Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Riyadhi Adventurer’s Guide to an Organic Lifestyle

Riyadhi Adventurer’s Guide to an Organic Lifestyle

We all need the greens to be green and reds to be red. 

Organic farming is all about embracing nature, and weeding out chemicals and pesticides from the farming arena. There’s more to food that we buy than eating. It is a family affair y’all, so getting your kids involved in both buying and eating organic is actually a big deal.

Here are veggie spots you can turn into a weekend morning trip for the fam and cultivate green habits for your kids.

Al Muruj Vegetable Market

This organic market is not just a vegetable market, but also a place to find everything organic, from poultry, red meat, fruits, cooking oil, seafood to nutritious vegetables and herbs. Moreover, Saturday mornings are dedicated to selling the produce of the local farmers, like olive oil, grains, spices, honey and eggs, for killer prices. Your kids deserve to see the chicken that’s in his burger, so ensure that you show them around.

Location: North of Riyadh, Al Rumman, Al Muruj Area
Best time to visit: 9-11am or 4-9pm

Rabwa Market (Date Souq)

muruj-market-organic-lifestyle-health-november-nf1Have you been dating dates for quite long? Then this place is for you! Whether you love Ajwa, Sukkary, Mabroom, or Rutab, Rabwa Market is the go-to destination. Tag your kids along, grab a cup of Qahwa, and munch on the sugary dates as you haggle. Rabwah also sells fresh farm produce!

Location: Exit 14, Ar-Rabwa
Best time to visit: 9am-11:30 or after 4.

Ennessi Farms

2_ennessi_organic-lifestyle_november_2017_riyadh_shIf you’re looking for a kid-friendly place, visit Ennessi Farms, aka our dream field. Andreu and Montse, an agricultural engineer couple are the heroes behind this farm. Their passion for farming has led them to conduct organic farming classes for children and adults. If you want to visit their farm to help the carrots grow, get in touch with them at once!

Location: Diriyah Dist.

Exhausted after exploring and walking around the farms and the huge souqs, or just too busy to go to any of them? Here’s your cheat code.

Watania Organic

12_watania_organiclifestyle_november_2017_riyadh_shThese guys are legitimately awesome and quite big here. They have ten showrooms in Riyadh alone. Watania is known for selling local organic food for great prices.

Facebook: Watania Organic

Tamimi Markets

To those who are big on diets, Tamimi is the best bet. They have organic foods sourced from numerous brands imported from Canada, USA, Argentina and other European countries. To get a taste of exotic nutrition and follow up with classical diet charts, rush to Tamimi. They have numerous branches all around Riyadh, so it’s never too far.
Facebook: Tamimi Markets


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