Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Myths About Riyadh That Must Be Shattered

Myths About Riyadh That Must Be Shattered

The thing about the humankind is that we are a bit too focused on viewing the surface. Sure, our ancestors have talked for hours about how judging a book by its cover could be a refined crime, but did we listen?

Not really, in fact, we’ve always succumbed ourselves to this notion of judging people, books, places, all by how it looks from the surface. And that is why I often find myself drowning in depth, no matter how boring it could be.

Well, this is not how it had been since day one when I was what some mighty brains would call a ‘tabula rasa’ (clean slate) [Which is controversial]. I have judged, and that too very badly, just by observing people run their hands through their hair and things of that sort. But the world and life teach us good lessons, and so have I learned.

Although I did learn to not judge quite some time ago, I judged Ar-Riyadh, the heartthrob of many in not even a glance, but from what I heard. “Oh the people there!” “Oh the traffic there!” “Oh how lonely are you going to be!” “What a commercial world are you getting into?” And so on went the sob stories when the story of me moving here was broken down.

But Riyadhis, do not mourn or grow frantic, I have got all merry things to tell you about your precious land, and mine (or so has it become).

Disclaimer: This is not a move to disrespect my former city, because Ya Biladi (my city), you are always going to be my home! 

So here are the five incredible things about Riyadh that baffles me!

When kindness becomes cool

Although people seemed to make the culture here seem quite daunting, it is quite the opposite. Sure, not everyone stays extremely liberated, and urbanized, but how does that make anything wrong? Life is all about accepting differences, and I could literally feel the essence of Islam, by the means of peace here.

Kindness has a tune of its own, and I could feel this everywhere. From dads playing with their sons, to sons kissing their mothers forehead. Or even a stranger approaching you and asking about how you feel at home here. Kudos to you Riyadhis, because kindness is super cool!


When you want a permanent relationship with food

‘’You’ve got no Al-Baik there’’, was perhaps the most clichéd statement that I heard everywhere. But you know what? Not every city needs to have an Al-Baik to add to its effervescence, sure that would be wonderful, but the absence of it does not make the city bad. The food here is love, the number of places to dine in are remarkably numerous!

Talk about diversity of food or the pleasure of it on our taste buds, Riyadh has proved to be in my good books with all its delicacies. The key to a resident’s heart is to fill his/her stomach. (Changing the game).

When skyscrapers astound you
Photo Credits:

When it comes to the touch of urbanization, I think Riyadh serves as the finest example. The skyscrapers here, or even the roads, they tend to take one’s breath away. For a halal nightlife, what other places could be better than this? Illuminated buildings and good food, what more bro?

When Roads become Mountains
Photo Credits: pinoybedou.blogspot
Photo Credits: pinoybedou.blogspot

Quite a twisted title, but imagine this, you are on this perfectly sprawled road, with all your serene thoughts, suddenly you find yourself on an elevated landscape, offering a bird’s eye view of the lightened city. The world appears to be beneath our feet, and it is breathtaking! It isn’t dreamy, rather a reality that unfolds itself every day in Riyadh. Errm…pay a hundred bucks to get a city view? No thanks mate, we have got it covered even when we are penniless.

Ain’t nobody got time for the sea!

Go to any other city, you are not bound to find as many parks as you’d find in Riyadh. The dearth of beaches doesn’t become too apparent here, although we do miss the sea at times. But that doesn’t seem to be quite a biggie. Parks and the beautiful lakes ensure that they make it up to us, and right from the play area, gym area to the pulsating group of young men and women tossing the footie bring about the essence of beaches.

If you have a hard time believing me, check this out: Water in the Desert


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