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“AROYA Cruise” sets to sail in Saudi Arabia, Unveiling an Unforgettable Maritime experience

AROYA Cruise Ship in Saudi Arabia

On June 18, 2023, Saudi Cruises, a subsidiary of the Public Investment Fund dedicated to advancing the cruise tourism sector in Saudi Arabia, proudly announced its inaugural cruise line, AROYA Cruise. By blending the terms “Arabian” and “roya” which signify vision or dream, a new concept emerges, capturing the essence of imaginative aspirations. Saudi Cruises operates in close collaboration with government entities to develop terrestrial and maritime ecosystems for cruises. With a successful track record of welcoming over 300,000 passengers during its past seasons, Saudi Cruises aims to transform Saudi Arabia’s coastlines into a leading global maritime destination. The company is dedicated to creating employment opportunities, empowering local communities, and positioning the Kingdom on the map of global cruise tourism. AROYA Cruise is a new and remarkable addition that aims to provide unparalleled maritime tourism experiences.


Building upon the growing interest shown by citizens and residents in cruise tourism during the previous three seasons of Saudi Cruises, the introduction of the AROYA Cruise line seeks to encapsulate the values of inspiration, respect, culture, and hospitality that distinguish the Kingdom. It promises a fresh concept and extraordinary adventures for holidays, vacations, and exploration through heritage, culture, nature, and thrilling excursions.


To commemorate this significant occasion, Lars Clasen, CEO of Saudi Cruises, expresses his enthusiasm, stating, “The launch of the ‘AROYA’ line marks a monumental milestone in our endeavor to develop the cruise tourism sector in the Kingdom, with the goal of welcoming 1.3 million sea-faring tourists by 2025. This aligns perfectly with the objectives of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, aimed at enhancing the Saudi tourism industry.”


Clasen further adds, “The ‘AROYA Cruise’ line will be an integral part of the ‘Saudi Cruises’ portfolio, ensuring it caters to the preferences of local and regional tourists seeking diverse holiday experiences, accommodating the needs of different demographics.”


The launch of AROYA Cruise will not only create employment opportunities but also empower local communities and small to medium enterprises in various sectors related to cruise tourism. Saudi Cruises aims to generate 50,000 direct and indirect jobs within an integrated maritime tourism system by 2035.


Ghassan Khan, responsible for AROYA Cruise at Saudi Cruises, shares his excitement, stating, “It is a great honor to play a role in the launch of this cruise line, which will contribute significantly to the development of our local ecosystem and establish Saudi Arabia as a global maritime tourism destination.”


In the initial phase, AROYA Cruise will primarily target the local and regional markets. Detailed information regarding the starting point, itineraries, schedules, and related particulars will be unveiled in the coming months.

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