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Boost: Unleash the Ultimate Amusement Experience at Saudi Arabia Premier Entertainment Center


Boost Reception

Boost is an exceptional amusement center located in Jeddah, offering a wide range of exciting experiences and entertainment options for visitors of all ages. With its spacious parking areas and fully air-conditioned facility, Boost Jeddah guarantees a comfortable and enjoyable environment for everyone.

One of the highlights of Boost is its extensive collection of over 100 games spread across six captivating categories, ensuring that there is something for every taste and preference.

Virtual Reality: Step into a digital world of fun and experiences with Boost’s impressive virtual reality games. Try exhilarating adventures like “Whiteout Blank,” where players don virtual reality headsets and walk on a pole high up in the sky, testing their balance skills while safely harnessed to prevent accidents.

Whiteout Blank game


Arcade: Dive into the excitement of Boost’s arcade section, featuring a diverse range of classic and thrilling games. Challenge your skills with basketball shooting, gun games, car and motorcycle racing, and a classic boxing game to test your strength. The arcade section offers endless entertainment with a variety of games to choose from.

Prize Games: Test your luck and win fantastic prizes in Boost’s carnival-like games. Try your hand at the claw machine to grab stuffed toys or prize tickets for rewards. Embrace the thrill of these luck-based games and see what surprises await you.

Active Games: The active games section is a favorite among customers, providing a selection of five main attractions that guarantee an adrenaline rush.

  • Roller Glider: Experience the exhilarating ride of the first-of-its-kind Roller Glider in Saudi Arabia. This unique attraction resembles a zip line spanning the entire amusement park featuring 2 lines and 8 curves per line. Enjoy the ride while controlling the speed and ensuring safety with proper harnessing.

Electric Roller Glider

  • Laser Blast: Engage in a thrilling game of laser tag with friends at Boost’s Laser Blast arena. Battle it out in a dim battlefield, with a TV display outside the room for parents to monitor the action inside.

Laser Blast

Saudi Reporters before playing Laser Blast

  • Donut Slide: Get ready for an exciting slide adventure on a donut-shaped floaty, descending a slope that concludes with a little jump before landing delightfully.

Donut slide

  • Super Keeper: Young football enthusiasts can put their skills to the test against a computer-generated goalkeeper that expertly follows the ball’s every move. See if you can outsmart the keeper and score a goal in this exciting challenge.

Super Keeper

Bowling Lounge: Boost features a four-lane bowling lounge, ideal for private bookings or group gatherings. The colorful lights and jukebox playing top hits from around the world create a lively atmosphere. Remember to bring coins to select your favorite songs.

Bowling Arena

Bowling Arena

Simulation Games: Boost also offers simulation games throughout the park, the most prominent being the Formula 1 simulation. Feel the thrill of racing as you test your driving skills and immerse yourself in a realistic experience.

Formula 1 Simulation

Mini Boost: Designed with kids in mind, Mini Boost offers children-friendly games and activities. Kids can enjoy slides that lead to a ball pit surrounded by arcades tailored specifically for their entertainment. Additionally, a cotton candy stand is available to satisfy their sweet cravings.

Mini Boost Entrance

Mini Boost Arcades

Additional sections Boost has to offer:

Boost Party: Boost provides a dedicated section for hosting birthday parties and special occasions. The Boost Party team ensures a memorable celebration by arranging the decorations and theme according to your preferences.

Boost Party

Boost Eat: Fulfill your food cravings at Boost Eat, the in-house restaurant serving delicious meals. Enjoy a range of delectable options while indulging in popcorn and specialty coffee drinks.

Boost Eat Dining section

Boost Eat Restaurant

Boost Out: Take advantage of Boost’s convenient service, Boost Out, which allows you to rent your favorite games for any occasion. They will deliver the games to your desired location for your rental period.


Boost is the ultimate destination for entertainment in Jeddah, combining a vast selection of games, immersive experiences, and exceptional services. Whether you’re seeking thrilling adventures, family fun, or celebrating a special occasion, Boost guarantees an unforgettable experience for all visitors.


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Location: Gold Moor, Al Zahra, Jeddah 

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