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Hijab Hacks For The Heat

Summers can be a quite daunting period for all, and especially for the women in Saudi, where the sun burns through the hijab and abaya. None of us prefer to roast under the scorching heat, that is a given, so what can we possibly do to survive the summer heat with our cloaks on?

Video Credits: Mona Haydar

Video Credits: Mona Haydar

Gathering information from some of the internationally acclaimed Muslim female bloggers, here is what we found to be the best hijab-hacks for summers:

Tone down the Colors


We know that black is and always will be the classiest color, and orange can never be the new black. But our physiques do ask for a bit of mercy in summer, which is why you should perhaps consider wearing scarves that are of lighter shades. You would have a revitalized look, and sun could attempt to be quite gentle with you.

Best Colors Pick: Beige, Cream, and Sky Blue.

Altering Abaya Fabrics


The weather of Riyadh is nothing less to having constant mood swings, which is why you might’ve probably gotten an abaya that is thick and impenetrable during the winters. Now that the phase has passed by, you should consider getting an abaya that weighs way lesser.

Best Fabric Pick: Lexus: Soft fabric with a matte finish, works wonders during summers.

Nidha- High-quality fabric, and are generally expensive as compared to others. Luxurious and very soft, the higher the price, the better the quality.

Emerging Hijab 


Thanks to the designers of the world for coming up with some of the finest hijab fabrics and designs in the world. This summer, avoid wearing scarves that are way too thick, it might’ve worked wondrously during the winter, but now, nah.

Best Hijab fabrics: Lightweight cotton, Viscose, and summer crepes.

The Wrap my Hijab sensation

For some reason, ladies do find layered hijabs attractive. Blame it on the fold or pleats, they do seem to scream modest and formal, but summers force you to calm down a bit. So layer your hijab subtly- preferably single wrapping. Multiple hijab wrappings would suffocate you and end up burning the skin on your neck.


We do love Dina, but kids, don’t do this at home. Unless if you want to end up suffocating yourself.

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