Music and Antiques: A Must Visit in Jeddah

Music and Antiques

Nested in Box Park Center on Al Batterjee, Music and Antiques is the new go to place in Jeddah. A new concept store that is bringing the retro 70s music cafes to Jeddah while giving the option for all the visitors to buy whatever they lie their eyes on within the walls of the shop. 

Anwar organizing the Vinyls

Founded by Anwar Idriss, Music and Antiques is, according to him, one of his most exciting projects. In order to understand the idea behind the shop, we need to know more about Anwar and where he got the inspiration to open such a place. Anwar is a Saudi music producer that lived a big chunk of his life in the U.S. He is very present and active within the music industry in Saudi and has his own company that acquires and develops talents in Saudi in partnership with the popular Saudi rapper Qusai. They have been working in music ever since it was still considered illegal and have an understanding of the music industry in Saudi like no other. 

Record player in action

The shop also processes a lot of paintings and artworks that Anwar thinks fit perfectly in the shop which are giving a chance to Saudi artists of all forms to display their artworks in his shop with hopes of getting sold. Anwar believes that giving the Saudi public the chance to display their art will push them to create some of the most interesting works that will elevate the artistic standard of Saudi. Music and Antiques works as a community builder where they hope to create a safe environment for all customers stepping foot in the shop and to provide them with the ultimate entertainment. 

Mini stage for performances

The space is operated by both Music and Antiques and the french restaurant Lyon. The food and coffee served comes from the amazing french bistro while Music and Antiques provide the entertainment and decorations of the shop. In the second floor of the shop, you can find the true gallery alongside a mini stage that will become a space for musicians or any type of entertainment to take on the stage and show their talent to the customers of the shop. 

Antiques shop

Finally, Music and Antiques is a place not only worth visiting, but is considered in our opinion, a must visit in Jeddah. It is currently in their soft opening phase but is planning to open officially very soon. Go enjoy the amazingly crafted interior and check out the different cool stuff you can find there. As much as we explain, it will not do the space any justice. You gotta see it for yourself. 


For more. are sure to check out their instagram account 

For their location and contact number, click here


Mark-it Day 2023

The Jeddah Knowledge International School’s Mark-it Day is taking place on the 16th of March and this year, it has a special theme to it; Awaiting the Hilal.

 Mark-it Day is a non-profit organization established by the JKS students where they welcome a variety of businesses to rent a booth within their space and sell their products to the event’s attendees. 

The money raised by JKS is donated to a number of charities around the country as a way to give back to the community. For the first time ever, Mark-it day will revolve around and take place before the holy month of Ramadan. Since the Hilal is associated with the beginning of Ramadan, the JKS team felt like it was appropriate to incorporate this familiar symbol into this year’s theme. 

Tickets entrance Fee: 

  • For kids above the age of 7 and adults:
    At the gate: SAR 120
  • For kids younger than 7:
    At the gate: SAR 100
  • Nannies:
    Fixed price: SAR 50

Free entrance for children under the age of 3.  

Booth Options: 

  • Small Booth: 1×1.5 meters for SAR 750 
  • Large booth (Ideal for clothes): 2×2 meters for SAR 1250 

To rent your booth contact Sara Abuzeenadah on 0550431305


Cut, Faded, and Trendy

best barber in jeddah , The ultimate barber shop experience does not have a fixed equation. The small details and elements make your trip to one memorable– and determine where you’ll become a regular patron.

A barber’s job is not limited to cutting and styling your hair. They are expected to keep you entertained and entice you to return to the shop, creating a special relationship between you and your barber. When you become a regular, all you have to do is sit on the chair and let them do their magic.

In Saudi, three typical barber shop setups are available, each with a different vibe and fitting just about any budget you’re willing to allocate for monthly fix-me-up.


Average price for hair and beard: SR 25 - 35

The average price for hair and beard: SR 25 – 35

Neighborhood Fronts

Starting with the traditional barber shop, these are perfect when looking for a quick and cheap cut. They are spread all over the country, and you won’t need much searching before finding them. They can be identified with their banner informing you of their services, traditionally written in Arabic. These guys are experienced, and you’ll likely be in and out of their chairs in less than 10 minutes. Just a straight-up cut, no-frills, and no fuss.

Average price for hair and beard: SR 60-80

The average price for hair and beard: SR 60-80


Turkish barbers have always had their foot in the industry globally, and in Saudi, they were your step up go to in the 90s-early 00s, and for a good portion of lads, till today. Turkish barbers made a reputation for themselves as the “best barbers,” according to many. They’re everywhere in Saudi. Just look for the Turkish flag, which you’ll likely find inside every shop. These shops offer you a homey vibe and a top-tier hair and beard cut for an affordable price. They also offer extra services such as the nose and ear hair trimming. It’s a cheap, professional, and clean barbershop experience
that can be done in almost every district of the country. If you have never tried a Turkish cut, this is your sign.

Average price for hair and beard: SR 150 - 300

The average price for hair and beard: SR 150 – 300

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On the other end of the spectrum, these luxurious barber shops are taking pampering to the next level. They focus heavily on their interior, pushing forward the rustic and elegant look. They provide a top-tier treatment that makes you feel like you’re on top of the world while keeping your face trendy and fresh. In these shops, you will begin with a consultation session with your barber to discuss the right look for you. When done with the cut, you have the option to try the other services that make them stand out from your regular barbershop experience. From facials to hair treatments, it’s a guaranteed feel-good experience for any man looking for quality self-love time.

The first ever barber shop services date back to ancient Egyptians when they used instruments made of oyster shells and sharpened flints.

Make sure to try their braiding service

Make sure to try their braiding service

Barbero best barber in jeddah

Founded by “BK”, Barbero is a unique barbershop experience with highly energetic and fun folks doing what they believe they are born to do. Coming from an immense passion, they are here to give you the Brazilian barbershop experience in the heart of Jeddah. From the colorful interior, to the authenticity of the place and employees, Barbero is a great hangout spot with great energy and enthusiasm.

Locatioin: Al Andalus, Jeddah
Instagram: barberoksa
Tel: +966-552055048


Robert Hinch barber shop jeddah

Beginning their story in 2018 in Jeddah, Robert Hinch was founded by two friends with a vision of fine craftsmanship and styling, setting the scene for an exciting upgrade in the barbering industry. Robert Hinch provides its demanding clientele with a new level of service. From an array of products used in the service to the professionalism of the barbers and their knowledge of regional styles, Robert Hinch is set to become a leader in the men grooming industry.

Location: Ibrahim Al Jaffali, Al Andalus, Jeddah
Instagram: roberthinchksa
Tel: +966-12-4222272


Other barber shops you can visit in JEDDAH

  • Yazen
  • Leather Chair Barbershop
  • John Barber Shop


Chaps & Co Barbershop

Chaps & Co made their way from UAE and New York to Riyadh. Raising the standards for barbershops, Chaps & Co transforms your regular chore into a pleasurable experience. Their goal is to boost your confidence with the right look and allow men to have their own alone time where they can enjoy a cup of coffee as they get groomed. Focusing on the simplified luxurious experience, Chaps and Co guarantee you the ultimate hairstyle with their top-notch barbers.

Location:   Nojoud Mall, Riyadh
Instagram:  chapsandco_ksa/chapsandcobarbershop
Tel:   +966-535111871
Web:   chapsandco_ksa


Other barber shops you can visit in RIYADH

  • 30 Degrees Barbershop
  • Harmonic
  • Sharp Look


The Art Of Shaving

Founded in 1996 in New York, The Art of Shaving is a unique concept created out of the vision of a young couple dedicated to providing men with the best skincare and shaving experience. It combines art and passion with any daily routine while offering the ultimate grooming solutions. Their premium services consist of three primary services alongside a selection of additional services: The Royal Shave, as its name implies, is considered the ultimate shaving experience.

Location: The Zone Complex, Takhassusi St., Riyadh
Instagram: theartofshavingsa
Tel: +966-11-8109566


Toni Vays

When you step into Toni Vays, you will find yourself in a unique experience in the world of true Men Care. They’re a one-stop shop with services stretching from your regular hair cut to hair treatments. Their highly professional team is experienced in all areas of men’s care and will discuss with you your needs before starting with the services. Their services are combined in three packages, Classic, Platinum, and Elite, with different lengths and pricing.

Corniche, Alturki Center, Al Khobar
Olaya, Salam Tower, Al Khobar
Golden Belt, Patio Mall, Al Khobar

Instagram: tonivayz_men


Other barber shops in SHARQIYAH

  • Moon Face Barbershop
  • Don Barbero
  • New Look Barbershop


Padioi Barber Shop

Located in the heart of Khobar, Padioi seeks to provide you with the ultimate grooming experience. With their intricately designed shop and the professionalism found in the staff, Padioi is one of the best barbershops to indulge in self-care and upgrade your summer look. Make sure to try their manicure and pedicure services. It will leave you fully relaxed and ready to take on your day.

Location: Prince Sultan Bin Fahd St., Qurtoba, AlKhobar
Tel:  +966-561408880



Sports for All x Tough Mudder Arabia

This Saturday 21st of January, the ministry of sports, alongside “Saudi Sports for All” organization collaborated with Tough Mudder Arabia to organize a challenging and exciting obstacle course for all ages and fitness levels. 

The obstacle course challenge for all ages event took place in the King Abdullah Sports City in Jeddah and began early in the morning until the afternoon with many different activities throughout the day and different races for all participants.

The main two races were the 5km and 10km obstacle course, however, they also organized a “Mini Mudder” for kids from the age of 6-8 years, 9-12 years, which was a simplified obstacle course with a length of 1500 meters. Moreover, they had races for teenagers from the age of 13 to 18 with an obstacle course of 5 or 10 km depending on how much you can go. 

The obstacles the racers had to overcome were very well thought of and gave the racers a roller coaster of experiences. From having to run up steep hills, climbing, crawling in the mud, and jumping in water, the racers were very much entertained while pushing their bodies to their limits. The goal here was not to finish first, but to complete the race. 

Mixed, ladies only and mini mudder and tough mudder obstacles, the mudder village created an incredible aura with vibes of joy and happiness bringing smiles, dancing, and lots of happy faces with the DJ who was playing. Created by the Saudi Sport For All (SFA), Tough Mudder attracted a large community across the city to turn on their mode to get fit and active. 

The event showed loads and loads of success through the participants and spectators reaching 1,500 attendees. And we can not wait to see what Tough Mudder has in store. 

For more, head to Tough Mudder’s instagram



Celiac disease Awareness Event

The students of Ibn Sina university for medical sciences in Jeddah worked on an amazing initiative to raise awareness on Celiac disease and set up a booth in Red Sea Mall for the public to come and learn more about it and learn how to avoid it. 

Celiac disease is a condition where your immune system attacks your own tissues when you consume gluten. This damages your gut making it difficult to take in nutrients from consumed food. Celiac disease can cause a range of symptoms, including diarrhea, abdominal pain and bloating.

Gastrointestinal symptoms

  • Chronic or recurring diarrhea
  • Flatulence, abdominal bloating, and pain
  • Nausea/vomiting
  • Lack of appetite
  • Constipation (rarely)

Malabsorption symptoms: fatigue, weight loss, vitamin deficiency, iron deficiency anemia, hypocalcemia

In children: failure to thrive, growth failure, delayed puberty


Celiac disease, is a common condition characterized by a maladaptive immune response to gluten, a protein found in many grains. The disease often occurs in patients with other autoimmune illnesses, as both are associated with HLA variants, which causes pathologically increased immune responses.

How do Celiac patients know that the food contains gluten?

First, they should be looking for the “gluten free” sign on the products. If the product doesn’t specify, they can read the ingredients used to make the product and not purchase it if it contains elements that contain gluten. Some products will have specific signs that says “sustainable for Celiac patients” which is a great indicator. Finally, if none of the above apply, and there is no guarantee of a gluten free ingredients, “if in doubt, go without.”


‎‏The government preserved the right of the citizen with Celiac disease and provided them with support by providing gluten-free products, and this through the Ministry of Health where there’s an  insurance program for patients with wheat allergy.  It was approved for disbursement through thirty-one hospitals.

Awareness on Celiac disease is crucial in our community since a lot of the cuisines of the world include glutenous ingredients that can be difficult to digest by Celiacpatients


Dirty Difficult Dangerous Movie Review

A captivating story about a forbidden love between a Syrian worker and an Ethiopian migrant domestic worker in Lebanon Dirty, Difficult, Dangerous highlights the sociopolitical struggles of marginalized communities in Lebanon.

Directed and co-written by Wissam Charaf, starring Clara Couturet and Ziad Jallad, the movie tackles the issues in Lebanon from an interesting perspective incorporating a satirical humor which was explained by Wissam as a way to laugh at situations rather than laughing at the characters themselves. The movie’s title differs depending on the language. In Arabic, the title translates to Iron, Copper, and Batteries, an homage to the struggles Syrian refugees face when trying to find work in Lebanon and end up roaming the streets of Lebanon collecting scrap metal in order to resell it as a way to make a living. On the other hand, it highlights the major inequalities migrant domestic workers face under the Kafala system of Lebanon, stripping them of every right, including the right to love. Having to keep their love a secret from everyone, the couple finds a way to call for each other without raising suspicion.


The movie is very powerful with strong visuals, extraordinary dialogue, and impeccable acting making us believe what they are going through. Surprisingly, this was Clara’s first ever movie experience and she did not know how to speak a word of Arabic before shooting while her scenes were almost entirely in Arabic. In order to achieve that, she had to learn all the words of the script phonetically with the accent Ethiopians have when speaking Lebanese Arabic.

The movie incorporates some humoristic elements which the director explained to be a humor that makes you feel ashamed to laugh about since it always occurred in scenes where struggles were very apparent. “It is a way to make the audience laugh about the situation rather than the character.”


In conversation with Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah

Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah are two directors from Belgium with Moroccan descendants that began their journey in production back when they were still studying in university. They first met in their first year of education in Belgium and began working together on the projects creating movies about wars and conflicts in the Arab world. After failing a few courses, they were told to change their approach and to make movies that are more authentic to them rather than taking an existing idea and developing it. That changed their approach to film and allowed them to explore their creativity and experiment with their films. 


Renowned for their very experimental style, Adil and Bilall made a name for themselves with their movie Black about two members from rival gangs in Belgium fall in love and have to make a decision between loyalty and love. It was nominated for 12 awards and won another 12. The movie they were mostly discussing in the talk however was Rebel, a movie that premiered in the Red Sea International Film Festival on Sunday night, a movie about a Moroccan from Brussels that joined the terrorist organization ISIS and shows us his journey with them as a videographer documenting their atrocities. Through his remarkable videography skills, it convinced his younger brother to also join him and further pushed him to despair. The movie is very well researched which took them almost 6 years to complete. “Everything that happens in the movie has happened in real life somewhere”. The cinematography of the movie is extraordinary, something the directors got us used to.

Adil and Bilall talked about their journey to Hollywood where they were first recognized after their aforementioned movie Black which got them a call from Hollywood with a chance to work on their dream movie Bad Boys 3 but unfortunately, there was another director already set for the movie which delayed their involvement. After the director pulled away, they were contacted again to direct it but they were already midway through directing a movie back in Belgium, forcing them to reject their dream job. Finally, after the movie had to be postponed due to Covid, the replacement director pulled away, opening a spot for the duo to direct it, which they did.

After stepping into the world of Hollywood, it opened doors for them where they were able to direct Ms Marvel, the first Muslim superhero movie, which fit their philosophy perfectly since they always tackle isses of Muslim representation in Hollywood. Finally, they talked about their canceled movie Batgirl and the possibility for an actual release after a whole year of waiting. “The movie is ready, it just needs to be released.”



The World Cup 2022 Hosts: Doha, Qatar

In the last 10 years, Qatar has been upgrading everything related to football in their country. Ever since they got the accreditation to host the World Cup, they have worked relentlessly to build some of the most amazing stadiums in the world.

There are 7 different stadiums across Doha where the World Cup will take place. You can visit the World Cup website to know more about each one and the story behind it. In short, they raised the standards for football stadiums with the utmost luxury and innovative designs. In addition to upgrading their stadiums, Qatar worked very hard to improve the quality of play of their national team.

They came up with a strategy to improve the squad by localizing a few players from Africa and Latin America in order to officially play with the national team. Furthermore, they invested a lot of money into their football academies, motivating the youth to play football and improving the general quality of play, and helping them reach their highest potential.

Moreover, they invested in their football league where they got coaches such as Xavi to train Al Sadd, and some international players scattered across the teams in the Qatari league.

city life

city life

Al Baik Food Truck

In celebration of the World Cup being held in Doha, Al Baik is taking 5 food trucks all the way to Qatar to give a chance to the world to try their famous chicken dishes. The iconic Al Baik is one of the most popular fast food chains in Saudi.

Previously, Al Baik did not expand beyond Jeddah and Makkah until recently when it became available all over Saudi and also reached all the way to the UAE. For the World Cup this year, Al Baik lovers will have a chance to enjoy it in Doha without having to miss it too much.

It will only be there temporarily but Qataris would love for it to become a permanent restaurant.

World Cup 2022 Special

FIFA World Cup 2022 Game Predictions

FIFA World Cup 2022 – Halftime Munchies

FIFA World Cup 2022 – What to do on Game Day?


FIFA World Cup 2022 – What to do on Game Day?

There are a lot of themed activities you can do with a group of friends when watching a World Cup football game. One of the main ideas is to predict the score but there are other ways you could make the game more interesting.

Starting with the predictions, on a piece of paper, (or notes on your phone), write down the name of each person participating with their score prediction before the kickoff. Once they’re locked in, you can enjoy the game. The closest person in their prediction gets to dare any person from the group to do something.

Ps: you can go further and predict who will score, in which half, the number of corners, yellow cards, and so on.

There was this funny activity we used to do when watching a game. It has no purpose and adds no value to the game, but is just very fun. Choose a player from the 22 players on the pitch, someone with a fun name per say, and every time the commentator says their name, you all stand up and cheer. It will confuse anyone that doesn’t know what’s happening, and make for a nice laugh.

Football trivia is always fun. Find your football encyclopedia between the group and have them ask questions about football events, players, previous scores, or World cup winners. The winner gets bragging rights while the person with the lowest score will have to do a dare chosen by the rest of the group.


Best places to watch

I personally enjoy watching football games from the comfort of my house. I set up my TV, surround system, and invite my football friends for a game night. We tend to get loud and sometimes get complaints from the neighbors but it’s fine, anything for the World Cup. We do sometimes enjoy watching games in themed coffee shops and restaurants though for a change.


Some of the best places to watch games are:

Riyadh Jeddah Eastern Province
Al Hilal Café Chill Lounge Al-Seef Café
Al Masaa Café Buffalo wild wings Cafe Abu Shanab
Al Nassr Café City Station Restaurant Golden Eight
De Ze7en Bellagio Resort Wxyz lounge
Fans Up Café The Sandwich Gallery Oasis cafe & Club


World Cup 2022 Special

FIFA World Cup 2022 Game Predictions

FIFA World Cup 2022 – Halftime Munchies

The World Cup 2022 Hosts: Doha, Qatar


Rally Hail 2022

A step closer to the end of the world championship

Rally Hail 2022 ended with a staggering win for Yazeed Al Rajhi taking him one step closer to becoming the world champion. The 18th edition of the Hail rally saw a beautiful opening ceremony on Thursday November 10th with drivers expressing their excitement to be part of this special rally and to trek the amazing and challenging landscape of Hail. The first round of the race began on Friday 11th in Jubah, a city within the Hail region, with drivers taking on the dunes of the Hail desert. The weather was beautiful with scattered rains throughout the day, but not enough to affect the performance of the drivers. 


The first round was a 230 km race that began around 7am with the first departure of the racers, which reached the finish line at noon, followed by the rest of the drivers. Yazeed did not waste time to dominate the race and get past his competitor from Czech Republic Miroslav Zapletal and finishing with an impressive time giving him the advantage of being the first to start the race in the second round. Moreover, after having a quick conversation with the Saudi rally racer Mashael Obeidan at the finish line, she mentioned they faced an issue with the intercom but was quickly fixed throughout the race. “Overall we are very happy with the performance. It was an amazing stage.” 

Mashael Obeidan at the finish line

Mashael Obeidan at the finish line

Saeed Al Mouri, the driver from the eastern province in Saudi talked about his experience at the end of the first round saying, “It was very nice, we were cruising around more than going full speed.” Although he is participating in the world championship, he was more focused on the local championship and did not want to damage his car in order to stay in the title race.


The second round was a bit different. It did not involve any sand dunes but it was more towards the mountainous side of Hail. The night before the start of the round, we saw some heavy rain and thunderstorms which made the drivers slightly change their strategy going forward with the race. The Hail scenery was out of this world with amazing mountains and beautiful terrains. We decided to find spots along the track and catch the drivers in action and while doing so, we discovered some of the most amazing views.

Yazeed Al Rajhi crossing in the second round

Yazeed Al Rajhi crossing in the second round

Yazeed again did not waste time to assert his dominance in the race and was one of the first to cross the finish line ahead of his aforementioned competitor. Throughout the race, we experienced heavy rain which might have bothered some of the drivers, especially the ones on motorbikes and quads, but that did not stop them from reaching the finish line.


To conclude the Rally, a post race press conference was held at the Millennium hotel in Hail where the drivers answered some of the journalist’s questions with Yazeed discussing his position in the world championship and how that is his main focus from now on before the start of Rally Dakkar. Dania Akeel on the other hand was awarded the Middle East championship after her win in this race but is still fighting for the first position on the world rally championship with hopes to achieve a staggering win in the upcoming rally. And finally, Munif Al Shamri, the famous Saudi driver announced his retirement from racing in cars and is not looking to move to a different division such as motorcycles or quads to take on a new challenge. 

Yazeed Al Rajhi winning first place at the closing ceremony

Yazeed Al Rajhi winning first place at the closing ceremony

The closing ceremony saw a beautiful light show using some of the most advanced technologies followed by the crowing of the race winners with a special moment for Yazeed’s celebrations. Moreover, we saw the rest of the drivers taking their prizes and concluding this beautiful rally in Hail.

Overall, the race was quite exciting with minimal accidents. See you at the next Rally in Jeddah.