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Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

5 Ways To Survive Your Crappy Day

5 Ways To Survive Your Crappy Day

Emotions are meant to be felt. I mean, if you refrain from feeling what you’re supposed to feel, you’d obviously come off as someone who can’t necessarily empathize.

But there are some of us who not merely feel, but we go overboard and let every other occurrence around us soak us in its negativity. While it feels merry to get soaked in the positive vibes that swirl around, negativity is just too draining to handle. Like come on, don’t we all have enough already?

If you are the one who is capable of ruining an entire day because of something tiny that happened that morning or even the past year, then perhaps you need to get yourself tuned a bit and have those positive vibes pulsating in you.

Here is how to stay positive when you are possibly having the crappiest day ever:

Craft your mantra


We all need to have a mantra that is custom-made, something that you feel very close to and you’d love to hear from someone. It can be as simple as ‘you can do this’, ‘you are beautiful’, or if you love to be extra, then perhaps have a personal ballad! Keep repeating this when you hit the rock bottom.

A passing cloud 


Listen up, permanence isn’t even a reality! If today isn’t going well, better days are on the way. “Indeed with hardship comes ease”. If you have a slightly stressful day, then maybe look forward to a Disney night? Or snuggling beneath the blankets and reading or watching your favorite thing!

Personally, I’m hunting for a Baymax.

Log out 


Social media is cool for sure. But not when you’re having a bad day. Someone might pop a DM that is totally inappropriate, or your feed might be decked with all the depressing fluff that happens everywhere, or anything could tick you off at all. So log out, go out, find the grass, and just sit there. If not grass, just walk and walk and just walk!

Ermm…maybe not that bad? But yes, forget the phone!

Being thankful


When nothing seems right, remember the things that had been right and are going just fine. Thank God, and try whispering your thanks over and over for even the littlest of things, it guarantees betterment! We know it is hard, but life rolls on, doesn’t it?


I know you probably want to scream or sob. But don’t go too overboard with it. Cry if you feel like it, but because you don’t need to wallow in sorrow, go to YouTube, or anywhere you can block negativity, and just laugh out loud by watching the funniest ‘try not laugh challenge’ videos or any personal favorite of yours.positive-vibes-f5

Now is when you need to be Dwayne the Rock, or John Cena, a gentler version of course! Sending you smiles!


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