Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Sprinklr and Martechvibe Unveil Report on ‘The State of Customer Service in the Middle East’

Sprinklr and Martechvibe Unveil Report on ‘The State of Customer Service in the Middle East’

65 per cent of ME businesses are ready for digitization and smooth implementation of technology; read for more insights from Sprinklr and Martechvibe’s State of Customer Service in The Middle East Report

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – June 19, 2023 – Sprinklr (NYSE: CXM), the leading unified customer experience management platform, has partnered with Martechvibe to unveil its comprehensive report on the State of Customer Service in the Middle East. The report highlights a significant trend among Middle Eastern organizations in the UAE, KSA, and Qatar, where they are building multiple service solutions to address specific challenges within the customer experience landscape.

Customer service has evolved beyond simply resolving issues; it now plays a pivotal role in driving proactive engagement. The report sheds light on this shift from reactive to proactive customer service and explores the new tools and fresh approaches needed in the modern enterprise.

Haitham Elkhatib, Vice President of MEA at Sprinklr, emphasizes the importance of understanding how Middle Eastern organizations are adapting their online customer service practices and modernizing their processes. According to the study, over 65% of businesses in the Middle East are prepared for digitization and the seamless integration of various technologies and software to enhance customer experience journeys. The focus on social media strategies to elevate CX through technology highlights companies’ adaptability and their commitment to understanding customer needs.

The report draws insights from a survey conducted with 100 customer service representatives, including directors, C-suite executives, heads of departments, senior managers, and marketing managers across industries such as retail, BFSI, and hospitality. These representatives collectively serve a customer base of over a million users. Additionally, the report incorporates in-depth interviews with customer service specialists from the same industries and regions, providing a comprehensive perspective.

Key findings from the report include:

  1. 43% of respondents express the need to reassess their customer service tech stack.
  2. 64% of respondents are developing social monitoring tools to deliver real-time intelligence.
  3. 65% of respondents seek seamless implementation from their technology partners.
  4. 55% of respondents plan to introduce a ‘you said, we act’ communication strategy to foster trust and loyalty.

The report serves as a valuable resource for understanding how service organizations in the Middle East are strategically adopting technology, with a strong emphasis on delivering value-driven customer experiences.

To gain deeper insights into the findings and learn how Middle Eastern service organizations are leveraging technology to drive customer satisfaction, loyalty, and business growth, read the full report.


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