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Moroccan-Cameroonian Artist Tagne Joins Spotify Singles Program, Showcasing Lmektoub Tracks

Spotify, the world’s leading audio streaming platform, is expanding its Singles program to the Middle East and North Africa, aiming to support local artists and enhance their visibility both regionally and globally.

In its inaugural edition in the region, Spotify proudly presents Tagne, a talented Moroccan-Cameroonian artist, who will showcase unique renditions of two tracks from his latest album Lmektoub: “Niya” featuring Fares LÜNN and “Liberté”.


Since its launch in 2017, Spotify Singles has accumulated over seven billion streams, offering artists the opportunity to record new versions of their own songs, covers, or original compositions. The program has featured over 700 recordings from more than 300 artists spanning various genres, including renowned names such as Harry Styles, Ed Sheeran, Coldplay, Taylor Swift, and more.


In the release of Tagne’s Spotify Singles, fans will be treated to an exclusive experience, immersing themselves in his world through a captivating video shot against the enchanting backdrop of Agafay-desert Marrakech. The location was carefully chosen to reflect the artistic direction of Tagne’s album Lmektoub.


Collaborating with Algerian singer and composer Fares LÜNN, Tagne presents a reimagined version of “Niya”. As the sun sets and Fares exits the stage, Tagne delivers an intimate and stripped-back performance of “Liberté”.


Naoufal El Amrani, Senior Manager for Artists and Labels Partnerships in the Maghreb region, expressed excitement about the program and the inclusion of Tagne as the region’s first featured artist. He emphasized Spotify’s commitment to providing platforms for artists to express themselves and connect with their fans on a more intimate level through initiatives like Spotify Singles.


Tagne expressed his delight in being the first artist from the region to participate in Spotify Singles and share his music with a wider audience. Performing acoustic renditions of two tracks from his new album “Lmektoub” was a pure pleasure for him. He hopes that these renditions not only please listeners and inspire them positively but also encourage them to explore the rest of the album, which holds many more surprises. Tagne also envisions Spotify Singles as a platform that paves the way for other talented artists from the region to showcase their work.



Tagne, ranked among the most streamed artists in the MENA region for Wrapped 2022, has gained popularity beyond Morocco, attracting a dedicated following in markets like France, the Netherlands, and Germany.


Spearheading the revival of Moroccan rap in the mid-2010s, Tagne has established himself as a prominent figure in the scene. With a distinctive metallic-colored voice, the Casablanca-born rapper blends elements of trap, reggaeton, afrobeats, and boom bap, crafting captivating melodies that transcend cultural boundaries. His music effortlessly fuses the soulful essence of African beats with the modern sounds of urban genres, creating a refreshing and dynamic sonic experience.


Born in 1997 to a Cameroonian father and Moroccan mother, Tagne’s passion for music developed at a young age. From freestyling at Casablanca’s Yasmina Park to launching his solo career in 2020, Tagne has become known for his poignant storytelling and recognizable vocal identity. As a rapper, artistic director, and head of his label, he takes risks and confidently pushes boundaries in his music.


Last June, Tagne released his debut album “Lmektoub,” which showcases his extraordinary talent for crafting catchy hooks and infectious rhythms. With experience beyond his years and a belief in his talent, Tagne’s ability to seamlessly merge diverse influences into his distinctive style sets him apart as an artist shaping the future of global music.


As Tagne joins the Spotify Singles program, he continues to captivate audiences with his captivating performances and boundary-pushing music, representing the vibrant and diverse music scene of the Middle East and North Africa.


To listen to his music, make sure to check out his Spotify page below and his instagram account by clicking here

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