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Our Favorite 6 Winter Activities in Riyadh!

By Naseema Shafi


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Winter has arrived after all the cliched GoT  ‘Winter is Coming’ memes flooded the internet. It did get quite annoying, no lies! places to visit in riyadh during winter But guess what never becomes a cliché for a Riyadhi skin? It’s winters! I don’t know about many others, but this happens to be my favorite […]"

Our Favorite 6 Winter Activities in Riyadh!

Winter has arrived after all the cliched GoT  ‘Winter is Coming’ memes flooded the internet. It did get quite annoying, no lies!

places to visit in riyadh during winter

But guess what never becomes a cliché for a Riyadhi skin? It’s winters! I don’t know about many others, but this happens to be my favorite time of the year, and the things we get to do during the freezing cold days, and the hoodie life with a cup of hot coffee crawls up into my thrilled veins.

If you’re a Riyadhi or a new one, here is a pro tip: Go out often during the winters, because it is so much fun! Wondering where to go?

Well, why worry when DR is here to help you out? Recline on your seat, keep your memo open, and jot down these places; your Riyadhi winter is about to get lit , These are things to do in riyadh!

1st Paintball


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This is for the adventurous, sprinting, wild yet fun souls of Riyadh. Paintball is that place where you have all the liberty to get shot (don’t panic!) with paintballs. It’s not really the most painless thing to do, but it’s worth all the fun! You’ll be sent to a professionally designed arena, and ramped with all that you need for the game including the right outfit for the fight. With your loaded paintball marker (low energy air weapon), you can proceed shooting your opponents with the colorful paintballs.

Unmatched fun, and quite unforgettable.


Location: Al- Rimal,  Al- Najah Street (See map)

Thumama Desert


Ah, the things you can do in these beautiful sands during the cold weather. Thumama Desert is a beautiful destination that has evolved to be a Riyadhi favorite over the years. Summers may not be the most pleasing season to get the desert game going, which is why you need to make the most of it currently. Whether you want to go quad biking, horse riding, camel riding or just chill as a family, Thumama is winter goals. Get to know more about it by clicking here.

Location: (See map)

Universal Bowling Center


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Youth or middle-aged, this place is pretty cool for all. UBC is the Kingdom’s largest bowling alley. They have got separate sections for women and families and for the men, giving you lots of room for fun and freedom. Apart from a bowling space, the center also has table tennis, billiards and numerous electronic games. As a bonus, you’ve got WiFi connection and Dunkin Donuts to make your tummy content. Heads up: This is for a day when you’re looking for an escape from the cold wind, but still want to have fun.


Location: Prince Faisal Bin Fahd Bin, Abdulaziz Rd, Ar Rafiah (See map)

National Museum


If you assume museums to be bland, boring and plain, then you’ll have to reconsider your vocabulary associated with it after visiting the National Museum. This museum is said to be one of the finest and the most refined one in the entire Middle East. Riyadh is certainly proud to be the city having it. It showcases beauty at the finest, right from the galleries that speak for the rich Arabian culture, to the antiques and manuscripts that showcase the richness of the country, everything is lit here! Don’t miss out on it.

Location: Al-Muraba,  King Abdul Aziz Historical Center (See map)

King Abdullah Park


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There is something about going on long walks with someone we love or alone during the winters. I’d like to blame the cold breeze for this love affair, and maybe you would too after taking a long stroll around the King Abdullah Park. It is one of the best and the most beautiful parks in the city. You can get your kids along with you, hang out with your mates or spend some time alone here, no one is going to bother you. The place is great to hang around in the evenings or the afternoons during the winters as the cold wind blends with the sunlight to create a perfectly balanced weather. Also, at night you’d be lucky to witness the lovely fountain dance.

Location: Malaz District, near Prince Faisal bin Fahd Stadium (See map)

Old Diriyah


It’s always nice to catch a glimpse of the past, and that’s why you need to visit this place and take a look at the ruins of a city that once thrived. Historic Diriyah is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and is well preserved. Apart from catching a glimpse of this beautiful historic site in the Northwest of Riyadh, you can have a great time shopping and eating. Whether you plan to grab a good cup of coffee or fill your stomach with the Najd delicacies, you have it all in here. Get the true taste of Al-Najd, and perhaps you’d feel a strange nostalgia.

Location: 20 kms North West of Riyadh, On the banks of Wadi Hanifah.



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