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How to Ramp-Up for the last 10 nights of Ramadan?

Years roll on, only to halt at one place. At least, for many of us. We all bookmark Ramadan to be that go-to place, and perhaps the showstopper of it all. But even in Ramadan, we have got those last 10 days which seem to be showering His Mercy and Compassion.

Without a doubt, the last 10 days of Ramadan are precious, because we never know when that one night which is better than 1000 months is going to fall upon us. But the burning question is, are we really making it there enough? Chances are for us to have been strolling in the malls, and munching away on delicacies (which is FINE), but ya know, a little bit of dedication can go a long way!

Here are five feasible tips to have the best ten days of the year:

Don’t fill up the vessel! 


The last ten nights are when you’re likely to stay up all night dedicated to worship. Attending Qiyam-ul-layl, or reading Qur’an requires wakefulness. So go a little easy on those premium delicacies cooking in the kitchen, and the shawarma shops lined down the street!

Du’a it all. 

Photo Credits: Little Muslimah

Photo Credits: Little Muslimah

This is the BEST time to make du’a, attain forgiveness and get what you want. Have been craving to reach the moon for a while now (not literally, or maybe?), well, try praying about it during these nights. It works wonders! Also, who doesn’t want to start over? Recite that one special Du’a from your heart, and feel the difference!

Give Away!


This is the best time to practice empathy and increase the amount of charity you give. After all, your deeds tend to be multiplied in rewards on the precious night. That little boy who comes to you with a bunch of towels and chewing gum? Perhaps, we don’t need to shoo him away. Instead get a few from him, and give a bunch in return. There you go, a win-win situation!

Cutting down idle stuff.

See, Netflix has got a bunch of series rolled up in line. Social Media is decked with the finest things on earth. YouTubers are going to Hona Lulu, but you know what? There is enough time to watch it all during the ENTIRE year!

Ten nights are the only thing that you’re being asked, so devote your time, and be the best and the most productive person you can be. If you work, give your best (YES! Don’t shy away from responsibilities), and at worship, be the superhero you can be.

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