, or whatever bank (they’ve all sorts, so…). Give them a Riyal or more every day, and ask them to collect it all safely. On the day of Eid-al-Adha, ask your kids to give whatever they’ve got in there to a needy person. That smile they see on the needy person’s face, or that prayer will warm up their hearts boundlessly!

5. Seek Forgiveness and Count the Blessings! 


These are the days that are best for repentance. While fasting already cleanses our hearts, seeking forgiveness for all the sins which we accumulate knowingly and unknowingly is exactly what we must do.
While repenting is one of the elements of prayer (and yes, let your kids know about the importance of repentance too); being thankful is another beautiful element. Make a list of all the things you and your family are grateful for and praise Allah endlessly for all that you have. This will teach your kids that little things count, and to count the blessings at all times!