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Learning Wisdom and Morals, Lessons From Surah Hujurat

Learning Wisdom and Morals, Lessons From Surah Hujurat

Self-help books have been great, yet the wisdom and teachings of the Qur’an remain the greatest lessons to have been revealed to the mankind. The Holy Book is a timeless Gift to the humanity given by God Himself, which is why it is perfect in all the ways.

Surah Al-Hujurat is a gold mine of morals, and though the entire chapter consists merely eighteen verses, it is hefty in lessons. Valuable lessons from surah hujurat needed for this humanity at the current state are embedded in the chapter.

Here are the reflections from the chapter that is worth thinking about deeply:

Respect for Allah and His Messenger (Peace be upon him)

One of the most important lesson from surah hujurat: Recite and apply the word of Revelation in everyday life, because nitpicking certain things in our favor isn’t the wisest thing to do. Moreover, pay attention to your voice when in the presence of a gathering where Allah and the Prophet (peace be upon him) are mentioned.

Stop Bluffing the Fluff

We see someone acting immorally out in the open, and someone who is known for their disobedient ways. This person might be the one who starts the fire for most of the gossip crackers out there. When such a person comes to you with a news about person ‘A’ doing something blatantly wrong, do NOT believe it blindly. Rather, whenever you’re given a news about someone, before being the cracker, be a thinker and investigate.

If not, you may regret later for all the burden you had caused to the person ‘A’ and their family.

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Avoid People Pleasing

The society called the Prophet (peace be upon him) a lot of things such as a madman, sorcerer, and even asked him to change the Word of God. Allah Reveals in this chapter that if the Prophet were to follow the whims of the society, then indeed the entire community would be in difficulty. Verily, God strengthens and Guides whom He Wills and Protects their heart from wavering. The Word and Guidance of God is above all, the ever-changing opinions of people only come way after.

4. Islam is all about Peace

When two brothers in Islam fight, it is the duty of one another to find a peaceful settlement. Islam abhors opressing the innocent, Muslim or not. Hence, in this world, only oppression needs to be fought against, otherwise, waving the white flag, loads of hugging and praying for one another are the only resolutions. When we see someone oppressed, it is our duty to be just and stand against it.

5. I am not better than everyone else.

Just because someone doesn’t seem privileged as us doesn’t give us any right to ridicule them. Islam is against racism, sexism, body shaming and so many other insults that are considered ‘normal’ by the bullies in this society. Perhaps, all those whom you shame may be better than you. The verse no.11 stresses us to not call each other offensive nicknames because let’s face it, feelings matter. And if anyone has been found guilty of doing this, they must repent for it immediately. The best of us are the most pious ones, and nothing else matters. read other lessons from surah hujurat

6. Do not Assume or Backbite

So you think you know that your opinion about another is correct, and that friend of yours who told something so grave about another in the party is right? Well, perhaps not. Mostly, no. In this verse, God asks us to avoid negative assumptions, for some may be a sin. When you find a fault, conceal it, and advise in private. Sniper, no sniping and snitching!

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7. Believe with all your hearts.

Other lesson from surah hujurat: Merely calling ourselves believers isn’t enough. The Bedouins had said so back then too, but they never believed from their heart. God states that those who believe from the heart without any doubt and strive for the sake of God, by giving charity, taming desires, fighting against oppression even if the property is at stake are the true believers.

8. Islam is to submit and is the way.

Islam is the religion sent down by God, and He is all Knowing of everything on this Earth and the heavens. Accepting the way of Islam is a sign of Guidance and a Favor conferred upon us for which we should be grateful, rather than assuming that Islam has been made proud due to our submission to it. God Knows the Unseen, and He is indeed Watching you. He is Near, and all you need to do is call upon Him to find comfort in this cold and hard world.

Finally they lessons are the most important lessons from surah hujurat you need to learn


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