Magical Aston


The magical journey of Abdullah Dawood.

Abdullah Dawood, AKA Magical Aston, is a performance magician in Saudi taking the magic scene by storm. Beginning his magical journey at the age of 6 after receiving a “Jarir” magic kit from his mother as a gift, ignited his passion for magic. It did not take him too long to get the hang of it and slowly began creating his own magic tricks.

He then began learning specific tricks on youtube where he became more comfortable handling the deck and being slick with his tricks. But it is only when he began investing in books that he began to see the path he could follow with his passion and how much it can be pushed.

“Books have knowledge that youtube doesn’t. I spent like 5 to 10 thousand riyals on ordering books online.” In the books, Adbullah was able to identify what are the tricks that will resonate the most with his audience and got the ins and outs of magic performance. They taught him how to always captivate the audience and get in their head and always succeed with his tricks.



After spending a hefty amount of time and money on magic, it was time for it to pay off. Abdullah kick-started his magic career at the age of 15 with his first performance in Chuck E Cheese where he was able to captivate the audience and have them all applaud at the end of the show.

“My parents at the time did not fully support my magic path and wanted me to study for school instead. When I finished the show, everyone was applauding and my dad was like ‘that’s my son!’”

He went on to the audience for “Arabs Got Talent” where he was able to wow the judges and get the 3 Yes he was looking for. “When I first sent them the video of the card show, they did not believe me and said it was edited. I had to get on a video call and do it for them live. When I did the video call they saw it, they were like Abdullah, send us your passport.” After his performance in “Arabs Got Talent”, Abdullah’s career took a great push and he began getting recognized on the streets.

He is now a full-time Magician performing all over the world almost on a weekly basis. From public events, festivals, concerts, and even private parties, Magical Aston is always going to give you a noteworthy performance. “Whenever I perform, I always imagine this is my first show ever and I need to nail it. Gotta get them three Yes.”

Make sure to follow his Instagram account to know of any upcoming shows.

Instagram: magicalaston


Pimp my Ride

Alloy Wheel Repair, Riyadh

Your ultimate customization.

Customizing your car is quite common within the Saudi community. People spend a good amount of money and time fixing up their cars according to what they plan to use them for. From elevated Jeep Wranglers to colorful supercars, Saudi has it all. Moreover, some car enthusiasts are purchasing older nonfunctioning cars for cheap and slowly work on fixing them part by part.


Alloy Wheel Repair, Riyadh

Alloy Wheel Repair, Riyadh


Drifting is quite a major component of Saudi culture. With all the dangers that come with it, we still find people drifting on the streets. However, the practice is now being taken more seriously and is allocated designated spaces. With the popularity of karting in Saudi, people are now turning their karting tracks to drifting tracks where professional drifters can compete and enjoy the sport. It is also becoming common to have drifting races within automotive shows where Saudi drifters showcase their skills. Moreover, people are taking drifting to another level by opening up the first RC drifting track in Saudi where people can compete and enjoy their favorite sport safely.

Modified Hyundai Sonata

Modified Hyundai Sonata

Beauty cars

Cruising down the street in a luxury car will almost always draw attention to you. From your Hummer limo to your shining Lambo, nothing is considered “too much.” Imagine entering a regular 5-seater car and finding instead a couch with a mini fridge. Or starry lights that upgrade your car roof and make you feel like you’re driving up in space.


Customization garages allow you to change almost anything in your car according to your budget. From a simple paint job to a complete redefining of the car, it can all be done within the walls of the shop.


Alloy Wheel Repair, Riyadh

Alloy Wheel Repair, Riyadh

Motor bikes

Nothing is more exciting than speeding on a motorbike with nothing but an empty road ahead. The adrenaline rush, combined with the strong winds hitting you makes for a special riding experience.


Motorbikes are getting more popular in Saudi with many people taking on this hobby more seriously and creating community groups that organize trips all over the country. These motorbikes are, of course, customized in their own ways. Louder exhausts, better suspension, and even tuning the engine are some of the things motorbike owners fix.


When it comes to the exterior, there are many ways you can modify your bike. From handlebars, changing the seat, crazy paint jobs, and so on. The changes are limitless. The only limit depends mainly on your spending budget.

Torque Speed, Riyadh

Torque Speed, Riyadh


Off-roading is one of the most fun experiences to have in Saudi. Due to the abundance of off-roading terrains within the country, it is very common for locals to customize their cars to accommodate that.
From Jeep Wranglers with monster tires to customized Toyotas and Nissans, you don’t have to go very far to find these monsters. One of the main customizations that happen for off-roading vehicles is changing tires and elevating the car from the ground. It feels like a hike on its own to get in the car sometimes. You can go further and add spotlights on the top and a shovel on the back for emergencies.

download-2Restoring Vintage

Vintage cars that are still in good condition are usually sold for a fortune due to their rarity. For vintage motorheads, this can be an issue, especially when you’re nowhere near affording it. One way to still satisfy your passion is to purchase old abandoned cars for cheap and take them on as a personal restoration project.

Elyas Abdulmjeed’s Chevy

Elyas Abdulmjeed’s Chevy

Due to the scarcity of car parts, these projects might take a while to execute. In some cases, people will have to travel around the region to find the appropriate part to fit their cars. Whenever you see a vintage car on the street, It feels like you traveled back in time.

    Instagram: saudikit
    Instagram: alloyksa


Coast to Coast

fish farm

Dissecting the Saudi Fishing industry.

Cradled in one of the richest seas in the world, Saudi Arabia’s fishing industry heavily depends on the Red Sea’s versatility. With many fish species native to the region, and many others passing by through their migration seasons, the fishing industry can harvest from a wide variety of species. Like everything else, sectors that depend heavily on manpower have developed and incorporated new technologies in their operations to facilitate it and increase profits. Fishing is becoming much more accessible, with more fish farms opening up across the country. We will be highlighting the major fish farms across the country and discussing their role in the growth of the fishing industry in Saudi.

Big Fish

The Saudi Aquaculture Society is a governmental organization with partner companies operating within the Saudi Fishing industry. Founded in 2018, it came together to raise the quality standard of fish in Saudi. Corporations that meet their standards can use their logo stamp on products as proof of quality for the buyers. They play a vast role in the growth of the fishing industry by putting the key players under one umbrella and allowing them to grow and develop from each other. The plans for the organization include incorporating more local companies under their wing and pushing towards a brighter and more sustainable future for the Saudi fishing industry.

Location: Riyadh, Al Murabba
Tel: +966-554009226

Modernized Fishing

Starting their first phase in 1982, it was a turning point in the country’s history, making it a global seafood producer. Today NAQUA is considered one of the most extensive aquaculture operations of its type in the world. Offering people the opportunity to enjoy locally produced fish from the Red Sea coast. NAQUA is taking the Saudi fishing industry a few steps ahead by employing the right developments and technologies in their operations.

Located in Al Lith, 180 km from Jeddah, their plant specializes in shrimp and fish production with a total investment of SR 4 billion. They adopted a development strategy that focuses on sustainability by adopting environmentally sensitive production methods helping preserve the natural environment. With an average production of 100,000 tonnes of marine products per year divided between shrimps, fish, and sea cucumbers, the company exports its products to 32 different countries in the world, including Japan, China, and the United States, as well as several European and Arab countries. Moreover, their marine products can be found in multiple large local retailers across Saudi.

Location:  Al-Lith 21961, Saudi Arabia
Instagram: naquaseafood
Tel:  +966-17-7329999


Saudi Fisheries Company
Founding Fathers

Saudi Fisheries Company has been one of the founding fathers of the modern fishing industry since 1980. They operate several plants and laboratories in Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam, and Jizan with advanced manufacturing technology and are ISO certified in terms of quality. Their biggest plant is established in Al Huraida Governorate in, Jazan, focusing primarily on shrimp production. It began with 108 troughs with a production capacity of 1,743 tons per year. Still, with time, they added 70 landfills to the shrimp farm making their yearly production capacity reach between 3,000 and 6,000 tons annually.

Saudi Fisheries has built a strong foundation for retail sales through their various shops across the country, where they provide you with the freshest catches and the option to cook them on the spot. They are also available on many delivery applications bringing the freshness of the Red Sea to your doorstep. They also operate in wholesale entities such as supermarkets. They provide around 70 different types of frozen marine goods manufactured from local and imported sources offering their customers the quality they expect. Finally, they have business with multiple seafood restaurants across the country in addition to international franchises. Saudi Fisheries is working alongside governmental entities to promote a healthier eating culture in Saudi by making seafood a widely available option at all prices.

Location: Al Malaz Riyadh
Instagram:  sfc_alasmak
Tel:  920000527


Caviar Court
Fishing for Sea Gold

Operating in Dammam, Caviar Court is the first Saudi caviar harvesting company of its kind. They are one of the pioneers in using cutting-edge technology to harvest their caviar. Traditionally, caviar is harvested from the wild; however, to facilitate their operation, Caviar Court set up their own fish farm, home to a selection of large sturgeon fish-holding caviar. With advanced filtration and stages of treatment, Caviar Court minimizes any external factors affecting the health of their fish

They produce Ossetra Malossol caviar using two main sturgeon fish breeds and a few crossbreeds to harvest top-quality caviar. The fish processing plant in Caviar Court is designed and built following religious sanitary norms and high hygiene standards. It is equipped with new modern technology imported from Europe that allows them to produce various products such as sturgeon filet, cold and hot smoked sturgeon, and fish sausages. Caviar Court is the first of many more companies elevating Saudi caviar production with hopes of becoming a popular caviar exporting country.

Location: 12672 Dammam 31483 KSA
Tel +966-552395230

black caviar on black spoons

black caviar on black spoons

 Ossetra Caviar Imperial OOO

Exquisite golden color and rich taste for our top connoisseur.
 Ossetra Caviar PREMIUM
Truly spectacular taste, firm grain, and buttery flavor.


Fish options:
Hot Smoked Sturgeon Filet
 Cold Smoked Sturgeon Filet
 Whole and Filet Sturgeon Meat


If you’re planning on going for a fishing trip with some friends, here are some of the best organizations that can help you achieve that. They provide you with the boat and fishing equipment needed.

Location: Jeddah
Tel: +966-548191419
Instagram: nomanism

  Rose 8th Charters
Location: Fanateer, Al Jubayl
Tel: +966-558986798
Instagram: q8_south_angler


Hop to Hoppers: Sri Lankan Cuisine Makes its Way to Jeddah


Popping up in the Jeddah Yacht Club amongst many international restaurants, Hoppers has a special treat for you. Serving the most authentic Sri Lankan dishes, Hoppers is merging the cultures and bringing Sri Lankan cuisine closer to Saudi.

The restaurant gets its name from the Sri Lankan breakfast delicacy “hoppers”, consisting of a large crispy bowl-shaped pancake with a poached egg in the middle.

As you enter the restaurant, you are greeted by the floor managers right at the door before stepping into the beautifully decorated space. With glass wall windows, the restaurant gets an abundance of natural light accentuating the inferior design further. It includes two large “green walls” in the middle of the restaurant which grows leafy decorative plants that give the space a garden character.

The food is immaculate. The robust flavors and the beautifully spiced delicacies transport you to the shores of Sri Lanka with the flavors lingering on the tip of your tongue. Their Biryani and Raita incorporate layers of flavors from the various ingredients used in the preparation while their Fish Curry feels like it’s from another world. They also serve their infamous Chettinad Chicken Bites served with a black pepper and coconut curry sauce to pour over.

Due to its location, the restaurant has a stunning sea view where you get to enjoy your food while watching the sea hit the beautifully constructed Yacht Club corniche.


The Green Revolution: Naeem Farm

Hattan Tashkandi

A beautiful glass and high-tech greenhouse built on a massive traditional field farm, Naeem farms has created an ecosystem within the innovative structure.

Since its inception in 2018, the startup company has worked with international and local leading scientific and expert institutions to turn this sustainable and modern farm into reality. They developed new ways to farm imported products locally, using less water without any pesticides and chemicals. In 2021, Naeem farms set up their online shop, completed their greenhouse, and officially opened for business.


Founded by Hattan Tashkandi and funded by venture capital firms, Naeem Farms comes from a passion for agriculture. Hattan made sure to build an infrastructure that allows for the least amount of water waste and the highest-quality produce.  Unlike a traditional farm, the plants here grow without soil using hydroponics technology.  Moreover, the closed irrigation system allows them to recirculate and reuse the water which leads to saving up 95% of the water used. The greenhouse is also outfitted with high-tech cooling and temperature control systems.  There are built-in wet cardboards and fans, alongside a few ACs that are often turned to support the system.


The farm is divided into three different zones; the tomato zone uses hydroponic drop technology, where the seed is planted in a special sponge that can be reused several times. The second zone is the indoor vertical farm that uses LED lights and hydroponics to allow the growth of the microgreens such as mustard seeds, radish as well as a variety of lettuce. Finally, the last zone of the farm is where the leafy greens are grown in large hydroponic benches, such as baby kale and spinach, basil, arugula, etc.

You can buy their products from their website or their store in Al Rawdah.

Instagram: naeemfoods


The Music Space x Wall of Sound: Weekend show


The Music Space in Jeddah is hosting a night to remember.

In collaboration with Wall of Sound, they organized a weekend gig that includes some of the artists signed with the record label where they will be performing their music on the high-end stage provided by The Music Space.


In this article, we will quickly introduce each artist to you. Starting with the local talents, Klinsh and Fulana will be blessing us with their new releases and their magical performances. In order to know more about them, you can check our print issue where you can find an article that goes in-depth about these two artists. On the other hand, we have the dynamic duo Idreesi and Zaid Khaled prepared to bring the roof down with their melodic tunes and electrifying stage presence.


Back in March, a quite similar lineup got to perform in Riyadh and put on a show to remember. The crowd was electric and had contagious energy which made for one special show. This time, it is performed in The Music Space which is equipped with the best sound systems that give these artists ease of mind when performing their music.

Make sure you attend this show, you don’t want to miss it.

For information about the event, check out Wall of Sound’s Instagram account and contact the number provided to book your ticket.


Metal Bands in the Name of Music

Wasted Land

A look at the Saudi Metal bands’ musicians who are revolutionizing their genre and generation.

Wasted Land: Melodic Metal

One of the pioneers in the Saudi underground music scene dating back to almost 20 years, Wasted Land is a Saudi Metal band founded in 2004. They were active in Saudi Arabia between 2004 and 2013 when they released their full album.

They were officially disbanded from 2014 to 2021 until they reformed and signed with “Wall of Sound Dark Mode” to revive the Metal scene in Saudi. Their comeback song Fade Away stun the metal scene.

Instagram:  wastedlandofficial

img_ip-92Immortal Pain: Melodic Metal

Formed in 2005, Immortal Pain played a significant role in the Metal scene. Considered a melodic death metal band, their songs involve a lot of screaming accompanied by a tight melodic band rocking their instruments to their limits. Recognized for their stage performance, Immortal Pain was able to get recognition outside the country’s boundaries and even occasionally played in some global music festivals. They, alongside the many other bands founded during the same era, are reshaping Saudi’s music scene and creating avenues for more niche crowds.



To the Glory of Alternative Rock

Gimmix: Punk Rock

A look at the Saudi alternative rock musicians who are revolutionizing their genre and generation.

Gimmix: Punk Rock

Formed in 2017 by Abdullah Aldhamen on vocals and lead guitar, his brother Yazan Aldhamen on bass, and Fares Al Shawaf on drums, “GIMMIX” is a Punk Rock band from Sharqiyah that is bringing back the early 2000s. Through the Saudi music scene, their style is not everyone’s cup of tea, and they know it.

The brothers began their musical journey early on as they used to practice together. Their first album, Dance on Fire, was released at the end of January this year, unveiled through a live performance at Bohemia music cafe in Khobar. They are young, confident, and always ready to put on a show.

Instagram: gimmixband

Looking for more local flavor? Check out the “Banana Peel Sessions” on Youtube A musical series that gets recorded at Bohemian Cafe, Khobar. Musicians showcase their music in an intimate setting and are introduced through an interview.

2022-03-12-0023Statues of Sinking Men

Although he is part of three different bands, Statues of Sinking Men has a special place in Abdulmalik Zubailah’s heart. The idea behind Statues of Sinking Men was to explore the limits of alternative rock and experiment with sounds while utilizing his rockstar voice. Statues of Sinking Men is not your traditional band. They will make you question the rules of music every time they step on the stage. When performing live, Statues of Sinking Men have unmatched energy. Abdulmalik’s powerful voice leaves you thunderstruck, trying to understand how these sounds are being played together and still creating fantastic harmony.

Instagram: statuesofsm


For the Love of Fusion Bands

Al Farabi

A look at the Saudi bands that are changing the face of a generation and a genre.


My personal favorite from the list, Al Farabi, is an Arabic fusion band that arranges melodies using old Arabic poems written by famous Islamic philosophers such as Al Mutanabbi as its lyrics.

With a cast of multi-talented musicians, Al Farabi can blend their music with old Arabic poetry, perfectly creating a sound often unheard of yet in the scene. What makes this band stand out is the musical versatility of its members. The blend of genres creates a form of unfamiliar familiarity.

Through their music, they push to grab today’s generation’s attention as a way to revive Arabic poetry and create a bond between the youth and their language. An endeavor most musicians overlooked in the past, Al Farabi has proven to be worthwhile and has allowed them to connect with various different audiences.

A lot of effort goes into creating their creative gems. It begins with selecting a poem according to its relevance to the message they are trying to convey.

The next step is developing the perfect tune. This step takes the longest due to the involvement of all band members as each one will present their own rendition of the song according to the instrument they play. It then boils down to the selection and mixing process to create the final result. Al Farabi is building unmatched musical chemistry that will only make them better and better. They are worth seeing live any day.

Instagram: alfarabimusic

dsc_8890JWA BAND

Jwa is an Indie/ Alternative Rock band based in Sharqiyah that first came together in 2017. Founded by Mohammad Nahhas and Mithgal, they decided to enter the music scene because their passion for music ignited at an early age.

“Growing up, we would play our instruments in our homes with barely anyone from the outside world knowing about it. We met up once and discovered unprecedented musical chemistry that then turned into the formation of what we call the Jwa band today.”

They primarily play originals and sometimes tag along with other artists allowing them to expand their musical horizons.
Their songs vary from emotional to personal, which gets you contemplating life, and funky tunes that make you want to dance like there’s no tomorrow. Their live performances are very exhilarating. They often involve the crowd in their performances, making for a memorable experience that always leaves a smile on your face.

Instagram: jwaband


In the Name of Solo Musicians


A look into the Saudi artists redefining a genre and a generation.

The alternative music scene in Saudi is at its all-time high, with musical artists making their way to the top of the charts locally and internationally. Moreover, there is a boom in the emergence of local talents expressing themselves and creating an impact through their music. The alternative music industry in Saudi is starting from the ground up.

We now have record labels representing local artists and more performance venues catering to the increased demand for live music shows. And with that, energetic and enthused crowds fill the seats in these spaces, giving the musicians the confidence boost they need.


Having grown up in Jeddah and now based in the US, the young Saudi-Ecuadorian artist is quickly becoming a name in his hometown and internationally. With his soft melodious tunes, Mishaal incorporates emotional and personal lyrics that make him relatable and connect with his fans. Starting his music career from humble beginnings, Mishaal discovered his passion for music after an unfortunate accident when he was nine years old, which resulted in a broken arm and nerve damage. Part of his physiotherapy was to play the guitar. The frustration that came along with trying to play with nerve damage led to Mishaal experimenting and playing his music.

The fear of showcasing his music to the world was a big challenge when Mishaal first started, which he’s sure other artists have also gone through. “The biggest obstacle was me. I know it’s a cliche, but the first step truly is the hardest. There was an irrational, illogical, but sometimes overpowering fear that every artist has inside of them. It breaks my heart to know that so much beautiful art will never be brought to light because of this same fear,” Mishaal shares.  He hopes that other artists will be able to overcome this fear and share their music.

Although Mishaal is inspired by many iconic names in the industry, such as Michael Jackson, Pink Floyd, Metallica, BTS, Foo Fighters, Nirvana, and Nina Simone, to name a few, his biggest inspiration has always been his fans. His relationship with his fans is of utmost importance to him, as he claims, “It (the relationship with his fans) is everything. These people changed my life.”

Instagram: officialmishaal


Starting out as a modern poet, Klinsh ventured into the world of rapping for a while before discovering that the best way to express his words is through a mixture of genres. His raspy voice, alongside the fun melodies and powerful lyrics he orchestrates, makes for a great listen. When asked to describe his music, the artist quips, “Imagine indie, rock, pop, and rap, were put in a blender, you get Klinsh.”

Performing for the first time live last March in Riyadh, he received a response from the crowd he did not expect. “They knew all the songs.”

His professional music journey began by signing with Wall of Sound, allowing him to be supported in his musical expression and soar through the Saudi alternative music scene. His song “3eesh” hits all the Klinsh elements with a catchy chorus that gets crowds almost always involved and a music video that depicts his joyful personality perfectly. He is venturing back into rap to reignite his previous passion while adding the touch of Klinsh to it. His song, OMG, is a fun and catchy rap song that showcases his rap capabilities.

Instagram: klinshmusic

2022-03-12-0016Fulana / Temp Job

Producing music since the age of 12, Nadine had an early appreciation for sounds. She started creating lyrics and harmonies at 14 and finally blessed us with her singing at 15 but it was at the age of 18, Fulana was born.

Nadine started releasing her music online to the world under her stage name Fulana and made her Soundcloud debut in 2014 with her album “The Telling.” In 2020, Fulana was discovered by Wall of Sound and instantly connected with them as they genuinely understood her musical vision and supported it. “I started to venture into a completely different, more acoustic genre and began experimenting with a new style of writing.”

With her newfound musical venture, she decided to create a second stage name, Temp Job. This gave her room to experiment and test the limits of music freely without the fear of consistency. “Temp job is not meant to be seen as a stand-alone artist, rather alter-feeling, or alter-ego.”
Under Wall of Sound, Nadine has gotten the chance to play with different bands under the same label.