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7 Kid-Friendly YouTube Channels that Moms and Dads Should Know!

7 Kid-Friendly YouTube Channels that Moms and Dads Should Know!

You probably have got one of those typical households in which your kids love drawing on walls, and playing drums with the wooden spoons and stainless saucepans. 

Or so you wish.  

Well, this would have been the actual scene if this article was written a few years ago. But now, we all know where to find your kid if he goes missing. Probably, he is stuck with your mobile phone or is tapping on those keys to watch the next trending video.

As cute and ‘smart’ the fact that your child can browse the internet is, it isn’t exactly the healthiest thing to do- at least not all alone. Experienced parents would know the trouble, and I know you are craving to find a way to feed some good information into their heads. We all know how hard it can be to do so in a world like the one live in at the moment.

The best way to fix any issue with your child is to go into their world, rather than inviting them into yours. The fix has always been in the problem. And while digging into this whole techy-hassle, we found the solution in the problem itself- YouTube had indeed proved to be the savior again!

YouTube has a wide-range of channels dedicated solely for kids. No, this isn’t just about those weird mad scientists doing nonsensical things there, rather there are channels that are fun, educative and funny too! We are sure that at least a few of these channels will grab your child’s interest.

Disclaimer: always remember to supervise your child’s activities on digital devices until they reach a certain age. Inappropriate videos do not know the person, it can pop out of nowhere!

List time it is!

Number one: Houston Zoo

Got an animal lover at your place? Then Houston Zoo YouTube Channel is just the place of party for your kid. The channel can teach, excite, entertain and hook your kid to exploring a whole new world that you may not have known to have existed! What more could you ask than adorable educational animal videos?

Number two: Coma Niddy

Ah! I love this guy! For those kids who love the universe and love to explore beyond this polluted Earth, this is just the channel. Also got a kid who is into rapping and singing? We know how rap songs have gone into ruins by now, but this guy raps about stars, planets, dinosaurs and whatnot! What’s cooler than that? I have got one of Coma Niddy’s hooks etched permanently in my mind, and I don’t think I’m ever going to forget about exoplanets.

Number three: Geek Gurl Diaries

Gone are the days when girls being into computers seemed weird. Geek Gurl Diaries defies the stereotypical principles and makes software engineering and computer programming sound easier, cooler and much better! Got a geek girl at home, I for sure know that this YouTube channel is going to be her soulmate!

Number Four: SoulPancake

SoulPancake is one of my all-time favorites! This channel provides the right amount of soul food for your child, and will make her a good thinker, questioner and ethically powered global citizen. From ‘Kid President’ to ‘Metaphysical Milkshake’’, all the shows that are dedicated for kids in the channel are bound to leave your child thinking a bit deeper about everything, and most of all, would leave the both of you inspired! However, there are other shows in this channel that are meant for adults, so be sure to supervise!

Number Five: Arthur

Arthur had become quite a hero to many children and a few adults out there. Definitely, it can be ranked as one of the finest and the most popular shows to inspire, move, entertain and make you laugh! Go stalk the Arthur YouTube Channel to watch a wide-range of their episodes, songs and more!

Number Six: Simple Kids Crafts

Simple Kids Crafts YouTube Channel is the perfect place to go to get artistic with your kid. If you have got a child who adores crafts, or even if she doesn’t but just likes to play along, then go for it! You don’t have to be all artsy, the main point is to be spending quality time with your child.

Number Seven: Islamic Kids Videos

This channel is perfect for educating your child with the finest knowledge. They have got a wide-range of videos narrating the stories of all the known Prophets (May Peace be upon all of them) who have ever walked on this Earth. While being educative, Islamic Kids Videos is highly entertaining and edifying.


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