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Boldly Baldhead: How one founder is making tie-dye trendy again

Boldly Baldhead: How one founder is making tie-dye trendy again

Laila Dia, the founder of the tie- dye brand Baldhead, is bringing a fresh spin to this age-old art form.

In a recent interview, she shared her inspirations, techniques, and vision for the future of tie-dye fashion. When asked about the inspiration behind starting a tie-dye brand, Laila recalled a boring summer in 2021 when she and her friends were looking for something fun to do. Unable to find tie-dye products in Jeddah, they resorted to ordering from Amazon.

Boldly Baldhead: How one founder is making tie-dye trendy again

Little did she know that this simple activity would ignite her passion for tie-dye. Laila was amazed at how easy and straightforward the process was, even for someone who didn’t consider herself an artist. The anticipation of opening up the tied fabric and revealing vibrant colors and patterns became addictive. Laila also credits her love for the 60s and 70s music scene, with artists like Pink Floyd and Janis Joplin, for sparking her initial interest in tie-dye.

When it comes to the tie-dye process, Laila takes a straightforward approach. She provides kits with instructions for the simplest and most foolproof tying and dyeing techniques. Additionally, she incorporates a stove-top method that combines her passion for cooking and colors.

This method allows for quick completion of the tie-dye process, as the fabric can be washed right after boiling it with the dye. Laila also plans to explore the ancient Chinese technique of shibori, using wood and natural dye, as part of her sustainability efforts. One notable aspect of Baldhead is its fusion of tie-dye with streetwear, blending fresh aesthetics with contemporary fashion.

Boldly Baldhead: How one founder is making tie-dye trendy again

Laila explains that while she loves the bohemian style of the 60s and 70s, she recognized that streetwear is more appealing to the younger generation. By combining tie- dye with streetwear, she aims to make it more accessible and easier to accept.

“The future of tie-dye will be timeless and classic. With my software engineering background, Baldhead will explore the metaverse and NFTs, showcasing digital elements on Instagram. Stay tuned as Baldhead takes flight into the metaverse soon.”

Laila admits that one of the challenges she faces is convincing people to take a risk and try tie-dyeing on their own. However, she finds that people are more willing to experiment and create when attending her workshops. She is especially delighted to see children engaging in tie-dye and proudly wearing their creations.

Boldly Baldhead: How one founder is making tie-dye trendy again

Sustainability is a key aspect of Baldhead’s tie-dye process. Laila emphasizes the importance of considering the materials used in the products and the packaging. While striving to create a more sustainable and recyclable packaging solution, she currently encourages clients to return their plastic dye bottles for refilling instead of purchasing new ones.

In addition, Baldhead hosts a workshop called “GOGREEN” at Wayshion (Fashion Hub), where participants can bring their white garments and give them a fresh new look through tie-dyeing, promoting the idea of reusing and upcycling.

Tie-dye has experienced a resurgence in popularity as people seek creative outlets. Laila believes tie-dye will remain timeless and classic, symbolizing summer, freedom, and self-expression. However, she also envisions Baldhead embracing new horizons, such as the metaverse and NFTs, to bring tie-dye into the digital realm. The brand’s digital presence, including 3D-modeled rooms and illustrations featuring tie-dyed products, hints at the exciting possibilities that lie ahead.

The name “Baldhead” is both unique and memorable, but it often prompts questions. Laila clarifies that it represents an alter ego—an independent character that she created to explore different realms and express herself freely. Baldhead is a platform for creativity and self-expression, and is not limited to tie-dye alone.

Boldly Baldhead: How one founder is making tie-dye trendy again

To know more about Baldhead and her products, click on the instagram link below



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