Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Where to Find Your Chill

Where to Find Your Chill

Our top picks of places to go to, regardless if you’re a social butterfly, anti-social club member or a little bit of both.

We are a bustling big city with all kinds of people. Where millions reside, tastes differ just as people do. So we’ve rounded up a few spots you can turn into your happy place regardless if you’re an introvert, extrovert, or ambivert.

For the Extroverts

Dying to hear laughter and children babbling? Want to be pampered with amiable services and clingy company? Hey there extrovert, here are the restaurants that’ll feed your bubbly soul and let you put on your charm.



This classic has found a new home down the street. It’s open dining space setup paired with good music and great food makes it a group favorite. Their Ebi Furai Maki, Shrimp Blast, and Green Tea ice cream are some of the heartthrobs that shan’t be missed at any cost. Even if you’re caught waiting for your friends or dining alone, the wait staff will strike a conversation with you. Great service along with the warm and friendly ambience makes it the perfect place for chilling with friends and making great memories.

Tel: 920009662

Location: 3165 Al Urubah Rd, As Sulimaniyah (See map)

Instagram: tokyo_arabia

Urth Caffe 


If you’re looking for a place that serves good food and is bustling with energy, then Urth Café should be your next destination. The restaurant lives up to its name with its earthy and welcoming ambience and great hospitality. The restaurant’s staff are super friendly and you can strike a fun conversation with them. Let’s not forget that this is the IT café of 2017, so if you want the crowd, trust that they be here. Gather your clique for a cheesy gossip over a delicious slice over their ‘Urthly’ vegan pizza.

DR Tip:
 If you want the chill minus the long waiting line, opt for brunch or afternoons.

Location: 5092 Prince Muhammad Bin Abdulaziz Rd, As Sulimaniyah (See map)

Instagram: urthcaffesaudi

 56th Avenue Diner, Piatto

For the Introverts

We know that all you need is a quiet corner, where you can be left to think and flirt with your food. While the only way to guarantee that you won’t encounter other humans is to stay at home, here are some places you can chill in solitary peace.

 These places are best visited before 10:00 AM

Eggs & Flour 


Tucked in the Diplomatic Quarters, Eggs & Flour can serve you coffee with a side of quiet. It opens at 7:00 AM, which for us is the best time to take in some sunshine while reading a book or planning your day. For an even tranquil morning, the DQ trail will give you solitude, which is perfect for sunrise before hitting Eggs & Flour for one of their breakfast options and that oh so good brew they have going.

Location: Kindi Plaza, Diplomatic Quarters (See map)

Instagram: eggsandflour.ksa

Appetit Kitchen & Co.


This Parisian-inspired restaurant is best described as lux and dainty. The contemporary architecture adopted in Appetit dovetails the aroma of freshly baked bread and pastries and pacifies your mood. If there’s one thing that you might regret, that’ll be missing out on their Egg Benedict; so you better not do that. As an introvert, this place’s tranquility will leave you glowing.

Location: Al Tahliah Street, next to Localizer Mall (See map)

Tel: +966-11-4656491


Twitter: AppetitKitchen

DR Bonus Tries:
White Foam, Kanakah (women only, look for that nook under the stairs for heightened solitude)

The Ambiverts

We know you either belong nowhere or blend everywhere. Here are a few places where you’d perfectly fit in:

Chimney Cake Bistro 


This bistro entered as a breath of fresh air into the city. The ambience is lit with sunlight in the mornings and glowing pendant lights in the evenings. Regardless of it being day or night, Chimney Cake is the ultimate cheerful spot of Riyadh that evokes the senses with Fairuz music and other classics. Their Budapest salad, tempura prawns, and the famous chimney cake scintillate tastebuds. I’d definitely recommend this place for those looking for a Riyadhi restaurant revolution.

Location: Jarir Plaza, 6906 Uthman Ibn Affan Rd (See map)

Tel: +966-551649416

Instagram: chimneycakegulf

Nabt Fenjan


Ladies, this is a place to pamper yourself after all that the week pushes into your head. Nabt fenjan is a place reserved exclusively for women and is known to be thinking hub of all the creative women who love coffee. Dim lights, aromatic coffee, great cakes, tranquil environment; what more does an introvert crave? It’s best to visit this place during the morning hours to make full use of its serene ambience.

Location: Uthman Ibn Affan Rd (See map)

Tel: +966-555405882

Instagram: nabt.fenjan

DR’s Bonus Tries:


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