Where can your Kids go this Summer in Riyadh?

A mundane holiday? Craving newness? Here’s your guide! 

Minopolis Saudi

The Pink Tarha

The Pink Tarha

This is the weekend getaway that we all had been dreaming about since our childhood. In Minopolis, your kids can try out various professions, from being a doctor, fireman, engineer, an architect to a chef. With over thirty establishments here, your kids can rush to be the hero wherever they want.

Location: Hayat Mall (See map)

Contact: +966-11-2058138

King Fahd Cultural Centre Planetarium



If you have ever been to a planetarium, you know how fascinating it can get. Imbibe yourself to the depth of our universe this summer by visiting the planetarium in King Fahd Cultural Centre. You are bound to be amazed by the stars that you see, and the planets that you gaze at! Got a kid who loves the solar system? Then send a request to the GM on +966-11-4800864.

Timings open: 12am-12pm

Thumama Sand Dunes


The adventure of Thumama sand dunes is a gift of time. It never gets old! Want to ride on a stunning Arabian horse? Fancy Quad Biking? Whatever your passion craves, celebrate it here! And ladies, the best part is that you’ve got just all the freedom that you crave for in Thumama.

Star City

star city

star city

If your child/children fancies/fancy the adrenaline rush that comes along with riding on exciting rides, then this place is the perfect one to go about! Star City is beautifully put together, clean and perfect for the adventure lovers! But, be warned, almost all the rides require your child to be 9 and above, so don’t be too disappointed after taking your under-aged kids!

Location: Eastern Ring Branch Rd, Al Hamra (See map)
Wednesday – Friday: 4:00 PM – 11:00 PM
Open on mornings for field trips / private reservations.

Farm Touring

life in saudi arabia

Getting your kids familiarized with the roots of everything is an idyllic experience. Touring farms prove to be absolutely ecstatic because they get to see the process of making what comes to their tables. A bottle of milk is easy to gulp, but does the city life show us how it’s made? There lies the drawback. Riyadh offers you with the opportunity to tour the milking farms, and create indelible memories.

Location: Al Kharj

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