Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Does Saying “No Make You Feel Guilty?

Does Saying “No Make You Feel Guilty?

Welcome to the world of the can’t-say-no syndrome victims! If you are going to assume that I just made this up, nope, this syndrome is real and not so surprisingly, it can ruin our days, weeks, months, and basically the rest of our lives.

The thing about being busy is not always about being a workaholic. Sometimes, it is about those young budding people, or even well- established ones who are striving to win the hearts and just be a little too nice. Although niceness is super-cool, unfortunately, this world doesn’t understand such a thing as reciprocity or empathy. Therefore, nice people are often the victims whereas laid-back people hold the tenure.

Dear nice-pants, this is an article written for you, so let’s pop the bubble, shall we? These may or may not be ‘’tips’’, but this is to help you out in saying ‘no’.

You don’t owe an explanation.


You don’t always need to explain yourself, if you don’t want that business offer because it seems unappealing, then just ignore the offer. You can try saying, ‘I really appreciate the offer, but I’m sorry, it doesn’t seem to suit me well at the moment’’.

Be firm. Major Key. (Waddup, DJ Khaled!).

Keep the business quick. 


When people ask you for your assistance, the priorities in your life might be glaring at you. Do not give the questioner false hopes. Don’t mutter things as ‘’I’ll think about it’’, ‘’maybe I’d do it’’ and such. Be quick to say no, don’t keep them waiting. No just means no. NOT maybe.

Offer an offer for an offer. 


When someone puts forth a request to you, make a counter offer if you can’t get it done at the moment. If your friend is throwing a party for you on Friday and you can’t go, then ask him if he could work it out on a different day. You just need to ask, nobody is going to gobble you up!

Maybe it is not you. 


A good person, friend or whoever knows to accept a ‘no’. On the other hand, there are those who just can’t accept no. These people do not respect your space. They are using you, so use your power and put forth a strong denial.

PS: Always stay away from this kind.

Avoid Texts. 


When you want to decline a major offer, whether personal or professional, it is always better to avoid mailing them, or texting them. This often might come off as rude, rather you can choose to call them over the phone or meet them in person.

Always keep these in mind to construct a good no:


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