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5 Prep-tips to get the best of Ramadan

5 Prep-tips to get the best of Ramadan

Call it aging or mere laziness, or this impending craving to shut down the world, wrap a plush blanket and sit in the corner of the room and do absolutely nothing. Tranquility changes its face as years pass by. Nothing truly ‘fun’ seems to excite many of us anymore.

Months pass by, monotonously. And then comes this enlightened month with all its colors, good vibes, warmth and beauty, and you just can’t seem to contain the spirits. Perhaps, this is what they mean by soul attraction. You just can’t remain the person you were, and this calling to change never gets tired of trying. No matter how hard you deny.

The elephant in the room remains, how would one get going with that? Here are some of the top-notch tips that would truly assist you to prepare for this blessed month:

Getting Creative.


Ramadan is a month born to revive spirits and it has this beauty about it that creeps into you. In order to prepare yourself in a better manner, and enter this month with your utmost energy and make it last (which seems to get hard), get creative with what you do!

Write a detailed journal of all the activities that you’d love to accomplish this month and things that you think you need to do in order to come out of this month as a different person.

A person who doesn’t change isn’t living! After all, what does a straight pulse indicate? That’s right, Sherlock, demise! Life is all about hustling and changing for the better, and what’s a better time than Ramadan to do so?

Waking the heart. 


This verse from the Qur’an mentions about a good deed wiping off the evil, and by that, it not merely means Salat (prayers), rather all forms of good deeds. The best way to cleanse your heart, and truly feel joyful is by practicing empathy. In other words, giving more. Get your family involved, connect with charity organizations, and make a consistent Sadaqah (charity) plan for the month.

Keep the diet in check.


Ladies and gentlemen, we know how you crave to fill up the shelves in your kitchen with all forms of delicacies, but it is time to think otherwise, even if the hypermarkets are getting too hyper with their sale. While we appreciate your concern to have good food on the table, you need to ensure that things stay in check.

Your Ramadan wouldn’t turn out to be the most productive one if your Iftar includes you filling yourself up until your throat. Guess who is going to fall asleep during Taraweeh if you do that? Good again Sherlock, YOU! So while buying groceries, keep things in super check!

Beautiful Patience 


While remaining patient and simmering your anger down is obligatory during Ramadan, the practice doesn’t come about out of the blue. Practice makes perfect, so now is the time to keep your emotions in check, watch your tongue and ensure that no hearts are hurt due to your actions. So plan every day and vow to yourself that you’d keep your calm to the best of your abilities. With time, you’ll get better, and by Ramadan, God Willing, you’ll be a pro!


One year can be a very long time, depending on how you look at it. Leaving a year gap between the last Ramadan and this Ramadan without fasting could have taken you off the loop. To prep yourself in the finest manner, try fasting on Mondays or Thursdays before Ramadan begins. Just to kick start, you know?

Although, we do have the habit of asking our spirits to calm the excited nerves, this time things need to change! It is time to meet the new you, so buckle up, as your ‘self’ is going to skydive with your spirits, and you know what’s more interesting? You are going to be the captain!


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