How To Have a Splendid Vacation And Stay In Shape?

It is the holiday season, and undoubtedly we are all pumped up for the term more than for anything else! Whether you are visiting your birth city or planning to revive those slumbering muscles by touring the hottest destinations of 2017, the excitement is real!

But, there is something bothersome about this period of joy, and if you haven’t guessed already, it has got something to do with that stubborn stomach of yours that is warring against this healthy guru within you. Righteo smart one, your tentative attempt to stick to the right diet.

If you don’t want to be the annoying calorie-counter even during the holidays, well, you don’t have to. Rather there are ways to remain healthy and fit whilst you enjoy the finest delicacies of the state. This is written as a holiday life-hack for all the merry travelers this season.

Three balanced meals a day


If you have been starving yourself since the afternoon for a mighty dinner, then perhaps you’re doing the wrong thing. Never skip meals, rather enjoy the finest of breakfast, lunch and dinner meals.

A glass of water before the meal


Overeating is perhaps one of the most toxic things that you can do to your digestive system. In order to avoid overeating and stressing your tracts, drink a glass of water or two before you begin eating. This will help you eat lesser. 

Desert the Dessert


Not in the complete sense, because truthfully, desserts are sugar-filled pieces of heaven. It is extremely difficult to skip this one especially when you’re vacationing. Instead of finishing up your dinner with a heavy dessert every night, try out alternating between heavy desserts, fruit salads and lighter ones every now and then.

The party-pooper


There is nothing that saddens one in a party than realizing that they can’t cram any more food into the system. This often happens when we gobble food without a second thought. This prevents us from chewing, and in turn filling us faster and turning the digestion process poorly. So when you attend a party (which is bound to happen), ensure that you chew the food, eat slowly and make the most of it!

Go Easy on yourself


We know how difficult it is to keep track of the waist figure, flabby arms and so on but that needn’t stop you from having a good time. Vacations are to cut some slack and create memories. You don’t need to be extremely strict with your diet, at the same time, don’t go too easy on yourself which would end up ruining your good days. So go easy!

Happy Vacationing!

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