The Ramadan Takeaways

As much as Ramadan is one of the pillars of Islam, and holds a high regard in terms of religiosity, Ramadan is also a month that truly speaks for spirituality. While many might consider fasting to be easy, because after all it is about having a good suhoor and a big fat iftar, fasting isn’t just about that.

We often tend to neglect the fact during this term of the month, we would be truthfully attempting to revive the slumbering spirits, and make amends. It is about renewing ties, building a cohesive community, giving more, practicing patience and beautifying the inner self, and if you’re lucky, unknowingly shedding a few extra pounds. But be mindful, that’s not exactly the goal, but just a bonus slash.

There are many things one can do during Ramadan, but there are a few that would manage to pull a few strings of your heart. This is like the ultimately beautified month, filled with color and lights, so isn’t it only fair that your heart feels the same way?

Here are a few things that you can do this Ramadan to let your heart flutter:

1. Seeking the Good Blood

 Photo credits: en.wathekkar

Photo credits: en.wathekkar

Somewhere along our lives, we would have managed to create a hassle with the ones we had always loved. You would have cuddled with these people, but now that you see, you don’t even greet them. It is hard, we know. But life is too short to be worked up, so free yourself this month! Go greet them, say good words and maintain the right amount of distance. May the fury be reduced, and may the heart feel lighter!

2. Eating together 

Photo Credits: Darussalam

Photo Credits: Darussalam

Many households tend to be super busy, such that on a given day, the family members hardly see each other. But Ramadan is the time to make the difference, starting from your iftar, ensure that you have at least one meal together as a family. Breakfast, lunch or dinner, something could be worked out, and this brings about the best of conversations and builds empathy.

3. Greeting strangers


This new-gen is not known to keep its head upright, rather we come off as slouching sloths who never bother to look up. But this blessed month, perhaps, the device could be tossed aside, and maybe we can learn the world once again. Greet the strangers, feed the poor, smile and just look at the world outside. All of a sudden, the darkest of colors would seem to take lighter hues because you’re actually seeing beauty!

4. Self-love


As much as Ramadan is about living cohesively with other people, it is also about loving ourselves and celebrating the tiny moments of ecstasy. When you know that you are doing the right thing, and being fair to your purpose, that is when you’d begin to love yourself. So build the best version of you, and be your biggest fan during and after the process.

5. Pay it forward


Happiness is contagious and so is your integrity. When you have a beautiful heart that speaks love and kindness, it is bound to affect the ones around you. Even if you attempt to pay your happiness forward or not, your smile is going to make someone’s day! Share happiness, contentment and love, the world needs you! After all, smiling is charity. 🙂

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