5 Things About Saudi that You Should Know

They said curiosity kills a cat, so I wanted to know if it held any truth at all.

My curiosity led me to search up for a few ‘interesting facts’ about Saudi, but turns out, sadly, the world sees the world as half glass empty, and never full. And yes, my curiosity killed a few of my brain cells- thanks to stereotypes!

This post is evidently constructed from my sentiments, and being a resident of this country, I can attest that the following information you read is the absolute fact. Why this disclaimer you ask- because the internet out there is feeding the population with too much of fluff that seems beyond atrocious, so I thought why not make the internet great again?

1. Saudi is Generous

Even if the world craves to prove otherwise, only when you live in this essence will you know the beauty of the people’s generosity here. Look up for the top philanthropists, inspirational stories of givers, and you’re bound to find numerous Saudis on the list.

The charitable works of the massive investors and even the commoners who aren’t in the big picture are stunning. Spot a hungry woman, and you wouldn’t see many turning away, rather helping them out is their nature. No we all aren’t angry birds here, we are pretty chill.



2. We have Fun.

Yes, we don’t have Cinemas (coming soon though!) and everything else that many presume to be ‘fun,’ but that doesn’t mean we don’t chill. We have some of the finest chains of restaurants here and we are incredible foodies- so what’s better? We love to play footy, squad bike, scuba dive, hang out, and even Netflix ‘n’ chill. Big deal? Even with all the fanciness, we still have tranquility. Now that’s something we don’t find everywhere.


3. We love Hugging people!

I haven’t seen the entire world because I’m not much of a voyager. But I can hands down claim that some of the best huggers of the world live in Saudi. Their hugs and cheek to cheek kisses are the epitomes of good hugs and kindness. A surge of fondness seeps through this beautiful move and I just wish that the entire world knew to hug each other that way- even strangers like they’ve known them for years! So yes, people here are kind and loving. If this is a shocker to you, deal with it!


4. We are pretty creative.

Just because we aren’t a booming name in the Hollywood doesn’t mean that all we know is to munch in our backyards while overlooking our personal oil wells (because why not, we all are just that rich *sarcasm*). Saudi is a creative hub, and some of the finest creators who live here are making it to the top. From cinema, literature, to entrepreneurship- we are faring excellently in all the fields. So next time when they say that there aren’t many creators here, scream ‘Saraha’ on their faces!



5. We Trust People.

This is a no-brainer for those who live here and it comes under the fact that people here are pretty generous. But honestly, if you visit mini grocery stores or get a plate of mandi from the local restaurants and you don’t have the change to pay them, no need to panic. When you tell them the truth, they know it. And sometimes, you can even find a wise man stepping in to pay for you and finishing it up with a hug. If you find any fault in the merchandise you got, after apologizing for a few moments, they offer better services/products.

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