Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Riyadhi Adventurer’s Guide to an Organic Lifestyle

Riyadhi Adventurer’s Guide to an Organic Lifestyle

We all need the greens to be green and the reds to be red.

Vegetables: Food that usually makes children run the opposite direction of the dining room. What better way to encourage children to start accepting them, than by recruiting their help for the task of buying said fiendish foods.

Here are some organic veggie spots that can prove to children that they might not be too terrible:

Rabwa Market (Date Souq)


Nothing says Arab quite like dates. This market is best visited during summer when the dates will have ripened. Whether you prefer Ajwa, Sukkary, Mabroom, or Rutab, make sure to set a date to visit Rabwa. Rabwa also sells fresh farm produce.

Location: Exit 14, Ar Rabwa (See map)

Best time to visit: 9-11:30 am/ after 4 pm

Tamimi Markets


Diet food imported from Canada, USA, Argentina, and other European countries are sure to make your nutrition much more interesting. With branches spread out all over Riyadh, Tamimi Market is always an Uber ride away.


Instagram: tamimimarkets

Al Muruj Vegetable Market


If you’re looking for organic meat, poultry, seafood or cooking oil. Muruj market is your go-to. Make sure to visit on Saturday mornings as well, farmers go all out for killer prices.

Location: North Riyadh, Al Rumman, Al Muruj Area

Best time to visit: 9-11 am or 4-9 pm

Watania Organic


With more than 30 years of experience and 10 showrooms in Riyadh alone, you can expect the utmost quality from Watania. They’re producers of some of Saudi’s favorite brands like Lub, Al Waha, Rozana, and Abba.

Location: Al Jouf, Riyadh (See map)


Facebook: Watania Organic

Ennessi Farms

Andreu and Montse, agricultural engineer couple behind this farm, have made sure that it is kid-friendly. A visit will be sure to leave you with a lesson or two.

Location: Diriyah Dist.



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