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How to Revive Your Dimmed Faith

How to Revive Your Dimmed Faith

The phase of having a low spirit after we have flunked in some element of our faith is never a pretty picture.

The phase is sad, regretful, and the heart begins to cry because it seems to have become faithless.

There are a couple of things you can do to revive your dimmed spirit. ‘’What the spirit wants, it attains’’, said Khalil Gibran, and I believe in that firmly especially when it comes to the spirit wanting to attain better faith.

Here are a few things you can do to remove the feeling of guilt from your heart, and revive your Imaan (faith in God):

1. Talk to Him

Allah says that He is closer to us than our jugular veins. Whenever we sin, we must remember that we are talking to the Most Merciful, who Loves His servants seventy times more than the mother. So what makes you think he wouldn’t listen to your pleas?

I’d recommend you to pray and talk your heart out, let your emotions be unraveled in the purest form in a secluded area. The best time to do this is at midnight, 3/4th of the night is the best time. Worry about none as you bow down, imagine all the sins slipping from your shoulders and falling down. That would help you!

Also, if you do this when everyone is wide awake, and you have got siblings or kids at home, chances are for them to barge in and nag you asking if you’re feeling bad for stealing their chocolate or if you had bunked work or school, and clearly that’s not what you want. So get some lone time!


2. Defy the Whispers.
Your soul needs its food and you’re aware. There is this voice that keeps pushing you to pray, read the Qur’an, but your limbs feel lazy. This is one of the signs of weak Imaan. I recommend to use the five second rule here.
Whenever you have negative whispers, let your heart choose the sensible side of you. You have five seconds to decide if you are going to be a better or a worse human. Count back- 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1, and in that one moment you can choose to rise and pray or sleep.
It might sound crazy, but it works. As Mel Robbins says, imagine you’re the rocket, and you’re counting back to launch yourself. Believe that you will launch yourself!


3. Journal Writing

It is never a pleasure to talk about something you are ashamed of or about your aspirations to another person. During these times, journal writing helps loads.

Start by writing what you want to change. Break all your goals into practicable everyday activities. Give yourself time schedule and stay strict about it. When you’re done with the activity, strike it off. Write for relief, write for goals and write for life, it all helps. You can either type on your personal device or write in your diary. Just keep writing!

But if you’re not much of a writer, record a video or audio of yourself talking. Say it aloud, say what you want to change. Now go and live your great life.


4. Adhkar (Remembrance)

Remembering God all day and in everything you do is the best way to stay conscious. Keep repeating Asthaghfirallah (I seek Allah’s Forgiveness), or Alhamdullilah (All Praise is to God), or anything as simple as that and mean it from your heart. These words can give life to your heart.

So when you see that kid tripping on the road, instead of screaming OUCH, say Bismillah! These little changes make a big difference.


5. Rewind Mode

Your goal when you wake up every day should be to go to bed with a smile on your face feeling content. Envision this while you look at your face in the mirror after waking up. This will enable you to stay good and do good throughout the day. Before going to sleep, take 5-10 minutes to recall all that you did throughout the day. Or write these if you’d like.

How does it feel? Are you proud of yourself today? The practice of rewinding your day will take you to great places, God Willing!

Give these a try and we are sure it’d help you out! I pray that all our dimmed spirits are revived by His Grace and Might.


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